NDA Newsletter
May 13, 2011

Obama proclaims May National Building Safety Month
Architects' Guide to Glass & Metal
President Barack Obama proclaimed May as National Building Safety Month. "Building safety is a critical component of our homeland security, our personal and public safety, the protection of property and our economic well-being," Obama said. In his proclamation, the president also noted, "We need innovation and partnerships at all levels of society to develop transformative breakthroughs in building materials and construction techniques that strengthen the integrity of our homes, workplaces and commercial facilities."More

London's Olympic Stadium designed to be dismantled
Civil Engineering News
The construction of the main stadium in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics was essentially completed in late March, on time and under budget, according to an announcement from the Olympic Delivery Authority, the public organization charged with preparing the site and facilities for the upcoming games. The running track will not be installed until later this year so that certain work can be completed for the opening and closing ceremonies, notes Glyn Trippick, a project director for Buro Happold, U.K.-based international engineering firm that has been in charge of the structural and civil engineering of the stadium. More

Countries finding new ways to pay for disaster relief
Governments are looking for new ways to meet the spiraling costs of disaster relief, and the private sector is willing to get involved because of the new investment opportunities such schemes offer. Swiss Re said it has seen an increase in governments looking to transfer the risk of costly natural catastrophes to the private market via insurance-linked solutions and derivative instruments, rather than relying on one-off disaster levies for after the event. More

Recycled denim reborn as sustainable insulation
Journal of Commerce
The world's most produced textile is making headway in the construction industry, as a green, clean and effective insulation product. Old blue jeans are collected by textile recycling companies, which return the 100 percent cotton material back to its loose fiber form and resell it to insulation manufacturers. Arizona-based Bonded Logic is one of the first manufacturers of the product. More

Workplace deaths decrease dramatically in a Florida county, nationally
Florida Today
In 2009, three people died in workplace accidents in Brevard County, Fla. That was down from 15 just three years earlier. There have been similar decreases across Florida and the nation. Many experts credit the improvements to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the federal agency that oversees workplace safety, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this spring.More

10 tips on how to research your competition
Competitors. Whether you want to admit it or not, they're out there and they're hungry for your customers. While it might seem unfair given everything else you need to keep on top of in building up your business, you might want to consider devoting the time and energy into keeping tabs on your competition. "By monitoring competitors on an on-going basis you get to know their behavior and so can start to anticipate what they will be likely to do next," says Arthur Weiss, managing director of U.K.-based Aware, which helps businesses gain competitive intelligence. More

Decisions on damaged land delay rebuilding in New Zealand
Damage to land as well as property is complicating the insurance process for property-owners in and around earthquake-ravaged Christchurch, New Zealand. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and Earthquake Commission have begun a survey of damage to land resulting from the earthquakes. CERA aims to have all demolition work completed by June and the city center open to the public by Oct. 29.More

EPA awards grant to help reduce electronic scrap
Recycling Today
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a grant to the United Nations University to help reduce the pollution and health problems associated with exporting obsolete electronics to developing countries. The five-year, $2.5 million grant to UNU's Institute for Sustainability and Peace will help authorities track shipments of North American electronic scrap and provide support to nations in both Africa and Asia that are coping with electronic scrap imports.More

Memorial Stadium renovation progresses in California
World Interior Design Network
Work on the first phase of the $321 million renovation of the Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, Calif., is nearing completion. Demolition work is over with the second of the four steps, the rebuilding of the structure as well as installation of a press box due to be completed. Work is under way on the students' seating section in the eastern side, and recycled-aluminum seats from the old alumni area will be used to replace the splintered wooden student seats. More

Heavy construction spending increased in March
Reed Construction Data
Heavy construction spending increased 0.4 percent in March entirely due to power construction. Natural gas activity continues to expand. Alternative electricity generation is still expanding with federal subsidies but this funding source is now being cutback by Congress. The balance of the heavy market is trending steady to slightly down.More