Self-Employed OutFront Weekly
Apr. 28, 2015

Small businesses still lagging on retirement planning
Soon-to-be retirees and even middle-aged workers are all too commonly playing catch-up on their retirement accounts, and still more are neglecting to build comprehensive, sustainable plans for their golden years. And while plenty of workers are finally grasping the growing need to save, invest and plan for long retirements, small businesses are still lagging behind.More

Reasons why a refurbished computer might be the best option for you
Staples Business Hub
From adding a new workspace to your office to upgrading a system that's seen better days, businesses have many reasons for buying a new computer. But how do you rationalize buying a not-so-new computer? Refurbished laptop and desktop computers can be a great alternative to paying a premium for brand new, top-of-the-line systems.More

8 steps to social selling
Small Business Trends
You've built up your Facebook likes and Twitter followers. You've been circled on Google+ and you've got people following your pin boards on Pinterest. You're building relationships and engaging on social media, and you’re thinking it may be time to take it to the next level.More

Is it ever OK to finance a startup with home equity?
FOX Business
Who are the big idea innovators in the startup world these days? Is it the fearless 20-year olds? Not so much. Actually, the majority of new business owners are innovators who are over the age of 40. More

13 WordPress plugins small business owners should focus on
Small Business Trends
Are you getting the most from your business's WordPress site? Thousands of small businesses rely on the WordPress platform for their site design and content organization. But beyond the standard layouts and themes, WordPress plugins give your site added customization.More

5 strategies for entrepreneurs to improve sales
If you've just started a business, you need sales, right? Trouble is, you may not be sure how to put together a sales approach. And, the truth is, there is no magic formula for sending your sales through the roof. So, stop looking.More

How this founder's love of doodling sparked a $15 million business
Unemployed and adventurous, Aaron Firestein moved to Argentina after graduating from college to study Spanish and volunteer with L.I.F.E. Argentina, a nonprofit that serves kids living in extreme poverty. That's where he met Raaja Nemani, who had recently quit a job in finance to travel the world for a year. He and Firestein wound up at the same organization.More

Is a degree in entrepreneurship worth it?
Murray Newlands, founder of Influence People, a marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs to succeed online, writes: Over the past three years I have been teaching Entrepreneurship at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I see 100 new students come through my class each year, and almost all of them ask me if getting a degree is worth it. The answer is that it really depends on you. More

5 habits of creative people
Fast Company
There is no secret trick to becoming more creative, but the good news is creativity is a skill you can build. That means that you can become more creative with the right time and effort. Whenever you are picking up a new skill, though, it is good to find role models who have the abilities you want and to follow their lead.More