NAPT MultiView News Brief
Dec. 27, 2013

NAPT's 40th Annual Summit in Kansas City, Missouri, Nov. 8-11, 2014

Friday, Nov. 7 – Pre-Con Activities
NAPT Board Meeting

Saturday, Nov. 8
Opening General Sessions, Headliners & Spinoffs
America's Best Skills Competition featuring Technicians, Inspectors, Routers/Schedulers, Dispatchers & Trainers
NAPT PDS incl. SNT 101 & 105
Peer-to-Peer Networking Event

Sunday, Nov. 9
General Sessions, Headliners & Spinoffs
Joint Industry Session
America's Best Skills Competition featuring Technicians, Inspectors, Routers/Schedulers, Dispatchers & Trainers
NAPT PDS incl. SNT 103
Issue-Focused Networking Event

Monday, Nov. 10
General Sessions, Headliners & Spinoffs
Joint Industry Session
America's Best Skills Competition - General Sessions, Round Table & Review
NAPT PDS incl. SNT 106
Geographically-Based Networking Event

Tuesday, Nov. 11
Headliners & Spinoffs
Trade Show (SNT 104)
Annual Awards & Networking Event

PLEASE NOTE NEW FORMAT CHANGES THIS YEAR: The 40th anniversary Summit features a one-day Trade Show, the America's Best Competition and specialized professional development training throughout the week. Call us at 800-989-6278 or visit our website at for more information. More

Outdated phone rule left up to airlines
The Associated Press via Yahoo News
Phone calls on planes have been banned the past 22 year due to fear of interference with cellular networks on the ground. Since then, those concerns have been resolved thanks to technological advances. Now, as one part of the government looks to rescind the rule, another group wants to move forward with its own restrictions.

Click here to read FCC's statements.

Click here to read statement from U.S. DOT Secretary.More

Why we absolutely need education technology
eSchool News
Ed-tech remains critical to K-12 education, especially when it comes to student success and engagement. A survey of public school teachers and administrators sheds light on why and how ed-tech implementation isn't reaching its full potential. Ed-tech increases student engagement in learning, and 96 percent of surveyed teachers agree with this. When students are engaged in their learning, they learn more naturally and willingly, meaning that lessons have a real impact.More

Survey examines school safety changes since Newtown
Here & Now
In the year since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, are students any safer? A new survey conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health takes a closer look at school safety nationwide.More

Cyber bullying: Teens speak out
The Huffington Post
Is bullying getting worse? Studies show that more children and parents are reporting bullying, but even more concerning is higher rates of children surveyed anonymously say they don't report bullying. The most concerning trend is that children involved in bullying are more likely than ever to commit suicide. Children are, as a group, probably no meaner now than in generations past. So what is the problem? Access.More

Therapy dogs help Idaho students after fatal school bus crash
The Idaho Statesman via Twin Falls Times-News
One of the immediate challenges facing Kuna School District officials after a recent fatal crash was getting students back on district buses. "There was a lot of resistance" from nervous children, said Melanie DeLashmutt, the district's human resources director. During the first two days of class this past week, the district arranged for teams of therapy dogs and handlers to visit Crimson Point's sixth-grade classrooms to help grieving students. "A lot of the kids had been sad, and there's no way you can be sad around a dog," said handler Julie Bender of Nampa, a member of Therapy Dog Inc. "It begins the healing process." More

Study explores science behind distracted driving
NECN and NBC News
Distracted driving is a dangerous habit thousands of Americans do every day. Dr. Manbir Sodhi, with the help of his engineering students at URI, has been studying distracted driving for years. The equipment used to track distracted driving is more high tech than when he started his research in 1999. The engineering students at URI can track distracted driving in a blink of an eye. "The effects of distractions to some extent are your range of eye movements become much narrower," said Dr. Sodhi. More

4 ways to end 2013 on a high note
American Express OPEN Forum
Suddenly, we are back in the holiday-season mode and getting ready to say hello to another new year. But before we break into cacophonous versions of "Auld Lang Syne," let's make sure we finish strong in 2013.More

Report: Nearly 1 in 10 K-12 teachers, students worldwide will own a mobile device by 2017
THE Journal
Nearly 10 percent of all K-12 teachers and students will have a mobile device by 2017, according to a new report from Futuresource Consulting. In 2012, just three percent of K-12 teachers and students owned mobile devices, according to the company.More

Study: Adults more likely to text, use phones while driving than teens
CBS News
Teenagers aren't the only ones that could use a lecture about texting while driving. New research shows more adults use their phones while driving than teens.More

Alabama DOE open to considering school bus fees for city districts
The Alabama Department of Education is open to considering the idea that city school districts can charge students fees to ride a bus to and from school, the No. 2 official in the department said. However, both state and federal officials said they have concerns about school bus fees and whether they would adversely impact lower-income or minority students. Historically, state education officials have taken the position that school bus fees were prohibited for regular transportation to and from school.More

16 percent of teens consider suicide before graduation ... this quest is for them
The Washington Post
Developers at Pixelberry didn't know what to do when a player sent a message to the help line for their iOS game High School Story to say that she was contemplating taking her own life. "We were scared that we were going to say the wrong thing," said Oliver Miao, chief executive and c0-founder of Pixelberry. After calling the National Suicide Helpline for advice, the developers at Pixelberry kept the lines of communication open with the player for a week, telling her to seek professional help but also letting her know that they were listening. At the end of the week, the player said she would get professional help and told developers that the game was the reason she was still alive.More