NAPT MultiView News Brief
Nov. 6, 2012

2012 Summit 'Thank you!'

Even though cool winds may be blowing in upstate New York; we are sending warm greetings your way to thank you for attending the 2012 NAPT Summit in Memphis, Tenn.

As you know we don't produce the Summit alone. There are many people, groups of people in fact, working together to bring about an event of this magnitude. It is with great appreciation, therefore, that we wish to acknowledge the following, without whose help, we couldn't have delivered this year's Summit:

IC Bus
Thomas Built Buses

CE White CO
Rosco Vision Systems
School Bus Fleet
School Transportation News
Tyler Technologies

American Logistics
Blue Bird
IC Bus
Thomas Built Buses
TMW Systems
TransitPro Logistics, Inc./Todd Zoellick

NTSB Vice Chairman, Christopher A. Hart
FMCSA Administrator, Anne S. Ferro
Melinda Jacobs, Esq.
Michael Eugene
Alan Brunacini

Thank you to all of our panelists, moderators, workshop presenters and Professional Development Series instructors. Special thanks to the KPI Team: Peter Lawrence, Michael Shields, Robert Streeter, John Fahey and Jeff Oehm for their efforts, pre-conference and on site. Thank you also to the Fleet Advisory Team: Marshall Casey, Mike Kenney, Brian Weisinger, Robert Peterson, Dave McDonald and David Anderson. We'd also like to extend our gratitude to Heavy Duty Bus Parts for providing centerpieces for the Sunday night awards banquet.

Most important of all, we'd like to say THANK YOU to our delegates, who in some cases had their own challenges just getting district approval to attend. It was great to see you and we hope you enjoyed the event. Please take a moment to tell us about your experiences. We have an online conference survey, for which you may respond — and potentially qualify for a gift card. The response deadline is Nov. 8.

Click here to respond to the 2012 NAPT Conference Evaluation Survey

Click here to respond to the 2012 NAPT Special Needs Program Evaluation Survey

Click here to respond to the 2012 NAPT Key Performance Indicator Survey

Thank you to the many individuals who have already responded. This valuable feedback will help us to fine-tune the Summit next year, scheduled in Grand Rapids, Mich., for Oct. 18-24, 2013.

Steve Simmons is the new Region 3 Director. He is from Columbus City Schools in Columbus, Ohio.

Summit presentations will be posted on our homepage in the coming days. You will receive notification via email.

Please let one of us know if you need assistance or have any questions at 800-989-6278.

The NAPT Board and staff wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!More

2012 Bluth-Eisman Field Trip Grant winners

Board Past-President, Dr. Linda F. Bluth and her partner Betsy Eisman, offered two field trip grants this year. The intent of the grants is to bring learning to life for students and their communities. The grants cover transportation costs so that teachers can expand on learning from science, math, language, social studies and arts-focused activities. Priority was given to students whose schools reside in the core Appalachian states of Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

The 2012 winners are: Fulks Run Elementary in Fulks Run, Va., and Northampton County Public Schools of Machipango, Va. Fulks Run students (77 fourth and fifth graders) will take a trip to the historic Jamestown, Va. settlement; Northampton junior and senior high school students will visit college campuses in Virginia in the quest to motivate college attendance among this under-served population.

Congratulations to this year's winners!More

Davila garners 1st place in national school bus poster contest

Congratulations to Cesar Davila for winning First place in Division III and First OVERALL in the 2012 National School Bus Safety Week Poster Contest. Cesar will receive a $500 check as his reward. To see all the winning artwork, please click here.More

Acting in a dignified manner: Law requires schools to document bullying
The Post-Journal
Bullying is now being targeted by the state in a new legislative measure. The most recent step taken in the fight against bullying is New York State's Dignity for All Students Act. The Dignity Act was signed into law in 2010 and went into effect in all NYS public schools on July 1. According to its official website, the Dignity Act seeks to provide the state's public elementary and secondary school students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment and bullying on school property, a school bus and/or at a school function.More

Rebates available for older school bus replacement

As part of the Diesel Emission Reduction Program, the Environmental Protection agency is offering rebates to both public and private fleets for clean diesel projects. The first rebate program is targeting the replacement of older school buses. For this 2012 Pilot Funding Opportunity, $2 million has been reserved. The rebate application period opens Nov. 13. For more information, including FAQ's, and for an informational webinar to be held on Nov. 15, please visit the website: More

