NAPT MultiView News Brief
Sept. 8, 2009

Real-Time Arrival Information: It Really Pays Off
from Seattle Transit Blog
While services like OneBusAway might seem to be a nicety a 2006 study commissioned by the Federal Transit Administration shows that real-time arrival information systems produce significant and quantifiable benefits that exceed project costs.More

NRC Report Cites Improving Automotive Efficiency
The United States can achieve significant reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions from the transportation sector by investing in alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology, according to a recent report from the America's Energy Future project of the National Research Council. More

Red Light Technology Geared to Stop Collisions
from WKOW-TV
A UW-Madison safety expert said new techonology holds promise of reducing red light violations and the danger they cause.More

Napa Bus Will Have Engine Similar to Prius
from San Francisco Chronicle
Kids in Napa won't hear the usual "clackety clack" of a diesel engine when district bus HY-2 lumbers up to their stop next month. In fact, when the bus is sitting still, they won't hear anything at all.More

Operation Lifesaver Releases New Educational Tools for Teachers, Homeschoolers
from Operation Lifesaver Inc
Operation Lifesaver Inc., the national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting safety at railroad crossings and along railroad rights-of-way, has unveiled a full slate of easy-to-use lesson plans available for immediate download at no cost from its website.More

VMT Tax Data System Is Technologically Feasible
from AASHTO Journal
A system drawing heavily on existing technology could be implemented in the near future to determine the distance traveled by a vehicle and use that information as the basis for charging a fee that reflects road use, according to a new report from the Intelligence Transportation Systems Institute at the University of Minnesota. More

Education Department Releases Legal Guidance for Districts on H1N1 Flu
from Education Week
As school districts prepare for the onset of the H1N1 flu this fall, the federal Department of Education has released legal guidance in case a flu outbreak causes school and school district closures. The guidance also tells schools what liability they might have in giving out vaccines.More

Doubts About Scare Tactics on Drivers Who Text
from The New York Times
American safety advocates, concerned about the dangers of texting while driving, have enjoyed a boost from an unlikely source: the chief constable of Gwent, a small county in southeast Wales.More

Nokia Partners with Facebook
from GPS Business News
At the Nokia World conference in Stuttgart, Nokia announced a partnership with Facebook. The application born from this partnership, "Lifecasting with Ovi," lets people publish their location and status updates directly to their Facebook account from the home screen of a mobile device. Lifecasting will premiere on the new Nokia N97 mini, a new smartphone announced at the conference.More

Device Helps Bus and Truck Drivers See Around Corners
from Telematics Update
A device to see around corners and eliminate blind spots will help truck and bus drivers to manoeuvre more safely. Alpine's multi camera technology eliminates blind spots.More

NAPT Annual Summit Updates

FREE GAS CARD!! If you live within a 500-mile radius of Louisville, Ky., and plan on attending the Annual NAPT Summit, we'll give you a $50 gas card to help you get home. Applies to the next 50 people who register. Call NAPT at 800-989-6278 for details. On September 1, 2009, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) met to discuss a report scheduled for imminent release based upon a school bus crash in Liberty, Missouri in 2005. During the course of its investigation, NTSB discovered that pedal misapplication was a probable cause of the accident---that is, depressing the accelerator instead of, or in addition to, the brake pedal. The NTSB subsequently investigated four additional accidents involving heavy vehicles in which pedal misapplication was also determined to be a factor. Those accidents included several school bus and transit bus accidents. For more click here. Seminar: About 25+ Tech Tips - September 9th at 1 p.m. EST These days a portion of anyone's job description requires each of us to be a competent user of technology. In this fast-paced, jam-packed webinar you will learn the latest and greatest in the field of technology with tips including software and hardware, gadgets, utilities and the Web. Listen in to this session if you want to learn dozens of ways technology can help you provide better service and get things done better, faster, and cheaper. About the presenter: Gregg Marshall, CSP, CPMR, is president of Rep Connection Inc., a consulting company that works to help maximize the effectiveness of manufacturers and their professional outsourced field sales forces (reps), especially in the areas of electronic commerce and partner results optimization. He is also a frequent speaker and author. You can visit Rep Connection on the web at This webcast is free to members up to the first 50 signed up, if you are interested contact for details.More