NAPT MultiView News Brief
Oct. 18, 2011

EPA's MyEnvironment displays success of the National Clean Diesel Campaign
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has created a new information portal called "MyEnvironment" for promoting local environmental awareness and efforts to reduce emissions from diesel engines. MyEnvironment provides users with a cross-section of environmental information including data on air, water, energy and much more. The MyAir section includes a feature called "Cleaning Your Air: Reducing Diesel Pollution" and will display information on clean diesel projects in the selected area. There's even a unique mapping feature, that enables visitors to view the benefits clean diesel projects have had at the local community level. MyEnvironment can be found on the EPA home page or at

Bully-proofing your children
CNN Living
It's unfortunate that our children will get bullied at school, whether it's about their appearance or dress, their academic ability or hobbies, a disability or just the fact that they're the new kids in town. Schools with vigorous anti-bullying programming are more likely to stop bullies in their tracks, but not every school has a commitment to stopping the abuse. However, there are things parents can do to strengthen their children before the bullying starts, convince them to tell parents if a verbal or physical attack occurs, and keep them safe.More

Drivers paying more tolls to use roads, bridges
USA Today
Drivers across the U.S. are digging deeper into their pockets as more states and communities raise tolls or impose them for the first time to build and repair highways, bridges and tunnels. More

Unsafe buses run until fatal crashes after US inaction
Bloomberg News
When executives of Sky Express Inc. met with U.S. bus-safety regulators for an audit in March, the problems were clear even in the rough English of records translated from Chinese. One driver worked 11 consecutive days without a rest period, according to audit documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Four of 10 drivers couldn't understand enough English to identify their employer. An insulin-dependent driver made a 938-mile run without medical clearance. All those infractions violated U.S. law.More

More roads going high tech
Department of Transportation Fastlane
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood writes, "Even as highway budgets are forced to do more with less, the number of vehicles on our roads continues to climb. We need to work smarter with what we already have. So, I'm happy to see so many state and local agencies relying on the latest technology to improve service for all motorists."More

US neighborhoods struggle with health threats from traffic pollution
Scientific American
On a sunny afternoon, more than 1,000 children poured out of Hudson K-8 School, eager to play in their neighborhood. Just beyond the playground fence, a line of diesel trucks was idling, stuck in traffic as they made their way from a massive port complex to a congested freeway. It was a typical day at the Long Beach, Calif., school in all but one way. They had a visitor — the top environmental health scientist in the country, Linda Birnbaum.More

America's commutes start earlier, last longer
BBC News
VideoBrief Working in the city and living on one's own land far out in the countryside has always been a goal for many Americans. The recession has turned hours of commuting to and from work into a reality that's hard to escape.More

New motor oil category could help meet mpg rules
Fleet Owner
Diesel engine makers and truck OEMs will, within a few short years, expect motor oil to contribute to the mandated greenhouse-gas emissions reduction and corresponding increase in miles per gallon performance for commercial vehicles set out in new federal rules that will start taking effect in 2014. That's why engine makers have already petitioned for a new API oil-service category to be in place by the time the new federal GHG/mpg rules go fully into effect.More

Schools get funds for going green
Newport Beach Independent
Several Newport-Mesa schools will be awarded a percent of the money they saved the district by participating in the Green Schools Program during the 2010-2011 school year. "The Green Schools Program strives to: Educate K-12 students, trains students about the importance of energy efficiency through hands on learning activities and STEM lessons correlated to California standards, raise awareness and interest in green careers, and save schools energy and money," according to the staff report.More

10 outrageous travel fees
Fox Business
Companies in the travel industry seem to be finding more ways to get you to open your wallet. At a time when travelers are looking to save, prices are actually rising. In fact, domestic airfare prices jumped more than 8 percent from last year.More