NAPT MultiView News Brief
Dec. 27, 2011

Survey confirms number of illegal passes of school buses is 'alarming'
National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services
From July 12, 2011: At the opening session of the Southeastern States Pupil Transportation Conference, NASDPTS president Mike Simmons released the results of the state directors' national survey on illegal passing of school buses. In 28 states, school bus drivers recorded in a one-day snapshot how many times other motorists passed their school buses illegally while the buses were stopped displaying their flashing red lights and stop arms.More

Parents speak out on bullying after son's death
CBS News
From Sept. 20, 2011:VideoBrief The Obama administration is holding its third summit on bullying this week in Washington, D.C. It's a huge problem for American children. By one estimate, as many as 160,000 students stay home on any given day because they're afraid of bullies. In January in Monroe, N.Y., a 14-year-old victim took his own life. And now his parents are fighting back.More

Why your child's school bus has no seat belts
From Jan. 4, 2011: Ashley Brown, 16, and Alicia Bonura, 18, both of Beaumont, Texas, died March 29, 2006. They were on a bus carrying their West Brook High School soccer team when it overturned near Devers, Texas, on its way to a playoff game in Humble. Steve Forman's daughter Allison was among 21 other team members who were injured. Steve Forman and Brad Brown, Ashley's father, are convinced that things would have been very different if only the bus had been equipped with seat belts.More

Local driving instructor challenges McDonald's commercial
Twin Falls Times-News
From Jan. 11, 2011: While McDonald's restaurants get plenty of attention for their food — "Billions and billions served" — a recent commercial made a local driver's education teacher take notice. Debbie Cottenware has taught the finer details of driving to students in three states for the past 23 years. She's watched as young high school students learned to drive on ice and parallel park in tight spots. She also has had a front seat to many driving trends of the past two decades, including a decided shift away from the advice most drivers older than 20 were given.More

Fighting distracted driving: Technology can be part of the solution
Consumer Reports
From Oct. 25, 2011: While distracted driving education and laws are some attempts to curb the dangerous behavior of texting and driving, another way is through the use of technology that cuts off the temptation.More

Bullying tied to sleep problems
Medpage Today
From June 7, 2011: Aggressive schoolchildren appear to be more likely to have sleep-disordered breathing than their more mild-mannered counterparts, a cross-sectional study showed. Conduct problems, parent-reported bullying and school disciplinary problems all were associated with higher scores on a measure of sleep-related breathing disorders, according to Louise O'Brien, Ph.D., of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and colleagues.More

Virginia considers criminalizing bullying
From Jan. 11, 2011: Following a national uptick in awareness of the detrimental effects of bullying, especially on LGBT youth, Virginia is considering making bullying a crime. Arlington/Alexandria Delegate Adam Ebbin proposed to make extreme cases of bullying a class-one misdemeanor — punishable by up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine. On top of that, the legislation would allow the victims to sue their bullies.More

Blue Bird recalls 3,900 school buses for fire hazard
Wheels via The New York Times
From April 12, 2011: The Blue Bird Corporation has told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that 3,900 of its school buses have a fire hazard. The model being recalled is the 2004-6 Vision, according to a report the company recently filed with the safety agency.More

Pay-as-you-go school buses in Texas
From Oct. 25, 2011: A Texas school district says it has approved a pay-to-ride bus plan for students whose bus routes had been eliminated this year as a cost-saving measure. The plan approved by the Judson Independent School District in San Antonio, on Oct. 19, will give more families access to school buses in exchange for footing the bill, the San Antonio Express-News reported.More

Rosa Parks on the school bus
The Washington Post
From Feb. 1, 2011: Recently, 40-year-old Ohio mother Kelley Williams-Bolar was released after serving nine days in jail on a felony conviction for tampering with records. Williams-Bolar's offense? Lying about her address so her two daughters, zoned to the Akron city schools, could attend better schools in the neighboring Copley-Fairlawn district.More