NAPT MultiView News Brief
Nov. 24, 2009

Obama Administration to Seek Seat Belts in Motorcoaches
USA Today
The Obama administration said it will propose long-sought safety requirements for long-distance buses, including seat belts and stronger roof standards.More

AirTran Airways Putting Ads on Bottom of Seatback Tray Tables, Giving Passengers an Eyeful
Yahoo! Finance
It soon will be harder to avoid advertising if you fly on one major carrier. AirTran Airways is installing ads on the bottom of seat-back tray tables on all its planes.More


Researchers Demonstrate Next-Generation Bus
Center for Transportation Studies Report
The next generation of Twin Cities transit took center stage at the 2009 ITS Minnesota Fall Forum, as Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory (IV Lab) director Craig Shankwitz presented a driver-assistive system for buses operating on bus-only shoulders and bus lanes. The IV Lab is part of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute, which is housed at Center for Transportation Studies.More

Errors on U.S. Government Web Site Make It Difficult to Track Stimulus Money
The Dallas Morning News
When Barbara Harrison, director of the housing authority in Burkburnett, Texas, recently filled out a form to report a $99,664 federal stimulus award, she didn't know the number for her local congressional district. She doesn't remember what she listed, and now, the grant shows up on a federal Web site as District 00 – which doesn't exist.More

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Launches Critical Infrastructure Web Site
Government Security News
At the first of a series of recent roundtable meetings with private sector leaders to discuss critical infrastructure security, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano unveiled a new Web site designed to inform the public about critical infrastructure protection, readiness and resiliency efforts. More

Report Examines Texting and Other Distractions by Teen Motorists
The AASHTO Journal
A large number of U.S. teenagers text while they drive, according to a report released Monday by the Washington-based Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. More

Board Bans Texting For School Bus Drivers
Between keeping one eye on the road and the other on the kids in the back, school bus drivers don't need any added distractions. With that in mind, Miami-Dade County's school board voted to impose a ban on cell phone calls and texting behind the wheel. The ban extends beyond school bus drivers to include any employee driving a school district vehicle.More

Half of U.S. Teens Say They've Used a Cell Phone While Driving
USA Today
About half of teens ages 16 and 17 who have cellphones say they have talked on the phone while driving, and about a third of those teens have texted while behind the wheel.More

NTSB Chairman Laments 'If It Scares, It Airs' Mentality
CBS News
In a speech to the National Press Club in Washington, DC, Deborah Hersman, a five-year veteran of the NTSB, offered some keen insights into how the Board deals with the media and how the media covers the plane crashes and other major transportation accidents that her agency is charged with investigating.More

Students May Face an Uphill Climb
The Washington Post
Almost everyone has a grandparent who claims to have walked two miles to school every morning. Uphill. In the snow. Etc. In Fairfax County, it could soon be your 12-year-old trudging to school.More

Homeless Students in Brevard Get Aid
Florida Today
The number of Brevard Public Schools students without a permanent place to call home more than doubled this year, reaching an all-time high for the district and signaling deeper economic troubles for the county.More