NAPT MultiView News Brief
Nov. 5, 2013

NAPT and Zonar announce $50,000 grant winners

The National Association for Pupil Transportation and technology innovator Zonar today announced the 2013 winners of grants for $50,000 in the latest school bus security/safety/efficiency equipment. Grants were awarded to the school districts that submitted the best proposals for utilizing Zonar's widely acclaimed Electronic Fleet Management Solutions, including their Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reporting (EVIR®) system.More

Congratulations to our 2013 LED Graduates

NAPT Past-President Alexandra H. Robinson, M. Ed., CDPT, is pleased to announce the following individuals who participated in and completed the NAPT Leading Every Day (LED) Initiative at this years' NAPT Summit held in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Monica Coburn
Jackie Coffee
Danny Cowan
Mohamad El Samad
Randolph Fabal
Kim Garvey
Heather Handschin, CSPT-SNT
Joseph LaMarca, CDPT
Frank Marasco, CDPT
Kevin Neafie
Wynn Porter
Joe Van Aken
Michael Worley

The LED Initiative is a unique opportunity for NAPT members to further their professional expertise. Founded in 2006, the program's mission is to develop world-class professionals who are viewed as role models for our industry. Attracting current and future leaders and bringing them together in a cohort group to develop solutions that can be applied to real world scenarios is the goal.

This year, Major General John Barry was the featured guest speaker. Barry served in the U.S. Air Force for 30 years as a combat veteran, fighter pilot/USAF "Top Gun" graduate and military Assistant to the Secretary of Defense. He retired as a "2 star" Major General and served his last tour on active duty as Board Member and Executive Director of the Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Investigation. His LED presentation focused on leadership lessons derived from his work on the Space Shuttle project and how this valuable information from complex organizations outside of education can be readily applied to the K-12 arena.

Additional instructors for the LED program at this year's Summit were Alexandra H. Robinson, New York City Department of Education, NY; Pete Meslin, Director of Transportation at Newport-Mesa USD, CA; and Launi Schmutz-Harden, CDPT, School Transportation Administrator, St. George, UT.

For more information about the LED program, please email Alexandra H. Robinson at

NAPT Committee and Project Leadership announcement

National Association for Pupil Transportation President Don Carnahan has announced the following Committee and Project Chairs for the 2013-2014 school year.

Awards – Theresa Anderson

Larson Award – Steven Kalmes, CDPT

History, Archives and Hall of Fame – Don Carnahan

Professional Growth – Barry Sudduth

Subcommittee on Training & Professional Certification – Steven Kalmes, CDPT

Subcommittee on Global Outreach – Alexandra Robinson, CDPT Public Policy - Peter Mannella

Subcommittee on Fleet Specifications – Marshall Casey (Brian Weisinger, Mike Kenney, Rick Lecker, Robert Peterson, Dwight Gleaves)

Resolutions – Peter Mannella

School Bus Safety Poster Contest – Steven Kalmes, CDPT

Special Needs – Kenny Mulder; Co-chair: Sue Shutrump


America's Best Skills Competition – Steven Kalmes, CDPT, Chair; Co-chairs: David Anderson, Marshall Casey

Data Driven Decisions (3D)/KPI Project – Steve Simmons, Chair (Michael Shields, Peter Lawrence, Tim Calabrese); Larson Award Liaison: Steven Kalmes, CDPT

"Live Wire" Evacuation Protocols/Training – Keith Henry, CDPT; Co-chair: Sam Bailey

School Bus Security – Steven Kalmes, CDPT, Chair; (Charlie Hood (NASDPTS); Denny Coughlin; Kathy Furneaux; Gail Hyser (NSTA))

Please consider contributing your talents to one or more of these committees and/or projects. For more information on how you can participate, please contact NAPT Headquarters at 800-989-6278, or send email to the appropriate committee/project chair by utilizing the hyperlink.More

For homeless students, school bus ride offers sense of stability
Federal law requires school districts to educate homeless students. The late Speaker of the House Tom Foley sponsored the legislation that requires all districts to have a homeless liaison. Under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 1987, school districts must also offer transportation to a child's school of origin. The law provides some stability to young lives fluttering on the edge. And in Washington state, the number of those students is growing, from 18,670 in the 2007-2008 school year to 27,390 last year. More

