Range of Motion
Dec. 20, 2010

Renew Now and Extend CEU Bucks!
If you still have CEU Bucks remaining for 2010, don't rush to use all of them. Instead, renew your 2011 membership before Dec. 31 at 11:59 p.m., and use your 2010 CEU Bucks through the end of January. Less than two weeks remain to take advantage of this offer.More

Career Development Experiences Available to Members
Last week, NATA announced a new program called Career Development Experiences. Athletic trainers can sign up to learn about one of the emerging settings and be matched with a company that has agreed up to become a host site. The company gets the benefit of an athletic trainer's unique skills, and the AT learns if a non-traditional setting would be a good career move. Turn to page 26 in this month's NATA News, and find out how to participate.More

Get the Best Hotel in New Orleans
Hotels for the 62nd Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposia in New Orleans are steadily filling up. Get your preferred hotel by booking now! Check our Annual Meeting microsite for programming updates on a regular basis.More

CUATC Awards Deadline Pushed Back
This years' nomination deadline for CUATC awards has been extended to Jan. 31. Eight ATs in the college and university setting are presented with the awards at the Annual Meeting. Categories include: Head Athletic Trainer - NCAA Division 1; Head Athletic Trainer - NCAA Division 2; Head Athletic Trainer - NCAA Division 3; Head Athletic Trainer – NAIA; Head Athletic Trainer - Junior College/Community College; Assistant Athletic Trainer of Year; Above and Beyond Award and New Horizon Award.More

Countdown to Capitol Hill Day, ATEC and iLEAD
Less than 10 weeks remain until Capitol Hill Day, ATEC and iLead, which are collectively known as ELA: Educate, Lead, Advocate. Reserve your hotel room early for the events scheduled Feb. 24-28 in Washington, D.C. The profession needs a strong voice on Capitol Hill! Plus, educators can get a first look at the new Competencies during ATEC, and students can network with the top brass at iLEAD.More

Take the Stage at World Summit
Athletic trainers are encouraged to submit abstracts for the Athletic Care and Interdisciplinary Sports Medicine World Summit, July 28-30, 2011, in Germany. Abstracts are due Jan. 31! Help represent athletic training on a global platform.More

Family Medical Conditions Force Athletic
Training Couple to Bring Their Work Home

Training & Conditioning
Most medical professionals try to avoid bringing their work home with them. But for Cliff Chulada, MS, LAT, ATC, CAPE, Athletic Trainer at Bow (N.H.) High School, and his wife Debbie Chulada, RD, LD, a Clinical Dietitian at Merrimack County Nursing Home in Boscawen, N.H., that has not been possible. When very different — but very serious — medical situations afflicted their teenage daughters, their family lives and careers came crashing into one another.More

NFL Concussion Reports Up This Season
The Associated Press via NPR
If it seems as though more and more NFL players are missing time because of concussions, it's because they are: According to league data obtained by The Associated Press, the number of concussions being reported this season is up more than 20 percent from 2009, and more than 30 percent from 2008.More

Retired NFL Players Lend Support to Student-Athlete Injury Bill
the Los Angeles Times
The NFL is lending its public relations muscle to a proposal that would require California student athletes who leave a game after a head injury to get written medical clearance before returning to the field or court. Retired players, including Raiders legends Jim Otto and Fred Biletnikoff and San Francisco 49ers Pro Bowl players Keena Turner and Eric Davis, recounted their own experiences last week to support the measure in Sacramento.More

Do Energy Drinks Improve Athletic Performance?
The New York Times
Four Loko, the alcohol-and-caffeine-laced energy drink, is scheduled to be removed from store shelves nationwide, following a ruling last month by the Food and Drug Administration that the safety of such beverages is unproven and that they should no longer be manufactured or sold. During the resulting media coverage, surprisingly little attention was focused on a corollary topic. What about nonalcoholic energy drinks, which will remain on sale? Are they safe? Effective? Who should be drinking them? Who shouldn't?More

The Benefits of Exercising Before Breakfast
The New York Times
A new study published in The Journal of Physiology suggests a more reliable and far simpler response to holiday overindulgence. Run or bicycle before breakfast. Exercising in the morning, before eating, the study results show, seems to significantly lessen the ill effects of holiday Bacchanalias.More

Move More, Gain Less Weight With Age
Keep moving as a young adult and you will likely lessen the dreaded middle-age spread, according to a new study that focused on physical activity and weight gain over time. Young adults who maintained a high level of physical activity gained less weight in middle age, found researcher Arlene Hankinson, M.D., an instructor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.More