NAPT MultiView News Brief
Aug. 31, 2010

School bus or bust: 12-year-old has passion for yellow, black
Sun Journal
Carter Veilleux ditched his Bob the Builder bedroom years ago and told his mom he wanted "an older kid's room, I want a bus room." She painted the bottom of the walls bus yellow with a black stripe. He added detailed pencil sketches of different bus models. Veilleux has been into school buses almost forever. His grandparents live across from an elementary school, where he would watch the buses come and go as a little guy.More

Students near Arizona border must prove residency to board school bus
USA Today
School students in a small Arizona district near the Mexican border were required for the first time to prove they live in the district and not in Mexico before boarding the school bus, The Arizona Republic reports.More

Transportation safety top of mind as school starts
As tens of thousands of children across the Piedmont head back to school, law enforcement and school system leaders are getting proactive about safety on bus routes and in school zones.More

School districts weigh safety, efficiency when setting up bus stops
Lehigh Valley News
A legislative panel's recommendation to increase the amount of per-student funding that schools get from the state by $69 million still faces plenty of questions before lawmakers return for next year's session.More

Ohio schools prepare to transport 7,900 students
Sun News from
Teamwork between the school district, parents and students is always the key to avoiding bumps in the road when it comes to school transportation this year, Ohio Brunswick City Schools Transportation Coordinator Carol Bennett said.More

Bus operators tag new kids, those with allergies
London Free Press
Hundreds of students in Ontario's Oxford County will be getting a little gift in the mail before school starts that will help others make sure they get on the right school buses and stay safe.More

School district signs agreement with bus drivers
The Pennsylvania Central Dauphin School District and its bus drivers' association have signed an agreement that ends all legal challenges over the district's outsourcing of student transportation.More

Transportation to unveil database standards to improve highway safety
Next Gov
The Transportation Department plans to unveil next month changes in how it compiles data on traffic accidents so it can more accurately track highway safety problems.More


States expand seat belt laws to cover rear-seat riders
USA Today
States are moving to close a deadly gap in seat-belt laws that allows rear-seat, adult passengers in half of the states to ride legally without buckling up.More

5 years later: Schools still struggling with Katrina aftermath
Student Transportation News
The flood waters have long subsided, but school districts in New Orleans and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast still face tremendous challenges related to their educational and support services budgets, student ridership eligibility and age and quality of their school bus fleets.More

Mobile phone is a hygiene risk, study says
Infection Control Center
Technology, from smart and mobile phones to laptops, could be spreading illnesses and potentially killer diseases because of poor hand hygiene, according to research released by the Co-operative Pharmacy, a pharmacy retail chain in the United Kingdom.More

Health reform's 1099 headache
A brief provision in the health care reform law could create big reporting problems for small businesses. Formerly, only unincorporated businesses that purchased services greater than $600 in a year were required to file a 1099 with the Internal Revenue Service and with the provider. The new rule extends the requirement to all companies, charities, and state and local governments. It also expands the provision to include purchases of goods or products.More

The successful optimist
Glass half-empty or half-full? Does it really matter? As it turns out, it does matter how you explain that glass and the world around you. Those who explain things one way are better salespeople, have less depression and are more motivated than those who see things the opposite way. The good news is that if you can recognize your language pattern, you can do something about it and actually change how you respond.More

China's betting on 'Super Bus' to ease traffic jams
Bharat Chronicle
China is gearing up to road test an eco-friendly 'straddle' super bus, which is high enough to allow a two-lane tunnel beneath it for cars to pass through.More

Climate bill failure costs the US billions of dollars
The Hill
Al Gore, who days ago called for mass demonstrations on climate change, is also arguing that the failure of Congress to pass a global warming bill is "already costing our nation billions of dollars."More

Featured speaker: Hall Davidson of the Discovery Channel

Hall Davidson
Director of the Discovery Educator Network
You will be energized by this former classroom and television educator and Emmy-award winner, Hall Davidson, as he shares his diverse teaching experiences. Davidson taught middle and high school English, mathematics, Spanish, and bilingual mathematics before leaving the classroom to teach math on television in Los Angeles. He spent 20 years at PBS stations teaching and leading staff developments in person and on-air. While producing television series on education and technology, he led a media consortium serving 17 districts and 400,000 students. As a member of the Discovery Education (Discovery Channel), Davidson blogs, creates webinars, and works in educational partnerships and Global Learning Initiatives as a director of the Discovery Educator Network, connecting thousands of teachers nationwide. He has spoken about technology and education to audiences around the world.More

LED Returns

The Leading Every Day (LED) Initiative returns to the NAPT Annual Summit and Trade Show again this year!

This special program offers delegates an opportunity to focus on leadership development while in Portland. This year the program offers a range of activities including numerous workshops and a special guest speaker, Hall Davidson from the Discovery Channel, on Saturday.

In addition, LED attendees will have a unique opportunity to apply LED lessons learned throughout the week on a real-world problem-solving exercise, at a local school district.

There is an additional $100 fee for participation in this program. Click "more" for further information about LED.More

Need a break?
Need a break? How about some stress relief? Take 5 and watch the latest episode on NAPTV, "Information with Imagination." You can bank on it.More

Selecting School Bus Stop Locations: A Guide for School Transportation Professionals
Selecting School Bus Stop Locations: A Guide for School Transportation Professionals has just been released and is available for viewing and download on NHTSA's website. This resource can be found at under the "Useful Information" section.

This guide was developed to provide school transportation professionals, school administrators, and others who care about student transport to school with straightforward guidelines on selecting safe school bus stops. These guidelines offer steps for the designation of school bus stops and strategies to support safe pedestrian behavior by students between their homes and their bus stops.More