NAPT MultiView News Brief
Aug. 30, 2011

Christopher Hart sworn in for second term as NTSB vice chairman
National Transportation Safety Board
Christopher Hart recently was sworn in for his second two-year term as NTSB vice chairman. He became a board member for the second time on Aug. 12, 2009, and six days later was designated as vice chairman by President Barack Obama. Vice Chairman Hart had previously served as an NTSB board member from 1990 to 1993.More

Feds to begin testing connected vehicles
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is beginning real-world trials of cars equipped with prototype vehicle-to-vehicle technology, deploying a communication network where cars can talk with one another to increase overall road safety. Starting in August 2012, the agency will begin gathering data from 3,000 cars equipped with wireless communication technology. Known as The Safety Pilot, the trials will run for one year in Ann Arbor, Mich., to provide data for setting V2V standards and determining what data streams are most helpful.More

Fewer Americans plan Labor Day travel
Motorist group AAA forecasts that only 31.5 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during the Labor Day holiday weekend, a 2.4 percent decrease from the 32.3 million who traveled a year ago.More

Kindergartners go on first bus 'adventure'
Montgomery News
The first day of school should now be a lot easier for new students — and their parents — after they experienced the first bus ride together through Wissahickon's Kindergarten Adventure program in Ambler, Pa. The soon-to-kindergartners had the chance to ride the bus to school with a parent or guardian and meet their building principal during events at the district's five elementary schools.More

New MADD president continues the fight for safer roads
Department of Transportation Fastlane
VideoBriefThe DOT and its safety partners have worked hard to achieve several year over year reductions in traffic fatalities in America, but the work is far from finished. One of the most pressing challenges we have is continuing to combat drunk driving. In an ongoing effort to stop this deadly epidemic, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently conducting its annual Labor Day enforcement crackdown on drunk driving. More

Congress heads for another showdown over transportation funding
The Washington Post
State transportation officials are fearful that another congressional stalemate next month could shut down highway and transit construction projects nationwide and put thousands of people out of work. Facing a Sept. 30 deadline, officials are mindful of the deadlock that occurred this month over extension of funding for the Federal Aviation Administration.More

When students run the help desk
THE Journal
Help desks are a crucial component of all 1:1 computer initiatives, and are usually manned by one or more IT staffers who handle the litany of questions, concerns and problems that accompany any new system-wide technology rollout. At Burlington High School in Burlington, Mass., Principal Pat Larkin is taking a different approach by putting students in charge of the school's help desk, which is supporting an iPad rollout of more than 1,000 units this fall.More

New rules protecting international fliers are in effect
Fox Business
New consumer protection rules intended to enhance international travel for fliers by limiting tarmac wait times and compensating passengers for denied boarding went into effect Aug. 23. Under the mandates by the U.S. Department of Transportation, airlines must let passengers deplane if an international flight is to remain on a U.S. tarmac for more than four hours, pay customers a higher compensation fee if they are denied boarding or bumped from flights, and disclose all fees for optional aviation services prominently on carriers' websites.More

Evacuation drills saved lives on burning school bus
VideoBrief A group of Southeast Polk, Iowa, school bus riders are safe because of years of training and safety drills. The drills came in handy recently when a school bus caught fire and exploded. It's the law for every one of Iowa's 351 school districts. Students riding in 6,000 school buses across the state have to practice emergency evacuation drills every year.More

Singapore's system keeps traffic moving
USA Today
By financing roads primarily through taxes, our system imposes no premium for using the most sought-after roads at the most sought-after times — which helps explain why traffic is such a nightmare and destined to get worse. Nor does the U.S. system provide sufficient revenue to finance the massive expenditures needed to add new lanes or build new public transit systems. So what to do?More