NAPT MultiView News Brief
Oct. 25, 2011

Fighting distracted driving: Technology can be part of the solution
Consumer Reports
While distracted driving education and laws are some attempts to curb the dangerous behavior of texting and driving, another way is through the use of technology that cuts off the temptation. More

Pay-as-you-go school buses in Texas
A Texas school district says it has approved a pay-to-ride bus plan for students whose bus routes had been eliminated this year as a cost-saving measure. The plan approved by the Judson Independent School District in San Antonio, on Oct. 19, will give more families access to school buses in exchange for footing the bill, the San Antonio Express-News reported.More

10 ways schools are using social media effectively
eSchool News
Smartphones might be getting the green light in more schools around the country, but social networking is still getting the yellow in many schools: Parents are worried about bullying, teacher-student online relationships are questioned and school security can be compromised all too easily, some critics fear.More

Hybrid school bus initiative to get $1 million from CARB
Green Packs
Better times are round the corner for school kids. Today's youth should be picked up by school buses of a greener type and the California Air Resources Board is doing its part to assist in the cleanup effort. More

Senate proposes cut in seat belt grants, boost for NHTSA website
The Detroit News
The Senate is considering a bill to cut funding 8 percent for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but would give the agency new money to upgrade its website. It would create a new $10 million program to provide grants to states that crack down on distracted driving and use half of it for advertising crackdowns. Most of the cuts would come from highway traffic safety grants to states — primarily for seat belt use.More

More transportation answers for Dr. Gridlock readers
The Washington Post via Department of Transportation Fastlane
VideoBrief Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood writes, "This month, my On the Go question-and-answer video features several questions from readers of the Washington Post's Dr. Gridlock. Today, I'm going to answer a few questions from Dr. Gridlock himself. And, although the good doctor's usual beat covers commuting in the metropolitan Washington region, these are thoughtful questions that easily apply to communities nationwide."More

'Bullying is rampant on buses right now'
A new program, aimed at putting the brakes on inappropriate behavior on bus rides to and from school, is underway at North Penn School District in Lansdale, Pa. Despite the prevalence of anti-bullying programs across the country, the meanness that can happen on a school bus is often overlooked. The Peaceful Bus program hopes to change that. It targets the name-calling, bossiness and pushing and shoving that can ruin a child’s trip to or from school.More

Can smart transportation apps curb greenhouse gases?
Government Technology
Experts believe traffic, bus and parking applications will be the public sector's key wireless contributions in helping reduce future environmental impacts, according to a recent report. More

Diesel fuel prices will remain volatile into year ahead
Fleet Owner
Diesel fuel prices will remain volatile for the remainder of this year and likely well into next year. That trend will continue so long as the cost of crude oil remains tied to financial markets. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the national average price for on-highway diesel fuel recently climbed 8 cents to $3.80 per gallon — and is now up almost 73 cents from a year ago.More

FTC seeks comment on important online privacy changes
eSchool News
Possible changes to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act are on the horizon as the Federal Trade Commission has proposed updating the law to reflect how technology has changed Web browsing and communication, and the agency is seeking comments on those proposed changes. "In this era of rapid technological change, kids are often tech-savvy but judgment-poor. We want to ensure that the COPPA Rule is effective in helping parents protect their children online, without unnecessarily burdening online businesses," said FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz.More

School bus driver honored for protecting passengers
The Observer
The Lake Shore Central School District Board of Education in Angola, N.Y., honored the distinguished service and training of Lorraine "Lori" Golden, a 21-year veteran bus driver during their September meeting. On Sept. 6, the first day of school, Golden was transporting AJ Schmidt Elementary students to their homes on Route 5 when her actions preserved the safety of her young passengers.More