NAPT MultiView News Brief
Aug. 27, 2013

New conference format

In order to bring you more content this year, we have introduced the concept of headliners and spin-offs. The headliner session (lasting a total of 60 minutes) will introduce the speakers and topics of the morning (or afternoon) from which you may choose. At the conclusion of the headliner, attendees will then adjourn to a different room with the speaker of their choice for a 30-minute (spin-off) workshop to dig deeper in that particular topic area. We have four major topic areas — special needs, fleet maintenance, safety & security, and key performance indicators. An expert will introduce — in 15 minutes — what s/he would like to explore in a spin-off. The second speaker previews his/her topic and so on. After hearing each of the 4 speakers, you may decide which session you'd most like to explore further in the spin-off session. More

The NAPT KPI Project track will be offered at the NAPT Summit

The NAPT KPI project was launched in 2011 at the NAPT Summit in Cincinnati to identify best practices in pupil transportation. With a favorable membership response, the committee took the next step at the 2012 NAPT Summit to focus on the educational component of the program. Moving ahead, the goal for the 2013 NAPT Summit in Grand Rapids is to gather initial data to develop industry measurements.

We're excited to announce our KPI track for the Grand Rapids Summit:

Continuous Improvement and Quality Improvement GE — Sun. 2:50-3:20 p.m.

KPI Status Update — Sun. 3:30-4:30 p.m.
This workshop will discuss the yellowbus KPI tool, discuss data elements, and what we have learned to date.

Essential Concepts in Data Utilization — Mon. 9:35-10:05 a.m.
Use existing vision, mission and goal statements. These are likely to include concepts such as safety, reliability and efficiency. Each KPI must be defined, tracked by a staff person and reported back to the people control these metrics. Frequency of reporting and staff chosen for the task should also to be considered.

Tools for Tracking KPI's — Mon. 2:05-2:35 p.m.
Since there are various levels of data and tracking tools, i.e., district-level, state and national tools will be discussed, both as separate entities and how integration of all three can work to your advantage.

Hands on Training & Customized Consulting — Mon. 2:45-3:45 p.m.
Review of definitions and data will be collected, discussion of impact and meaning.

Brief/Debrief on KPI Definitions — Tues. 11:20-11:50 a.m.
13 Data points were vetted by the Volunteer Survey.

Marching Orders: Next Steps in the KPI Project — Wed. 2:05-2:35 p.m.

With your support, the tools and resources that are developed from the KPI project will be presented at the 16th National Congress on School Transportation, in May 2015, with the overriding goal of benefiting the industry at large; but more importantly, it will help you improve your operations. Ultimately, you'll possess the ability to chart your district's progress year over year, and to compare your operations to others like yours, if desired.More

NAPT award deadline

NAPT Distinguished Service Award
The NAPT Distinguished Service Award was established to recognize an individual who has performed exemplary service on behalf of NAPT at state and/or national levels. Candidates must be a current NAPT member; must have five years' experience in pupil transportation or a related field; must have been an NAPT for a minimum of three years; and must be actively engaged in the daily operation of pupil transportation in one of the following capacities: administration, managerial, or supervisory. The application deadline is Sept. 1.

For an application and information, please visit the website:

NAPT announces 2013 Scholarship and Grant opportunities — deadline Sept. 13

Peter & Linda Lawrence Scholarships
Peter and Linda Lawrence have endowed four scholarships to defray the cost of conference registration to NAPT members attending the Annual Summit on Oct. 19-24 in Grand Rapids, Mich. The application deadline for the NAPT Conference scholarship is Sept. 13. Log on to for more information.

Zonar Scholarships
Zonar Ten – We are pleased to announce Zonar Systems is graciously endowing 10 scholarships for attendance to the 2013 NAPT Annual Summit in Grand Rapids, Mich. Applicants do not have to be NAPT members - Zonar will include the cost of NAPT membership. The application deadline is Sept. 13. Log on to for more information.

Zonar $50,000 Equipment Grant
NAPT and Zonar are jointly sponsoring a $50,000 grant competition, for state of the art, fleet management technology that will enhance a school district's safety security and efficiency. NAPT will accept and evaluate applications from NAPT members for a single award or multiple awards of $50,000 worth of equipment/hardware provided by Zonar Systems, Inc. The filing deadline is Sept. 13 to NAPT. Log on to for more information or consult your Zonar Account Manager at More

2013 NAPT Awards Program — application deadline is Sept. 16

The National Association for Pupil Transportation, together with support from our sponsors, is proud to offer an annual awards program to individuals and operators responsible for the safe transport of school children. Please consider nominating one of your dedicated staff, as we are accepting applications for the following awards:

Driver Trainer Award sponsored by IC Bus — Established to recognize school districts with exemplary driver training programs. Deadline: Sept. 16

Special Needs Transportation Award sponsored by Sure-Lok — Created to recognize superior special needs transportation service. Deadline: Sept. 16

Heroism Award sponsored by Blue Bird — Established to recognize heroism or acts of courage relating to school transportation. Deadline: Sept. 16

Continuing Education Award sponsored by Thomas Built Buses — Founded to encourage professional growth in the student transportation industry. Deadline: Sept. 16

Please log on to our website for applications and additional information: More

Back to school: From armed guards to door buzzers, different takes on security
The Hartford Courant
VideoBriefEight months after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown left 26 people dead, many schools across the state are preparing to welcome students back from summer break with increased security measures in place. But which types of safety measures and how they should be funded has been a source of debate, with no clear consensus on the best way to protect children and staff members.More

