NAPT MultiView News Brief
Sep. 3, 2013

New conference format

In order to bring you more content this year, we have introduced the concept of headliners and spin-offs. The headliner session (lasting a total of 60 minutes) will introduce the speakers and topics of the morning (or afternoon) from which you may choose. At the conclusion of the headliner, attendees will then adjourn to a different room with the speaker of their choice for a 30-minute (spin-off) workshop to dig deeper in that particular topic area. We have four major topic areas — special needs, fleet maintenance, safety & security, and key performance indicators. An expert will introduce — in 15 minutes — what s/he would like to explore in a spin-off. The second speaker previews his/her topic and so on. After hearing each of the 4 speakers, you may decide which session you'd most like to explore further in the spin-off session.More

Vendor Spotlight: On the spot? Come to the spotlight

Business Partners are special members of NAPT. They provide expertise, products and services to the pupil transportation industry, helping to maintain and improve the safety and efficiency of operations and processes. Knowing who to call when you're on the spot is important.

To help you find solutions, we highlight our business partners in a scrolling logo format on the NAPT homepage every two weeks. Just click on the company logo to find out more.

Featured in our "Business Partner in the Spotlight" section are: Bus Parts Warehouse, Easy Way Safety Services, Koroseal Floor Systems (RJF Intl) and Safety Vision. Their logos will be posted for the next few weeks, so please take a moment to become familiar with the products and services they offer.

Bus Parts Warehouse ( is a national distributor of replacement parts, product upgrades and special needs products for the school transportation industry.

Easy Way Safety Services ( specializes in seat covers, foams, and child safety restraint systems including the Safeguard STAR Seat, BESI Pro-Tech, E-Z-On Vests, Cam harnesses, wheel chair tie downs and school bus seats.

Koroseal Floor Systems (RJF Intl) ( With a combination of differentiated products and knowledgeable service, Koroseal provides vinyl and rubber matting for comfort, skid-resistance and insulation.

Safety Vision ( supplies public and private sector fleets with security video surveillance to enhance safety, reduce risk, improve productivity and maximize profit.More

The NAPT KPI Project track will be offered at the NAPT Summit

The NAPT KPI project was launched in 2011 at the NAPT Summit in Cincinnati to identify best practices in pupil transportation. With a favorable membership response, the committee took the next step at the 2012 NAPT Summit to focus on the educational component of the program. Moving ahead, the goal for the 2013 NAPT Summit in Grand Rapids is to gather initial data to develop industry measurements.

We're excited to announce our KPI track for the Grand Rapids Summit:

Continuous Improvement and Quality Improvement GE — Join us for this Sunday morning keynote presentation as Ronald Frank, Global Research Lean Leader for GE Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY, will discuss the importance of quality and continuous improvement from an "outside" perspective.

KPI Status Update — Sun. 3:30-4:30 p.m.
This spinoff workshop will discuss the yellowbus KPI collection tool, discuss what data elements will be available for NAPT members, and what we have learned to date.

Essential Concepts in Data Utilization — Mon. 9:35-10:05 a.m.
Your mission, vision, and goal statements likely already include commitments to safe, reliable and efficient transportation, but how do you quantify that and analyze your progress? This workshop will help you define, track and report your use of key performance indicators and what motivates you to implement them.

Tools for Tracking KPI's — Mon. 2:05-2:35 p.m.
Learn about the various methods for tracking data and the tools that can help you do it. From district-level to state and national, the use of various internal tracking and outside comparison tools will be discussed, both as separate entities and how integration of all three can work to your advantage.

Hands on Training & Customized Consulting — Mon. 2:45-3:45 p.m.
This workshop will consist of a variety of stations to give you a more hands-on approach to reviewing KPI definitions, collecting data, entering data into the NAPT KPI Tool, and discussing the impact and meaning of various data points. There will be a note sent to all conference attendees telling them what data they should bring from their own operation to make full use of this session.

Brief/Debrief on KPI Definitions — Tues. 11:20-11:50 a.m.
We will examine the 13 data elements collected in the initial NAPT KPI survey and begin work on analyzing new data elements and discuss the impact those elements will have on future KPIs.

