NAPT MultiView News Brief
Nov. 3, 2009

Don't Reward Risk: Swine Flu and Perfect Attendance
from New Jersey News
Going to school every day can be hazardous to your health - and the health of others. Roselle Park in New Jersey recently joined several districts around the state, including Bridgewater-Raritan, Secaucus, Flemington and Kenilworth, in scratching perfect attendance recognitions for the school year. The message to parents: Keep sick children home.More

Stop Texting-Drivers - Or Lose Highway Funds
from Business Week
The Senate should pass the ALERT Drivers Act of 2009 (known in long form as the "Avoiding Life-Endangering and Reckless Texting by Drivers Act"), which would require states to adopt penalties against people who text while driving - or forfeit 25 percent of highway financing. Pro or con?More

School Districts and Private Contractor Buses
from The Morning Call
Privatized school transportation has been a popular choice for administrators and directors weighing savings and convenience against the potential costs and headaches of running a district bus fleet. But events in East Penn School District in Pennsylvania underscored one big drawback with such arrangements - the possibility of a sudden and disruptive strike.More

Penalties, Perks in Texting-While-Driving Bills
from PC Magazine
What would be more effective in getting you to stop texting while driving incentives or penalties? Two top senators are betting on incentives. Recently, they introduced a bill that would provide grants to states that enact texting while driving bans.More

IBM Unveils New Technology to Help Governments Improve Services for Citizens
from Reuters
IBM unveiled a new software platform designed to fundamentally change the way that local, state and national governments manage and deliver services to the public. The new IBM Government Industry Framework will help agencies of all sizes use new technologies to transform their existing support and delivery processes, thus allowing them to more efficiently deploy limited resources and respond more quickly to everything from public emergencies to the delivery of social services.More

Cameras Help Nab Drivers Passing Stopped School Buses
from The Ithaca Journal
Cameras on school buses at three New York school districts have nabbed dozens of drivers who illegally passed stopped buses, prompting calls to expand the pilot program statewide. Brewster in Putnam County, Bethlehem in Albany County and Canandaigua in Ontario County voluntarily participated in the 40-day program, which was funded by a roughly $40,000 federal grant through the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee.More

School Bus Drivers Embrace Safety Tool
from KVUE - TV
The Eanes Independent School District in Texas passed out safety tools to its bus riders - flashing red lights for elementary school riders. "Safety is always job one at Eanes and certainly with transportation," said Tim Wysong, Eanes ISD transportation director.More

Electric Vehicle Batteries Could Reduce Household Peak Power Demand
from Government Technology
Running household appliances off an electric vehicle's batteries during peak demand or a power outage is a concept explored in a paper: The Simulation of Vehicle-to-Home Systems - Using Electric Vehicle Battery Storage to Smooth Domestic Electricity Demand.More

Strike Shows Other Side of Privatization
from Hattiesburg American
Hinds County school district administrators in Mississippi have been learning the hard way that "contracting out" can be a practice fraught with peril. Their instructor is Teamsters Local 891. The administrators were sent scrambling by notice that school bus drivers employed by Ohio-based First Student to serve the district's 6,685 students would be going out on strike.More