Keeping students with disabilities safe from bullying
U.S. Department of Education
As Secretary Duncan has noted, the Department of Education is committed to making sure that all of our young people grow up free of fear, violence and bullying. Bullying not only threatens a student's physical and emotional safety at school, but fosters a climate of fear and disrespect, creating conditions that negatively impact learning — undermining students' ability to achieve to their full potential. Unfortunately, we know that children with disabilities are disproportionately affected by bullying.More

Why don't most school buses have seat belts?
Aol Autos
Seat belts save lives. Using one is "the single most effective way" drivers can prevent death in a car accident, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the government agency charged with keeping motorists out of harm's way. Yet when 26 million American children return to their classrooms aboard school buses over the next few weeks, chances are they'll be heading to school unbelted. NHTSA and school bus industry associations say, even without belts, school bus travel is statistically safer than any other form of ground transportation.More

Architecture student transforms school bus into mobile home — takes it on cross-country tour
Business Insider via San Francisco Chronicle
Hank Butitta transformed a defunct school bus into a mobile home, and he's currently driving it across the country on the road trip to end all road trips. The 27-year-old was a student at the University of Minnesota's School of Architecture when he revamped the bus for his senior thesis project.More

Brakes fail on school bus, no injuries
VideoBriefA bus ride home from school for a group of South Florida students quickly turned frightening after the bus' brakes malfunctioned. "It was a very scary moment. I was so nervous about everything that was going on," said Nadya Williams. Surveillance taken from inside the school bus shows students panicking as the bus zoomed down a busy road against traffic.More

6 causes of distracted driving
Fox Business
Driving is a part of everyday life for most Americans. It's so mundane that we rarely think of the potential danger that exists around every bend in the road. Car insurance companies are aware of those risks and price their policies accordingly. But there are dangers not only on the road — they're also inside the vehicle, as illustrated by a new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.More

School bus ads bring needed revenue to Colorado Springs-area districts
The Gazette
School buses are carrying more than students these days. The vehicles sport fancy advertisements for local businesses and events. It's part of the effort for school districts to make money in these budget-strapped times. And it is paying off. Lewis-Palmer School District 38 made about $8,000 in its first effort last year with eight advertisers and 11 buses. This year, it is expanding.More

Children involved in bullying grow up to be poorer, sicker adults
Bullied children who bully others have more health problems when they grow up than children who aren't part of the bullying cycle, a study finds. They're also more likely to have financial problems, including difficulty keeping a job. The findings run counter to a still-widespread notion that bullying is a childhood rite of passage with little lasting harm, the researchers say.More

Maryland college arms faculty with bullet-proof whiteboards
VideoBrief Professors at a Maryland university will be dispensing knowledge this fall from whiteboards that have a special property — they can stop a bullet. The University of Maryland-Eastern Shore bought 200 of the portable writing boards — the modern day equivalent of chalkboards — which can also protect the user from gunshots. The move, and the idea of the boards themselves, seems tied to the school shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007 and in Sandy Hook Connecticut last year.More

7 ways teachers use social media in the classroom
Millennials live and breathe on social media, so teachers are learning how to incorporate the medium into the classroom successfully. This encourages students to engage actively in the material, and it provides online communities for students that might not exist for them in real life.More

Zonar $50,000 Equipment Grant
NAPT and Zonar are jointly sponsoring a $50,000 grant competition, for state of the art, fleet management technology that will enhance a school district's safety security and efficiency.More

Is it safe to post school bus stop locations online?
Central Florida News
School districts around Central Florida have different policies regarding the online posting of bus stop information. Most Central Florida school districts post the bus stop routes and locations online.More

Schools aim to calm students with bus music
USA Today
School is no carnival, but some students in South Carolina may feel like they're on a ride to the Magic Kingdom when classes start back. That's because some school buses in this area will be playing music and prerecorded announcements from the same kind of system used on many rides and trolleys at Disney World and other theme parks. The idea is not to entertain but to soothe — and perhaps cut down on discipline problems, said Jim Wright, director of transportation for the Horry County School District. More

Utah school district adds cameras to buses to help stop bullying
Daily Herald
Students who are bullying may not be able to hide behind their peers' reticence from snitching this year, as the Alpine School District adds video cameras to its buses. Nearly 21,000 students ride about 19,000 miles a day in the state's largest district, and that's just to and from school. It doesn't count field trips and extracurricular activities. District officials have purchased camera systems to use in the buses, with a plan to eventually equip its fleet of almost 300 buses.More

Military spouse creates 'bus' program in response to transportation cuts
Belvoir Eagle
For years, LaToya Caldwell relied on Fort Belvoir's Child, Youth and School Services courtesy transportation system to bus her daughters from the School Age Services Before/After Care program on post to school off post, and back again. In July, CYSS announced that it could no longer provide transportation to off-post schools, because of new Army guidance. In response, Caldwell came up with an alternative to School Age Services transportation: The SAS Buddy Program. With SAS Buddy, Fort Belvoir community military spouses can drive children to and from off-post schools and the Markham School Age Center on post for Before/After Care, as long as they submit to a background check and provide a driving record.More

Toyota, Teen Vogue team up against distracted driving
VideoBriefMarjorie Schussel, corporate marketing manager for Toyota, shares the dangers of distracted driving and how their partnership with Teen Vogue will help keep teens safe behind the wheel.More

Missouri officials urge drivers to watch out for school children
VideoBriefAs Missouri children head back to school, both school and highway officials remind drivers to be on the lookout. Hannibal Superintendent Jill Janes says after a long summer break, students are going to be excited to see friends at the bus stop and on the walk to school. She says right now is a great time to talk to your children about looking out for drivers. "The children need to learn. They need to learn those road rules," said Janes. "And that's something that we talk about at school, but parents need to talk about also."More