NAPT MultiView News Brief
Sep. 18, 2012

EPA offers rebate for old school bus replacement
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
As a component of the Diesel Emission Reduction Program, the EPA will be offering rebates to both public and private fleets to establish clean diesel projects. Read on to learn more and check back often for updated information. More

Bully prevention book release

No Place For Bullying
Leadership for Schools That Care for Every Student
Author James Dillon

With No Place for Bullying, James Dillon describes the paradigm shifts a school administrator must create in order to develop, lead and sustain a successful schoolwide bullying-prevention program. Too many programs fail because they lack full support from all stakeholders. The books discusses three critical components necessary for success: the will to address the problem, the skill to lead others and the follow through to ensure policies are established and long-lasting. The 248-page book includes a Foreword by Former Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-free Schools at the Department of Education, Kevin Jennings. Click here for more information:

School transportation-related crashes
A school transportation-related crash is a crash which involves, either directly or indirectly, a school bus body vehicle, or a non-school bus functioning as a school bus, transporting children to or from school or school-related activities. An average of 18 school-age occupants of school transportation vehicles and pedestrians die in school transportation-related traffic crashes each year.More

School bullying: Do you know how to help your child?
Bullying is becoming more and more prevalent. However, thanks to new research and awareness many schools are finally putting a stop to the issue. But what about at home? How can parents help solve the issue of bullying?More

Utah bus driver honored as state's safest
Toole Transcript Buletin
A school bus driver who has plied the lonely roads of Skull Valley for 23 years has been honored by the Utah Safety Council with the School Bus Driver of the Year Award. Diana Jensen drives her Tooele County School District bus 780 miles a week, and has racked up more than 400,000 miles through Skull Valley without an incident during her long career. More

Clean Fuels transit grants mean more sustainable, reliable rides
U.S. Department of Transportation FastLane
Since taking office, President Barack Obama and this administration have been committed to investing in smart, sustainable transportation that helps more Americans get to work, school and other destinations while also helping communities save money. Recently, the Department of Transportation announced 27 projects across the country will receive a combined $59.3 million to help transit agencies purchase and support cleaner, greener buses that reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel economy. And because these cleaner-fueled buses will replace aging transit vehicles, they will also deliver a more comfortable, reliable ride for passengers.More

'Bully' has powerful impact on students
San Francisco Chronicle
Documentary film director Lee Hirsch recently huddled in the darkness of San Francisco's Herbst Theatre as hundreds of city middle and high school students watched his movie, "Bully." As students alternately applauded, cheered and sniffled through tears as the film documented the devastating impact of bullying, Hirsch recorded the audience sounds on his phone, his face beaming. "This is a film for the underdogs and boy are there are a lot of them," said Hirsch.More

Palm Beach County school officials want to toughen up driving rules near schools
In Palm Beach County, Fla., school officials want to put the brakes on the dangerous behavior in school zones and behind school buses. School officials want the state to allow them to install cameras on school buses to catch cars speeding past stopped buses. They also want legislators to ban texting and non-hands-free calls in school zones. Vernon Pickup-Crawford, the district's lobbyist, said incidents of distracted drivers putting children's safety at risk are steadily on the rise.More

Lawmakers question Obama administration truck, bus safety programs
The Hill
Republicans on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee recently questioned the Department of Transportation's handling of bus and truck safety programs that were put in place in 2010. The panel's Highway and Transit subcommittee held a hearing to examine the implementation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Compliance, Safety, Accountability program, which was created to help the agency within the DOT to better keep track of data relating to safety violations by bus and trucking companies. More

Buster the Bus visits elementary school to teach school bus safety
Atmore News
Recently, first- and second-grade students at Rachel Patterson Elementary School in Atmore, Ala., had a special visitor at an assembly. Buster the Bus and his sidekick, Bryan Nash from Crossgate Services, paid a visit to the school to share school bus safety rules to both the students and the teachers.More

Anti-bullying program, created from Columbine tragedy, visits Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Rachel Joy Scott was the first person killed at Columbine High School on May 20, 1999, when fellow students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire. Initial reports of the incident indicated the boys had been the victim of bullies, but later reports described the boys as bullies themselves. Rachel's family started a program in her memory called "Rachel's Challenge," which travels to schools across the country carrying a message found in her diary about her desire to start a "chain reaction" of good deeds in order to make the world a better place.More

Study: Length of yellow caution traffic lights could prevent accidents
Since 2005, Hesham Rakha, director of the Center for Sustainable Mobility at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, and his research group has been studying drivers' behaviors as they approach yellow lights. Their goal is to determine signal times for intersections that are safer and still efficient.More

Ecodriving: The science and art of smarter driving
TR News
The following article explores ecodriving, which incorporates techniques and technologies to reduce fuel consumption and costs, greenhouse gas and other air pollutant emissions, vehicle miles traveled, vehicle and road degradation, and accident-related costs — such as property damage, injuries, fatalities and insurance.More

Full circle for LA CAMIONETA

Director Mark Kendall pictured far left, front row with the cast of LA CAMIONETA and their families
At the NAPT Summit in Cincinnati last year, you may have seen a screening of the movie LA CAMIONETA, the story of a decommissioned U.S. school bus that migrated south and was transformed into a brightly-colored vehicle for public transportation. Over the past few years, the camionetas and the men who drive them have become primary targets of an escalating wave of violence, gang extortion and killings that have plagued the country's transportation system and instilled fear and mistrust in those who ride the buses each day. Because camioneta drivers carry cash, gangs extort daily protection money and often kill those who cannot pay or who outright refuse to pay. The film is an attempt to move beyond the blood-soaked headlines, exploring the personal stories at the heart of the story, woven together through the migration of one bus on its journey across the borders between the Americas and towards the hope that its transformation ultimately represents. The documentary has been showcased at several film festivals this year to rave reviews.

Recently the film was shown at the Pradera in Chimaltenango for everyone who appears in the film and their families. For many, this was the first time they had ever seen a film in a movie theater. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and according to Director Mark Kendall, "It was incredible to see folks connecting and sharing their stories during the lunch that followed. With their blessing and continued encouragement, we're excited to begin rolling out our plans for the Guatemalan premiere of LA CAMIONETA later this fall!"More

Vendor spotlight: On the spot? Come to the spotlight

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