NDA Newsletter
July 23, 2010

2011 Convention exhibitor contract expanded
In order to better define the responsibilities of the National Demolition Association and its exhibitors at the organization's 38th Annual Convention at The Mirage in Las Vegas, March 5-8, 2011, the NDA is improving its exhibitor contract. After reviewing similar documents used by other organizations the NDA has produced a contract that will clearly delineate the role of the Association as exhibit manager at its Annual Convention while defining terms and conditions that our exhibitor can rely on. Exhibit specifications, timelines and a new easier to understand rate schedule will be part of this improved contract. The NDA will be forwarding the 2011 Exhibitor Contract to our sponsors, previous exhibitors and Associate members in late August.More

Construction employment shows signs of 'stabilizing'
For Construction Pros
Construction employment edged closer to stabilizing in June, as half the states either added construction jobs or kept the same number as in May, the Associated General Contractors reported in an analysis of federal employment data. Compared to June 2009, construction employment rose in six states, the largest number of states to post year-over-year increases since October 2008.More

UK paper mill demolished
Demolition & Recycling International
Many industrial sites around the U.K. have reached the end of their useful life as processes evolve and new technologies make others redundant. The Arjo Wiggins paper mill in Dartford is just one example of one such installation that has fallen foul of changing times. Wiggins took the decision to demolish the site and sell the freed-up land on for redevelopment for residential use.More

Cash kickstarts repairs on historic estate in Canada
St. Catharines Standard
The historic Willowbank estate in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada is about to undergo emergency surgery. A new $100,000 federal grant announced will kick-start "urgent" structural repairs at the 176-year-old Queenston mansion, including the painstaking dismantling and rebuilding of two buckling stone walls.More

Global crude steel production jumps in June
Recycling Today
World crude steel production for the 66 countries reporting to the World Steel Association reached 119 million metric tons in June, an 18 percent increase from the figures the same time last year. For the first six months of the year, world crude steel production reached 706 million metric tons, 27.9 percent higher in comparison with the same period of 2009. More

Environmental Excellence Awards to be presented at 38th Annual Convention

The Environment Committee of the National Demolition Association has instituted an Environmental Excellence Awards program. This initiative is tied to the Association's Strategic Goal of being leaders in environmental stewardship. The aim of this program is to showcase the demolition industry's significant contributions to the betterment of the towns and cities of the U.S., Canada and beyond. The Environment Committee wants to honor environmental projects such as Superfund, Brownfields, facilities decontamination, asbestos, lead or PCB abatement, industrial recovery, unique recycling efforts or general civic improvement work performed by NDA members. The desire of this Awards program is to highlight the work NDA members have done to improve the quality of life of the locales where we live and work. The Awards will be presented at the 38th Annual Convention at The Mirage in Las Vegas in March of 2011 and covered in the May/June "Post-Convention" issue of Demolition magazine. Press Releases about these projects will also be circulated by the NDA to the construction, real estate and architectural media.More

New Hampshire historic building to convert into park
Nashua Telegraph
The historic Labine Building couldn't be saved. But from Nashua, N.H.'s viewpoint, at least it could be controlled. In a joint meeting, the Aldermen's Planning and Economic Development Committee and the Committee on Infrastructure endorsed the mayor's plan to demolish the fire-damaged remnants of the building at the intersection of Pine and Ledge streets and convert the property into a small park.More

Making strategic decisions in the construction industry
For Construction Pros
Strategy requires trade-offs. Trade-offs require risk. Risk requires strong leadership. The first element in the definition of strategy is "the intelligent allocation of limited resources." Inherently, strategy involves making decisions-primarily decisions about resource allocation. Strong leadership requires the good, old-fashioned guts to make decisions. More

List multi-state locations on the NDA Web site
Regular members of the National Demolition Association will now have the ability to be listed in all of the states where they provide demolition services. The Association's highly successful "Find a Contractor" map and search system used to list the headquarters location of every regular member. Now those potential clients searching the site for demolition services will be able to see every state where your firm works. For $100 per location, you can add additional listings to one of the most visited sections of the NDA's Web site, www.demolitionassociation.com. For more information or to add additional locations to our "Find a Contractor" map, contact NDA Headquarters at 1-800-541-2412. More

New look for docks
The News Tribune
People who haven't visited the Percival Landing boardwalk in downtown Olympia, Wash., lately have just a couple of weeks to say goodbye to a big chunk of it. Crews are set to demolish the south end of the boardwalk beginning in the middle of August, part of a $10.5 million revamp of the city's waterfront park, said Kip Summers, project engineer for the city.More

Asbestos removal, demolition activity continues at Memorial Coliseum
Mesothelioma News
Memorial Coliseum in Corpus Christi, Texas is coming down as scheduled. The asbestos materials inside have been stripped, and demolition is nearly complete. The seating inside the stadium was originally intended to be recycled or sold, but proved to have a high lead content. City officials decided to dispose of the seats at a hazardous materials landfill instead.More