NAPT MultiView News Brief
Oct. 16, 2012

Safe Kids Kansas to mark 'National School Bus Safety Week'
Kansas City Kansan
While carpooling is a common practice in many communities, a school bus is the safest way for children to get to school. Oct. 22-26 is National School Bus Safety Week — making it a good time to teach children how to stay safer around school buses. This year's theme is "I See the Driver. The Driver Sees Me."More

EPA awards $30 million for clean diesel projects
Aftermarket News
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is awarding $30 million for clean diesel projects as part of its ongoing campaign to reduce harmful diesel exhaust that can lead to asthma attacks and premature deaths. The Diesel Emission Reduction Program, also known as DERA, is designed to replace, retrofit or repower older diesel-powered engines such as marine vessels, locomotives, trucks and buses.More

Cleve Hill hopes bus program cuts down on bullying
The Buffalo News
With much of student bullying occurring on buses, the Cleveland Hill School District in Cheektowaga, N.Y., is introducing a program called "Peaceful Busing" that aims to promote better riding experiences. "This is our attempt to create a positive culture on the school bus," said Patrick McCabe, principal of Cleveland Hill Elementary.More

Parents can do more to keep children safe behind the wheel
NY Daily News
It's rough out there on the highways even for seasoned, experienced drivers. For a new driver, it's far more dangerous, both for themselves and others. The following are some tips for parents or guardians to help keep their new driver safe on the road.More

State posts school bus report card online
NJ Today
Reinforcing the importance of the state’s stringent school bus inspection program, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Chairman and Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez recently announced the availability of a tool that allows parents to check the safety records of their child’s school bus from the comfort of their own home. The newly-enhanced School Bus Report Card is available 24-hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week at "The MVC is serious when it comes to the safety of school buses, so we are very proud of the enhancements we have made to our School Bus Report Card," said Martinez.More

Making schools deal with bullying
Anyone who's ever gone to school is familiar with bullying, either through observation or personal experience. There was always some child, or group of children, who enjoyed tormenting others. For the most part, dealing with bullies was seen as just a part of growing up. But it's hardly an acceptable part of maturing when a bully makes life so miserable that tragedy results. When an individual is harassed and mentally tortured to the point where suicide seems the only way out, or when the emotional trauma leaves deep scars that can haunt a lifetime. That type of bullying is nothing short of criminal.More

West Virginia could have propane-powered school buses in 2013
The State Journal
The next generation of propane-powered school buses in West Virginia could be on the road at the beginning of the next school year. The West Virginia Board of Education on Oct. 4 approved a request from the state Department of Education to allow it to include propane as an alternative fuel in the specifications for school buses.More

Soon driverless cars may save us from distracted drivers
The Legal Examiner
General Motors is almost done developing a driverless car and hopes to offer the technology to the public by 2015. Google has also been developing a driverless Toyota model, which it hopes to make available just in time to give GM some competition. Because a 2006 Department of Transportation study says driver error causes 80 percent of car accidents, driverless cars would not only be more convenient, the may make the roads much safer. Technology that automatically accounts for sudden obstructions eliminates the danger of less-than-perfect drivers who were otherwise distracted or whose reflexes weren't quite quick enough. Technology, presumably, also does not get tired or start to drive aggressively when in a bad mood. More

Teen who posted video about cyberbullying commits suicide
NY Daily News
A Canada teen killed herself one month after she posted a heart-wrenching YouTube video detailing how she was ridiculed at school and harassed online. But the 15-year-old girl's mom doesn't want the video — which explains how a photo of her topless daughter sparked the cyberbullying — to go away. "I think the video should be shared and used as anti-bullying tool," Carol Todd, mother of Amanda Todd, told The Vancouver Sun. "That is what my daughter would have wanted."More

First Student tackles bus bullying
First Student in Grand Junction is confronting the issue of school bus bullying and is working with School District 51 to solve the problem. "It's probably my top priority because I want kids to feel safe and welcome on the bus," said Beth Rutter of First Student. Bullying numbers are actually down from this time last year.More