NAPT MultiView News Brief
Aug. 28, 2012

NAPT announces additional workshop topics

Our program committee has put together a terrific agenda for the Memphis Summit. Here's a sampling of workshops that will be offered on Sunday and Monday.

Psychological First Aid: Managing the Toll of Everyday Trauma

Case Study: Integrating School Bus Transportation With a Safe Schools Initiative

School Bus Driver Training: What Have We Learned Since 1956? (Unique Video)

Practical Ways to Reduce Operational Costs

The Current & Future Importance of standardized School Bus Specifications

"You Need Me To Do What?" - Correcting Missteps in Special Needs Transportation

Specialized Instructional Support Personnel: Keeping Students Safe on the Way to School

How Managers Contribute to Driver DistractionMore

Safely share the road with school buses
NJ Today
According to the American School Bus Council, school buses are designed to be safer than passenger vehicles in avoiding crashes and preventing injury. Today, as compared to years ago, school buses are built with safety in mind. In fact, a study by the U.S. Department of Transportation states that children are safer riding the bus to and from school than being driven in a car by an adult.More

As school year starts, states tackle teen cyberbullying
McClatchy Newspapers
Bullying used to be confrontations, starting rumors and making snide comments in person. Now it's as easy as posting a comment on Facebook or tweeting anonymously about a classmate. As educators and administrators prepare for another hectic school year, they're also getting ready to take a new stance against cyberbullying.More

Labor Day travel figures expected to be strong
USA Today
Americans won't let the sluggish economy and spiking gas prices keep them home this Labor Day: Auto club AAA says holiday travel will hit a post-recession peak. More

Iowa school bus regulations have tougher penalties after girl killed
VideoBriefIowa schools and Law Enforcement are raising awareness and educating drivers about the new School Bus Stop Arm Regulations. "With our stop arms and our flashing lights and as large as they are, you would think that people could see them," Max Christensen, the Executive Officer for School Transportation for the Iowa Department of Education said.More

Hell on wheels for school bus drivers
Herald Sun
Out of control school students are causing widespread mayhem on buses and foul-mouth parents are abusing drivers who dare complain. More

School bus problems detected in large, small Iowa districts
Indianapolis Star
VideoBriefSchool buses with serious problems in consecutive inspections is an issue across the state and for districts of all sizes. State Trooper Brian Shelley, who has been helping conduct bus inspections for three decades, believes inspection problems are getting worse because of tighter school budgets and aging bus fleets.More

The tech-driven classroom is here, but grades are mixed
In a typical K-12 U.S. classroom, one teacher instructs about 15 to 25 students per class, but cannot possibly divide his or her time evenly among all learners. Some excel, some pass, some are left behind. Enter education technology — the much-touted panacea for all that befalls the American teacher. Hailed as the "great equalizer" for its ability to provide universal access to information via the Internet, ed tech has been, in practice, more hype than reality.More

Feds launch largest-ever road test of connected vehicles
VideoBrief Vehicle-To-Vehicle and Vehicle-To-Infrastructure communications are going to play a big role in future automobiles when it comes to autonomous vehicles, but in the near term, these technologies are being looked at as a way to make the roadways safer by reducing crashes and congestion. More

Experts: DOT's passenger rights laws actually have teeth
NBC News
Hefty fines recently levied by the Department of Transportation against big travel companies are sending a message that regulations looking out for fliers finally have teeth, industry observers said. "It's the start of a new era for passenger protections. I don't think any DOT in history has ever taken on airline passenger protections like this one has," said Kate Hanni, founder of

The cast of Glee delivers powerful DOT safety message on the dangers of distracted driving
U.S. Department of Transportation FastLane
VideoBrief For more than three years, DOT has been leading the charge to end America's distracted driving epidemic. They have worked tirelessly to let people know that texting or talking on a cellphone behind the wheel puts everyone on the road at risk. In that time, they've been lucky enough to work with many individuals and organizations who share their commitment to safety. Recently, the DOT welcomed another partner to their effort: the hit FOX TV show Glee.More

US Dept. of Transportation says plan for 54.5 mpg averages by 2025 will be completed 'soon'
New York Daily News
The U.S. government recently said it plans to complete rules "soon" that significantly boost automobile efficiency, despite calls from some Republicans for further evaluation of the regulations. The Obama administration had planned to finalize standards that would require companies to reach an average fuel efficiency across their U.S. fleets of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, but the release of the regulations was delayed. While declining to provide a specific timeline, the Transportation Department stressed the rules are moving forward.More

San Antonio can claim nation's best school bus driver
VideoBriefA school bus driver for North East Independent School District in San Antonio can call himself the best bus driver in the nation. Michael Castaneda earned second place in an international bus driving competition. More

Simmons nominated to run for NAPT Board of Directors
Stephen A. Simmons, III, director of transportation at Columbus City Schools, has been nominated to run for the NAPT Board of Directors as Region 3 director. Simmons was nominated by Brian J. Whitta, transportation director of Bowling Green City School District, Bowling Green, Ohio, and seconded by Pete Japikse, state director of Pupil Transportation, Ohio Department of Education, Columbus, Ohio.

Elections for this position will be held this fall during the 38th Annual NAPT Conference & Trade Show in Memphis, Tenn. Visit for additional information.

Any person who wishes to be a candidate for regional director must be an active individual member of the association for at least two years.

Anyone interested in running for regional director must be nominated by a minimum of two active individual members of the association; candidates for regional director must be nominated by individuals from that particular region.

Regional directors are selected by vote of only those active members whose mailing address is within that specific region.

Call 800-989-NAPT for additional information from NAPT headquarters. More

Vendor spotlight: On the spot? Come to the spotlight
Business Partners are special members of NAPT. They provide expertise, products and services to the pupil transportation industry, helping to maintain and improve upon the safety and efficiency of operations and processes. Knowing who to call when you're on the spot is important.

To help you find solutions, we highlight three of our business partners in a scrolling logo format on the NAPT homepage every two weeks. Just click on the company logo to find out more. You never know, you may find just the solution you are looking for.

Featured in our "Business Partner in the Spotlight" section are: Everyday Solutions Inc., Collins Bus Corp. and Rosco Mirrors. Their logos will be posted for the next few weeks, so please take a moment to become familiar with the products and services they offer.

Everyday Solutions — offers support with GPS-driven software, GPS tracking hardware/peripherals, implementation services and project management.
Collins Bus — for over 40 years Collins Bus has focused on the manufacturing of Type-A buses, including the eco-friendly, propane-powered Nexbus.
Rosco Vision Systems — provides mirrors for a wide range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, vans, military and specialty vehicles. More

NAPT SNT Program: Classes offered at the Summit
The NAPT Special Needs Transportation training program provides numerous opportunities for transportation personnel serving students with disabilities to access educational opportunities and receive national recognition.

The program has a core curriculum that consists of six Special Needs courses in a variety of different settings, including a school bus roadeo and a trade show of school transportation products and services. The core curriculum is supplemented by two courses of elective instruction from the NAPT Professional Development Series Program. The syllabus for the core curriculum has been specifically designed to increase an individual's specific knowledge about transporting students with disabilities. Make plans now to take SNT classes at the NAPT Summit, Oct. 20-25, in Memphis, Tenn. For more information go to and view our Tentative Agenda.

Congratulations to the following SNT graduate who recently completed the program:

Ted Finlayson-Schueler
Safety Rules!
Syracuse, N.Y.More