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Jun. 4, 2014

How to digitally market to millennials
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Every industry is constantly evolving with each new technology, and soon it will be out with the old and in with the new. The way we learn, talk and tackle tasks is all going to change in the next few years. Wondering what's driving this shift in how we operate? Some 24 percent of the current population is a millennial. Yes, we're talking about the tech-savvy, impatient, coddled, creative 18-36-year-olds. Below is a snap-shot of who the millennials are, why they're driving digital marketing, and a few tips on how your business can make this trend work for you.More

Congratulations to NARI's new certifieds
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
Ninety-three people received a NARI certification during the May certification test dates. If you’re interested in pursuing a NARI certification, the next exam dates are Aug. 29 and 30 or Sept. 5 or 6. Visit NARI's certification page to learn more about when prep courses start and what qualifications are required for each certification. Upcoming prep courses include: High-Performance Remodeling (starts June 4), Certified Remodeling Project Manager (starts June 25) and Universal Design Certified Professional (starts July 8). NARI’s certifications reward you for your knowledge, not your attendance. Congratulations to all the new certified people—your hard work is to be commended.More

How does a mechanic's lien work?
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
This month’s Legal Corner takes a close look at what information must be in a mechanic’s lien, as well as when a mechanic’s lien must be presented to a homeowner, in order for it to offer your company valid protection. Because many of these items are state-specific, this article includes a list of each state with a link to the relevant information on mechanic’s liens.More

OSHA has tips to beat hot weather
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
As the temperatures rise and summer finally arrives, don’t forget to check out OSHA’s guide to preventing heat-related illnesses. Some tips include:

To use OSHA's resource material and toolkits, visit the heat-related illnesses section of its website. More

Learn how to Houzz with Tampa Bay
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
Join Tampa Bay Area NARI Thurs., June 19 as they learn “Houzz How To” from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at Bascom’s Chophouse. For home professionals, technology tools extend far beyond space planning and drafting. Today, technology is used to communicate more effectively with clients, tell engaging stories about you and your portfolio of work and market your business with scale and efficiency, in the office or on the go. During this session, discover how you can harness Houzz and integrated technologies to do just this—improve business efficiency, reach new prospective clients and streamline communications. In this session, you will learn to discover ways to streamline communication with clients throughout a project, how to build a compelling online presence and understand how to measure the effectiveness of these activities. Don’t forget to bring pen and paper to take notes. This meeting is complimentary for NARI members and first-time guests. Non-members are $35. To find out more information and register, visit the chapter's website.More

NARI Atlanta provides HR advice in June
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
Join NARI Atlanta Tues., June 10 as they learn about human resource issues from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Viking Showroom in Atlanta. Topics covered include Do’s and Don’ts of 1099 vs. W2, FLSA, EEOC best practices, hiring and firing and FMLA. The cost for NARI members to attend is $25; non-members are $40. First-time guests are free. To find out more information and to register, visit the chapter's website.More

Learn to use social media with San Francisco Bay Area chapter
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
San Francisco Bay Area NARI will learn “Your Business and the New Media Roadmap” during its Wed., June 11 meeting. Mark English, AIA, CEPE, will share how your business can benefit from using social media. The meeting will take place at Poliform San Francisco, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. The cost for NARI members to attend is $30 if you register before June 9. Non-member guests are $55, and first-time guests are free. Remember, if you’re a season pass holder, this meeting is already covered. To find out more information and to register, please visit the chapter’s website.More

How mobile technology saves businesses billions
Business 2 Community
A staggering 94 percent of small businesses are using smartphones and other devices to conduct their business. These businesses haven't just jumped on a trend. Switching to smartphones are saving businesses to the tune of the billions every year. According to a survey done by AT&T and the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, over the past year small businesses have saved $67.5 billion by using mobile apps, tablets, smartphones and other devices to conduct their every day business.More

How to protect your small business tech
Antivirus software hasn't been the saving grace for some time now, yet many small business owners think it is. As long as their antivirus software is up to date they assume they are in the clear. Not so. Unfortunately the business of hacking has changed dramatically, putting small businesses in serious risk if they only rely on antivirus software.More

What should you consider when moving to an electronic filing system?
By Debbie Hatke
Electronic communication and record-keeping are great ways to save space and allow quick access to files, but it takes some effort to get the systems set up properly and to convert paper to e-files. In considering what type of system will work best for your organization, there are many items that must be kept in mind during the transition. The following preimplementation checklist will help to reduce potential risks associated with electronic record-keeping systems.More

Remodeling likely to trump selling in 2014
Cautiously confident. That's the general feeling of the nearly 200,000 registered Houzz users who participated in a recent survey about residential remodeling, building and decorating activity. Fifty-three percent of U.S. homeowners say they will remodel in the next one to two years, to increase the value of their home, even though they have no plans of moving in the next five years.More

Housing indicators arrange room to do more remodeling
Investor's Business Daily
The stars have aligned in favor of a warm economic climate for home remodeling. An improved jobs picture, rising home values and calls for a pickup in economic growth are among the confidence boosters experts see driving bright prospects for remodeling spending this year. "The macroeconomic environment is positive for remodeling," said Celia Chen, a senior director covering the housing industry for Moody's Analytics. More

Effective marketing strategies for small businesses
Business 2 Community
We live in a world where attention is equal to currency and this makes attracting ears and eyes of your target audience a difficult affair. You are not only up against your direct competitors; there are many websites and larger companies all looking for attention to increase their sales. Though you will be competing for the same market with a lot of other businesses you need not spend a fortune to make a difference. More

Grow your business by reaching Hispanic customers
Small business optimism is running high these days, but the news that the U.S. economy contracted in the first quarter is a good reminder of how important it is for every entrepreneur to get in front of economic trends. That means identifying and focusing on pockets of growth. One potential source of new customers is the country's fast-growing Hispanic population.More

Selling complexity through stories
Sales & Marketing Management
How can you persuade someone to buy your complex product when 90 percent of your presentation is forgotten within 72-hours? The short answer is you don't. Unless you dramatically change how you engage with customers, they won't understand why they should buy your complex product, because of the limitation of our short-term working memory.More

7 ingredients your small business growth plan needs to succeed
The Huffington Post
You're ready to grow your small business. Now what? You need a plan — a focused, disciplined plan — one you can readily execute to achieve your goal for growth. To make sure your small business growth plan is well thought out and has the best possible chance of success, you want to be sure you consider these ingredients.More

Small businesses make their Instagram photos worth a thousand likes
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but these days your picture can be worth thousands of dollars. That is, with the right filter, angle and caption. Instagram has changed the way we take and view pictures. It's how we brand ourselves to the world. It's how we cultivate our artistic skills. It's our best sales tool, our art dealer, our travel agent and our shopping mall, all in the palm of our hands.More

Waiting game: Why small businesses won't hire
The Associated Press via USA Today
Even as the economy extends its growth and small businesses slowly add jobs, most owners are still holding off on hiring. Many owners have no plans to add to their payrolls, according to recent surveys. The most optimistic reading came from a Bank of America survey, which found that 52 percent of owners plan to hire over the next 12 months. More