Self-Employed OutFront Weekly
Jan. 6, 2015

The paradoxes of successful business growth
One of the greatest professional accomplishments is to start a business and grow it. But unlike a species of plant or animal, a business is not genetically preordained as to how big it will get. For a small business, that decision is made by the owners with answers to these three questions:

  1. Do I want my business to keep growing?
  2. How big do I want my business to be?
  3. How fast do I want to get to that size?

IRS cautions preparers about Schedule C mistakes
Accounting Today
The Internal Revenue Service reportedly sent over 2,500 letters last month to tax preparers warning about potential errors that the IRS spotted on the Schedule C they filed for their sole proprietor business clients.More

10 myths about self employment
LinkedIn via Pulse
I figured it would be nice to write something about the realities of self-employment. Since there are so many myths about self-employment (especially among lifelong employees), a good place to start would be to dispel some of those myths about self employment.More

Stop using these words in your emails
Do you know how you sound in emails? Without the benefit of being able to hear people's vocal inflections or see their faces, it can be challenging to interpret how the person on the other end of an email is feeling. Emoticons and exclamation points can only take you so far (especially in a business email), and in fact, sometimes formal business language can start to sound, well, negative without context.More

10 on-page SEO tips to use in 2015
Business 2 Community
Search engine optimization has significantly changed in recent years much to the amiss of Google's guidelines. As you move into 2015 and look to grow your website's organic traffic, what will be most important for you to use for on-page SEO? Here's a list of on-page SEO techniques that you are probably already using but are still important in 2015 and also some newer developments in SEO that you should consider in your strategy. More

Public relations tips and tricks for your business
Creating an efficient PR and marketing plan is a cornerstone to building up your organization's success. Marketing and PR, unfortunately, sometimes can be costly, particularly if you're running a lean operation and just starting out.More

5 email habits of highly productive people via The Huffington Post
Ping! Check email. Ping. Check email again. Ping. Check. Ping. Check. Ping. Check. If you're like most people who sit in front of a computer all day, this probably sounds like you: When you're not currently replying to an email, you're looking to see if you have any new ones. Then when something new does come in, you read it, debate how to respond, then deem it too time-consuming for the moment.More