Marching Orders: Next Steps in the KPI Project — Wed. 2:05-2:35 p.m.
With your support, the tools and resources that are developed from the KPI project will be presented at the 16th National Congress on School Transportation, in May 2015, with the overriding goal of benefiting the industry at large; but more importantly, it will help you improve your operations. Ultimately, you'll possess the ability to chart your district's progress year over year, and to compare your operations to others like yours, if desired.More

Text a driver in New Jersey, and you could see your day in court
VideoBrief We've all heard the dictum: Don't text and drive. Now a New Jersey state appeals court has an addendum: Don't knowingly text a driver — or you could be held liable if he causes a crash. More

Bullying leaves a lasting bruise on lives
The Duke Chronicle
New findings suggest that children who are part of the bullying cycle may experience negative health effects and financial hardships later in life. Although bullying is a common occurrence during adolescence, the lasting implications in adulthood prove to be severe, according to a study led by researchers at Duke Medicine and Warwick University.More

Teens sentenced to indefinite probation in Florida bus beating
Fox News
VideoBrief Three teenagers charged in a vicious school bus beating were recently sentenced to indefinite probation in a Florida juvenile court. Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight and Lloyd Khemradj had all pled guilty to aggravated battery charges in the attack on a 13-year-old boy on a Pinellas County school bus in July. The teens must also take anger management classes, comply with mandatory curfews and stay away from the victim.More

To fix distracted driving, experts say target the people, not the tech
The Huffington Post
While car companies and tech firms have touted an ever-expanding line of devices that aim to curb texting at the wheel, experts recently argued that eliminating distracted driving requires adjusting the driver, not the technology in his or her hands. Rather than just convincing companies to disable their apps while a vehicle is moving or block access to certain tools in the car, lasting progress will come from educating drivers and convincing them to put safety ahead of immediate access to information, researchers said during a panel at the Governors Highway Safety Association conference.More

Nebraska rolls out a new tracking system for buses, students
The World-Herald
It was an iconic scene: Backpack-laden youngsters filing off a yellow school bus, ready to start another day. But before they walked down the bus steps, these Gretna Elementary students paused for a step familiar to many office workers. They reached for the white plastic cards strung on the lanyards around their necks and swiped them in front of a card reader. The card readers, along with the GPS devices the district installed on its buses this year, are intended to bolster safety and security, said Superintendent Kevin Riley.More

Students take a stand against bullying through art
Wicked Local
"Take a stand; lend a hand." "Be the change you wish to see in the world." "Some bruises are inside." These are just a few of the phrases that stand out from the colorful posters lining the second floor hallway of the Stoughton Public Library in Massachusetts. The posters, crafted by students at Stoughton's O'Donnell Middle School, depict images of bullying, its effects and how to take a stand against it. For the past two years, seventh grade students have participated in an art class contest to create anti-bullying posters. Winners are selected from each school term and are collectively showcased at the library.More

Cameras catch school bus driver in the act
It's the one thing school bus drivers are taught never to do, but cameras caught one driver breaking the rule. A concerned parent tipped NBC2 Investigator Dave Elias that his child's bus driver was texting while driving.More

Why don't most school buses have seat belts?
Aol Autos
NHTSA and school bus industry associations say, even without belts, school bus travel is statistically safer than any other form of ground transportation.More

Architecture student transforms school bus into mobile home — takes it on cross-country tour
Business Insider via San Francisco Chronicle
Hank Butitta transformed a defunct school bus into a mobile home, and he's currently driving it across the country on the road trip to end all road trips.More

Expert tips for school bus safety
HealthDay News via Medical Xpress
Many children are injured each year just getting on and off the school bus. Inattentive drivers, horseplay, unsafe street crossing and even clothing issues can all contribute. By talking to children about school bus safety and reviewing certain rules at the beginning of the year, parents can help prevent avoidable accidents, an expert says.More

The epidemic of distracted driving
The Mercury
Many high school students returning to classes this fall will find a new topic added to their curriculum: The dangers of distracted driving. Or to put it in blunt terms a teenager might grasp: Texting kills. AT&T, in cooperation with three other communications companies, has commissioned a 35-minute video from noted filmmaker Werner Herzog. It tells the stories of four people whose lives were damaged forever by a second or two of inattention ... by the seductive lure of technology.More

Utah school children participate in walking challenge
Utah schools and the Utah Department of Transportation recently kicked off a statewide safety challenge. It's called the "Walk More in Four Challenge." Starting their day off strong elementary kids at Dilworth Elementary School are among thousands across the state participating in the challenge that is encouraging kids to be healthy and safe.More