NAPT MultiView News Brief
Sept. 27, 2011

NAPT announces 2011 scholarship opportunities
Bluth-Eisman Field Trip Grants
NAPT Board President Dr. Linda F. Bluth and her partner Betsy Eisman are offering two field trip grants this year. While priority will be given to students whose schools were damaged by recent tornadoes, all NAPT members are encouraged to apply. The application deadline for the grants, valued at $250 each, is Oct. 1. Log on to for more information.More

AAA child passenger safety public service announcement
VideoBriefAAA has teamed up with Cookie Jar Entertainment and its Richard Scarry's Busytown Mysteries animated series to educate parents, caregivers and children on the importance of safely securing young passengers in the family vehicle. Click here for more info and statistics.More

As holidays approach, DOT's new consumer protections make flying easier, less stressful
Department of Transportation Fastlane
Believe it or not, America's most intense travel weeks — Thanksgiving and Christmas — are nearly upon us, and many people have already made their holiday airline reservations. As those of you who are planning holiday trips begin navigating airline and other travel websites, the Department of Transportation has been working hard to make sure this year is different.More

Cyr Foundation launches school bus driver training series
The Cyr Foundation for Excellence in School Transportation has launched a new educational program aimed at providing useful information and training for school bus drivers in New York State. More

Honolulu's public transit to expand green-minded portion of Oahu-circling bus fleet
Hawaii Magazine
Hawaii's congressional delegation announced last week that Honolulu is slated to receive $5 million from the federal government to purchase eight new turbine electric buses, thereby increasing the city's overall fleet to 539 buses. Sixty are hybrid electric, and every bus in the fleet sports a bike rack.More

Video to solve traffic problems discussed at DOT meeting
Government Video
A federal transportation official says a program promoting public-private partnerships to foster ideas and products for transportation solutions might support increased use of traffic cameras or other video technologies as part of the overall solution to traffic problems, but it depends on the problems identified.More

Jamey Rodemeyer suicide: Police consider criminal bullying charges
ABC News
Police have opened a criminal investigation in the suicide death of Buffalo, N.Y., 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, who was bullied online with gay slurs for more than a year. The teen's parents, friends and even Lady Gaga, who was his idol, have expressed outrage about what they say was relentless torment on social networking websites.More

Ford builds a bicycle
Fox News
The company that put the world on four wheels a century ago may be looking to do it again, but this time around with just two. Recently, at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Ford Motor Company unveiled its E-Bike Concept, an electric bicycle designed by the automaker to test the waters in a quickly growing segment of the transportation industry. More

Airlines continue to cut flights, keep airfares up
USA Today
Airlines are paring flights on some routes this fall as well as into next year in the face of high fuel prices and an uncertain economy.More

Support grows for making Muni rides free for children
San Francisco Chronicle
A growing number of city leaders want to make riding Muni free for those younger than 18, but doing so would cost $6 million to $13 million annually. Supervisor David Campos said the cost should be viewed as an important investment. "It's one critical step we can take to improve the quality of life for all families in the city, and to support and encourage a new generation of transit riders for our future," Campos said.More

Distracted driving: An issue for fleet safety
Utility Products
Safety probably ranks at the top of a utility fleet manager's priorities and concerns. Telematics and fleet management solutions provide insight to monitoring the vehicle and a driver's behavior as it relates to the vehicle. Some tools, for example, can track when vehicles travel at excessive speeds or when drivers make erratic moves such as sudden braking. But what about the driver's action behind the wheel that in-vehicle systems don't detect — primarily cellphone use, which might violate corporate policy and local, state or federal law?More

Alternative fuels get a workout in fleets
The Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt may have captured consumers' imagination, but sales of these alternative-fuel cars are tiny in the scheme of total auto sales. Fleet operators are still experimenting with alternative powertrains but in some respects they are more promising customers, argue fleet managers and auto industry analysts. Fleet operators can be more willing to invest in alternative fuels because, as big fuel users, they can benefit from lower fuel costs. More