NAPT MultiView News Brief
Sept. 13, 2011

Delco Remy endows NAPT's 'America's Best' Scholarship Program
NAPT is delighted to announce that Delco Remy has endowed $5,000 for the 2011 "America's Best" Scholarship Program. The "America's Best" Scholarship Program is a means to provide financial assistance for qualifying technicians and inspectors to attend the 2011 national competition.

"America's Best" is North America's only annual premier skills competition exclusively for the professional school bus technician and inspector. Contestants come from all segments of the school bus maintenance industry and from many states and provinces. This year, the eighth annual competition will be hosted by the Texas Association of School Bus Technicians in San Antonio on Sept. 27-30. This years' scholarship winners are: Jack Defibaugh (Lewisburg, W.Va.); Jason Sharpe (Glen Allen, Va.); Dean Councilor (Traverse City, Mich.); and Joe Gushlaw (Adams, N.Y.).

For more information, please visit the America's Best website at For information on Delco Remy, visit their website at

NAPT announces 2011 scholarship opportunities
Bluth-Eisman Field Trip Grants
NAPT Board President Dr. Linda F. Bluth and her partner Betsy Eisman are offering two field trip grants this year. While priority will be given to students whose schools were damaged by recent tornadoes, all NAPT members are encouraged to apply. The application deadline for the grants, valued at $250 each, is Oct. 1. Log on to for more information.

Zonar Scholarships
We are pleased to announce Zonar Systems is graciously endowing 10 scholarships for attendance to the 2011 NAPT Annual Summit in Cincinnati. Applicants do not have to be NAPT members; Zonar will include the cost for NAPT membership. The application deadline is Sept. 15. Log on to for more information.

Peter & Linda Lawrence Scholarships
Peter and Linda Lawrence have endowed three scholarships to defray the cost of 2011 NAPT Summit conference registration. The scholarships will benefit NAPT members attending the Annual Summit on Oct. 22-27 in Cincinnati. The application deadline is Sept. 16. Log on to for more information.More

Our newest graduate of The NAPT Special Needs Transportation training program
The NAPT Special Needs Transportation training program provides numerous opportunities for transportation personnel serving students with disabilities to access educational opportunities at both local and national conferences and to gain national recognition for their efforts.

The program has a core curriculum that consists of six special needs courses in a variety of different settings, including a school bus roadeo and a trade show of school transportation products and services. The core curriculum is supplemented by two courses of elective instruction from the NAPT Professional Development Series Program. The syllabus for the core curriculum has been specifically designed to increase an individual's specific knowledge about transporting students with disabilities.

Congratulations to:
Michele Drorbaugh, an employee of Seattle Public Schools in Seattle, has successfully completed the NAPT Special Needs Transportation Training Program. Drorbaugh is the 10th person in the nation to achieve this recognition.

For more information, please visit our website at or contact Brianne Peck at 800-989-6278.More

US Senate panel proposes airline ticket tax hike
The Associated Press via North Jersey
A Democratic-led Senate panel has approved an increase in airline ticket taxes of up to $6 for a round trip in order to cover increased security costs at airports.More

NOYS National Distracted Driving Summit an opportunity for youth to make a difference
Department of Transportation Fastlane
In DOT's campaign for driving safety, one of their strongest partners is the National Organizations for Youth Safety. The exceptional young people who make up NOYS are tireless safety advocates who have been enthusiastic participants in the fight to end distracted driving. To train and empower even more youth leaders to help address this important safety issue, NOYS will host its 2011 Distracted Driving Summit in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 17, and they are looking for young people who want to participate.More

Get tougher against school time bullying
Detroit Free Press
While we encounter diverse communities in our daily lives, the truth remains that school yards aren't always a safe place for each and every student. School yard bullying has increasingly become the norm in many schools across the country — affecting students who are gay and transgender as well as those who are not.More

School buses do more than keep children safe
Did you ever take a moment to think that the very first contact a child will have with her local school will be in the form of a yellow school bus driven by a dedicated school bus driver? Before the school principal welcomes your child to the front doors of the school building, his school bus driver will have welcomed him through the swinging door of the yellow school bus. Before her teacher hands out the assignments for the day, a school bus driver will have instructed her on the ground rules for riding safely on the yellow school bus.More

Obama's infrastructure spending plan gains support
San Francisco Chronicle
President Barack Obama's proposal to spend as much as $140 billion on highways, transit, air traffic control and other infrastructure projects has strong backing from business and labor groups, governors and mayors and even a qualified embrace from House Republican leaders.More

School bullies beware! New Connecticut law puts YOU in the hot seat
North Haven Patch
Recently, state Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney, D-New Haven, Sen. Joseph Crisco, Jr., D-Woodbridge, along with Superintendent of Amity Schools John Brady, held a press conference to highlight the features of a new state law that went into effect July 1 that clamps down on cyberbullying. The new law brings two very important changes to the fight against bullying; in addition to including cyberbullying as an offense, it expands the role and responsibility of the schools.More

President blocks EPA from changing ozone rules this year
AASHTO Journal
State transportation departments recently learned the Obama administration pulled back on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's work drafting updates to the Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards. President Barack Obama said EPA will reconsider ozone standards in 2013. More

Air travel shoes-off rule to be eased in future
Bloomberg News
Air travelers won't have to take their shoes off during security screenings in the future, said U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. "One of the first things you will see over time is the ability to keep your shoes on," Napolitano said. She didn't specify when the change would take place.More

IBM commuter 'pain index' shows worst cities for driving
The Wall Street Journal
A new survey on commuting released today by International Business Machines Corp. found that for many people in metropolitan areas around the world, getting to work is more painful endeavor than ever. In some cases, people's negative feelings about driving may have more to do with their emotional states than actual driving conditions.More

Bullying linked to lower school achievement
The Washington Post
Bullying in high school is not just a problem of individual torment: It is linked to lower academic achievement across the school. So concludes research that investigated student behavior in nearly 300 high schools in Virginia, including most of those in the Washington suburbs. More