Self-Employed OutFront Weekly
May. 28, 2013

New mortgage lending rule intended to protect borrowers may hurt self-employed
Beginning in January 2014, a new mortgage lending rule — the Ability-to-Repay rule — and as part of it, the qualified mortgage criteria, will go into effect. While the rule, which was issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, is intended to protect borrowers and the real estate market from another delinquency and foreclosure fiasco like the 2008 housing collapse, it may inadvertently cause headaches for the self-employed, including day traders.More

Timing is everything when tax planning for your small business
Fox Business
When it comes to tax planning for your business the timing of taxable events and transactions are crucial. The following are examples that will help you determine how best to handle your finances with an eye to the bottom line and the tax repercussions.More

Making your home office work for you
The idea of working from home is very appealing to many workers. No commute, a fully stocked kitchen any time you want, a private bathroom and no dress code. Despite these seemingly "too good to be true" perks, establishing, maintaining and working from a home office can have its challenges. More

6 ways Google is about to transform your small business
Want proof of how Google will be transforming your small business? Just take a look at the announcements from the most recent I/O conference. There are at least six new initiatives that will benefit many small businesses over the next few years. So get ready.More

Half of small businesses unhappy with domain name
Has your small business been stuck with some lame Web domain name because someone has already staked a claim? It definitely isn't alone, according to a new national survey by Wakefield Research conducted on behalf of the organization behind the ".co" moniker. Many entrepreneurs and startups are missing out on search and social media traffic because they failed to protect their Web address alternatives. More

A simple follow-up system to create more profit in your business
By Sydni Craig-Hart
How many times have you attended a networking event, had a number of great conversations with ideal prospects, collected a bunch of business cards and never followed up? Perhaps more times than you'd care to admit. You likely missed out on a number of key opportunities to deepen connections that could lead to an increase in revenue, a joint venture or more visibility for your business. You can make the decision today to commit to implementing a system to follow up on all leads, so you don't miss out on any future opportunities. More

The overblown Obamacare myth about small business
CNN Money
It's been uttered by every opponent of health care reform: Obamacare will kill small businesses. But the new law's rules don't apply to the vast majority of small businesses. The employer mandate, which forces firms to start providing insurance in 2014, pertains only to companies with at least 50 full-time workers. That's a tiny fraction of small businesses. Why so much focus on so few firms?More

How to master self-employment
The Telegraph
Self-employment can have its downsides but thousands of people are finding it a viable alternative despite tough economic conditions. Even if you have great experience, or a brilliant idea, getting the finances right at the beginning could be the difference between success and failure. These tips should help you to get started.More

Small business driving Denver's economic rebound
The Denver Post
Denver's economy continues to gain traction, with some of the strongest population, employment and home price gains in the country, said Jeff Romine, chief economist with the Denver Office of Economic Development. Denver added 12,250 new jobs last year, and 1,000 new businesses formed. The city's unemployment rate, now at 7.3 percent, is down from 9.2 percent in 2011. More

Marketing and advertising basics for the small-business owner
One of the most important aspects of any successful business is the ability to understand the value of marketing and advertising and how it can impact your bottom line. In real estate, they say the three most important words are location, location, location. Well, in business it's market, market, market. Here are a few basics to remember.More