Tracking devices for school buses in Abu Dhabi
Gulf News
All public school buses across the emirate of Abu Dhabi will soon be fitted with tracking systems to ensure the safety and comfort of schoolchildren using them, the Abu Dhabi Education Council recently announced. Buses serving a number of schools in the emirate have already been fitted with the tracking systems as part of an ongoing pilot project, Khalid Al Ansari, manager of the school services division at the Adec, told Gulf News.More

US roads and bridges are getting smarter
Government Technology
America's infrastructure is at a crisis point, as illustrated by the Interstate 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis on Aug. 1, 2007. Transportation experts across the public and private sectors agree that the U.S. infrastructure is in peril, a sentiment that's supported with startling statistics from a 2011 study called Failure to Act, by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The report assigns real economic impacts to a status quo path for American transportation. It further asserts that America's deficient roads, bridges and transit systems bring tangible economic consequences to U.S. businesses, with ramifications acutely felt in every household as well. More

Dubai runs educative program for school transport drivers, conductors
The Gulf Today
The Drivers Affairs Department at RTA Public Transport Agency has launched an educative campaign from the start of the new academic year 2012-13, which targets drivers and conductors of school transport. It exhorts them to abide by the traffic rules and regulations and maintain the safety of students by ensuring that school buses are safely parked at the pick-up and drop-off points of students, and that no bus will move unless it is absolutely verified that all students have moved from the dangerous spots around the bus.More

Dallas County school bus drivers complain of poor maintenance
VideoBrief Dallas County Schools is not a school system — it's a bus line, paid for by a special tax for Dallas County property owners. And in the county, 14 independent school districts use DCS to provide a transportation system for their school children. For months, News 8 Investigates has been looking at how the buses are maintained, how they're driven and how the system is managed. Some bus drivers say the system and its buses are in bad need of repair.More

Firefighters go back to school to learn ins and outs of buses
The Mirror
Fire departments from across southern Leavenworth County in Kansas recently had a rare opportunity to practice extrication on decommissioned school buses. "It's not often you get to cut a school bus apart," said Tim Bowlin, Sherman Township firefighter. Schools allow fire departments to inspect buses to gain a better understanding of how they're built, Bowlin said, but seeing the interior structure, locating support beams and removing bolts is much more effective training.More

Distracted drivers plague nation's roadways
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Many people who encounter a car weaving wildly out of its lane, speeding up and slowing down randomly, veering into oncoming traffic or breezing through stop signs will immediately think "drunk driver." While drunk driving is an extremely dangerous hazard on American roadways, this behavior is just as easily associated with sober but distracted drivers — who can be just as dangerous as drivers who have had too much to drink. In fact, distracted driving is so out of hand that U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood called it "an epidemic."More

Washoe County school bus drivers prepare for winter
VideoBriefWashoe County school bus drivers are getting prepared for the winter season with a little competition. This is the second year of the Chain Championship at the school district's transportation yard north of Reno, N.V., on Doubleback Road. Drivers compete to be the best and fastest at getting chains on their busses' tires. "This just kind of lightens it up and makes sure we're getting what we need to be done. Having our gear ready, having the chains properly installed and all that," says bus driver Kimberly Thompson.More

Gasoline prices post biggest fall in nearly 4 years
Chicago Tribune
The average U.S. price for a gallon of regular gasoline took its biggest drop since 2008 in the past two weeks, due to lower crude oil prices, a big price drop in pump prices in California and Hurricane Sandy, according to a widely followed survey recently released. More

Districts make sure drivers buckle up
A recent investigation into seat belt use among bus drivers showed a disturbing trend: a growing number of drivers who aren't buckled up behind the wheel. But, it was also found that some local schools districts that are taking a unique step to make sure drivers are buckled up. It's a simple change in color that's making all the difference.More

Study: Being bullied can cause PTSD in children
Medical Xpress
Problems caused by bullying do not necessarily cease when the abuse stops. Recent research at the University of Stavanger and Bergen's Center for Crisis Psychology in Norway shows that victims may need long-term support. More

Arkansas school district works with police to increase crosswalk safety
VideoBriefThe Bentonville School District is working with police and city officials to increase safety measures after two students were hit while crossing the street during school hours. "That's the most positive thing that's happened from two really bad situations is that people are talking about safety," said Bentonville Schools Superintendent Michael Poore.More

10 tips to help your teen stop texting and driving
The Car Connection
Texting while driving is considered the most distracting driver behavior, increasing crash risk by 2,300 percent. Yet it is also one of the most difficult behaviors to curtail, especially among young, first-time drivers. As parents, there are some things that you can and should do to help your teen be a safer and more responsible driver. Take note of the following 10 tips to help your teen stop texting and driving. More