NDA Newsletter
Jan. 16, 2015

Speak Up! & Listen Up!: Two Simple Processes to Improve Safety Culture
February 5, 2014
1:00 PM EST
$35 for members, $50 for non-members

Too many employees withhold their safety concerns because they’re afraid of the consequences of speaking up and many of us misconstrue concern as criticism. Speak Up! and Listen Up! prepare both parties, the messenger and the receiver, to handle safety-related feedback respectfully and work together to develop solutions. Don’t let another safety contact end badly; too much is at stake. More

Register now for the NDA Demolition Convention and Expo!
March 21-24, 2015
Nashville, Tennessee

Demolition is a competitive, high-stakes business. Success requires results: heightened asset performance; increased ROI; profitability and efficiency at every level. Achieving those results takes innovation, know-how and new information to stay ahead of the curve. Demolition professionals who are serious about their success attend the industry’s most important event of the year to give themselves the advantage. You can, too. Make every effort to be here.

Register here. More

Now Accepting Applications to Join the Board
If you are interested in serving your association and would like to be considered for membership on the NDA Board of Directors, we are now accepting nominations. Please send your contact information and statement of interest to Cheryl Caulfield via ccaulfield@demolitionassociation.com or Don Rachel via drachel@rachelcontracting.com.More

Scholarship Submission Closes January 16
If you are submitting a scholarship application, please remember the deadline is Friday, January 16. This was an extension to the original submission date of January 9. Information and applications can be found via the website.More

10 top workplace trends for 2015
Each year, author Dan Schawbel makes his top ten workplace trend predictions for the coming year for Forbes magazine. Last year, health care headed the list. This year, it’s all about generational change and its overall effect on the workplace. Because so many of us in management are facing workplace issues that range from the growing skills gap to the use of automation and outsourcing, the author thought it was the perfect time, at the beginning of the year, to look at Schawbel’s predictions.More

CalRecycle approves changes to boost carpet recycling
Construction & Demolition Recycling
In a move expected to bolster carpet recycling in California, the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), Sacramento, has agreed to changes to the state’s carpet stewardship plan to boost funding for recycling efforts. Carpet America Recovery Effort, Dalton, Georgia, administers California’s carpet stewardship program, which was established following enactment of legislation in 2010.More

How to reposition customer price objections
For Construction Pros
For some of our readers, dealing with the sales side of construction is a daily challenge, especially when customers state objections to buying the services from the contractor. Sooner or later most contractors, who are not shy in their estimating and desirous of making some money, will hear some of the following objections in this article from customers at the point of sale. More

Simple steps to better leadership in the New Year
By Betty Boyd
We all make New Year resolutions in our personal life, but what about our professional life? Do leaders need to make resolutions? Being a leader should not necessarily entail resolutions, but rather establishing goals. Goal setting is providing a vision for an organization to follow. It is decisiveness — take action, and it will go a long way. So how does a leader come up with these goals? More

How to have fewer workplace injuries in 2015
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 3 million private-sector workers in America experienced a nonfatal serious injury or illness in 2013. While that is a daunting number, it does represent a decline. The government says it is especially good news in light of positive economic growth, which commonly leads to an increase in injuries.More

Scrap powered by electricity
Demolition & Recycling International
TSR Recycling GmbH & Co KG operates from 150 locations in Europe, Russia and China, and relies on making use of sustainable solutions, including where its handling machines are concerned. As a result, it has recently taken delivery of a 55 tonne Sennebogen E-series 835 crawler special, which it is using primarily for charging the scrap metal shear and loading rail cars and trucks. More