When friends become bullies
It's a recurring theme in movies and pop culture, perhaps best epitomized in the 2004 film "Mean Girls." Bullying among friends, also known as relational bullying, stems from a natural tendency to develop an identity based on your friends. Young people often join groups defined by who's included or excluded, experts say, but it crosses the line when it becomes a sustained campaign to hurt someone who's not currently "in." And while bullying awareness has risen in the last few years, bullying among friends remains hard to detect.More

Wisconsin school bus drivers reflect on the rewards of the job
Fond du Lac Reporter
Anyone whose child rides a bus to school should appreciate these precious years. They won't last long. The bus arrives in all weather — stopping at driveways to pick up children and transporting them to school on time. Parents — some already at work and other still in pajamas and slippers — expect that their children are safe and comfortable as someone else drives them to school in the big yellow bus. Ali Scharpf of Fond du Lac is one of these road warriors behind the wheel of a school bus. She says she "loves kids" and has driven a bus since 1996.More

For teachers, wired classrooms pose new management concerns
Education Week
In a growing number of K-12 schools, the use of 1-to-1 computing devices—including iPads, laptops and Chromebooks — is becoming a central part of instruction. For teachers making the digital leap, one of the greatest hurdles can be figuring out how to manage the tech-infused classroom. How do you keep children, who suddenly have the Internet at their fingertips, on task? How do you ensure the devices are safe and well-maintained? And how do you compete with your most tech-savvy students? More

School districts using mobile apps to reach on-the-go parents
The Washington Post
Schools' lines of communication have multiplied over the years, from backpack fliers and home visits to robo-calls and websites, group emails and text messages. Then they added Facebook and Twitter accounts. Now, mobile apps are being designed to streamline some of the chatter and put it at arm's reach for a generation of parents accustomed to having smartphones at the ready. More

After school activities may curb bullying
MedPage Today
Participation in extracurricular activities, sports or otherwise, may be protective against bullying behaviors in children, a researcher reported. Compared with children and teens who didn't participate in any extracurricular activity, students who engaged in a nonsport extracurricular activity and played sports were significantly less likely to engage in bullying.More

Worried parents take action, volunteer as crossing guards
Elko Daily Free Press
After a child was nearly hit by a speeding driver, a group of Osino, Nev., parents said enough was enough. While other school bus routes in the district pick up small groups of children at multiple stops, Osino only has one bus stop, at which more than 70 students pile on the bus. The cluster of cars, parents and children make for a chaotic morning. The recent near-miss wasn't an isolated case, said concerned mother Kathy Bravo, so she helped organize a group of parents to make a positive change.More

Texas school district focuses on school safety
Austin American-Statesman
School safety and security is again a hot topic, one that the Bastrop school district has been working to enhance and improve over the past year, according to a district news release. More

Do 'kid cages' really protect children from wolves?
National Geographic Daily News
In rural Reserve, New Mexico, children wait for school buses inside boxy, wood-and-mesh structures that look like chicken coops. The "kid cages" are meant as protection from wolves. More

Training preps school bus drivers for worst to keep children safe
"You never know when something's going to happen, you can't plan for it," said Detective Jeremy Hembree with Aiken Public Safety in South Carolina. But you can try to prepare.More

Extreme distracted driving
While most of us wouldn't even consider watching a movie, cooking a meal or breaking out our laptop behind the wheel, some people do — and more frequently than you would think. Call them extreme distracted drivers. Clearly, distraction comes in many forms, and only some of them such as texting are specifically addressed by law. Do states need to write a law for every extreme-distraction contingency?More

Bus driver saves suicidal woman — students applaud
The Buffalo News via Firehouse
Bus driver Darnell Barton had just picked up 20 McKinley High School students eager to get home on a recent Friday afternoon and start their weekend. They would have to wait a little longer than usual while Barton saved a woman's life and taught an unexpected lesson in human compassion.More