NDA Newsletter
Aug. 23, 2013

The Business Owner to cease publication
For many years The Business Owner, a financial and tax planning bi-monthly newsletter has been a staple part of the NDA's Member Services. Unfortunately the publisher of The Business Owner has decided to concentrate on their consulting business and therefore will cease publication after the November/December 2013 issue. The NDA is looking for another similar bi-monthly publication to distribute to its members in the months when they don't receive Demolition magazine.More

2014 Exhibitor Contract available
The Exhibitor Contract for the NDA's 41st Annual Convention at The Mirage in Las Vegas — Feb. 22-25, 2014 — will appear in the Sept./Oct. issue of Demolition magazine and will soon be available online at www.demolitionassociation.com. The NDA's Annual Convention is the largest exposition of demolition equipment, products, and services in the world and will take place right before the EMA's ConExpo/ConAg exposition at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information about the NDA's 41st Annual Convention or exhibiting at the show, contact NDA Headquarters at 1-800-541-2412.More

'Harmonized' Hazard Communication program available
The Safety Committee of the National Demolition Association has completed work on the development of a 'harmonized' Hazard Communication program for the demolition industry. Disks containing the new program have been mailed to every regular and international member of the NDA along with an explanatory flier from OSHA about the new law. It is important to remember that the deadline for the initial training to acquaint all workers on the new labeling requirements and safety data sheet format is Dec. 1. This new law "harmonizes" the American Hazard Communication standard with the international standard for chemical labeling and safety. A "searchable" version of the harmonized standard for the demolition industry, which includes 30 safety data sheets for chemicals typically found on demolition project sites will be available at www.demolitionassociation.com shortly. More

Win a trip to Hawaii for two!
We are excited to announce the new ratings and reviews feature on the NDA buyer's guide. Now you have the opportunity to share your experiences with a company's products or services with your peers in the industry. Please visit the NDA buyer's guide, search by company name and write a review to be entered for a chance to win airfare and seven nights at a luxury resort in Hawaii!More

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Construction notices: Everything you need to know
By Scott Wolfe
Construction notices are frequently misunderstood, but should be a critical administrative step for every subcontractor or material supplier. They go by a thousand names, and that is the primary source of confusion about these documents in the industry.More

California investigates botched demolition in Bakersfield
The Fresno Bee
Two California agencies have opened investigations into the recent power plant implosion that seriously injured one man and hurt several others.More

NDA's Environmental Excellence Awards salutes projects in 7 US states and Canada
Projects cleaned up hundreds of contaminated acres of land in Nevada, aided in the redevelopment of a Michigan city, remediated a former paper mill site, recycled lumber into bio-fuel, and lead to the reuse of reclaimed materials in high-profile new construction sites.More

San Francisco-area building demolition fuels quake study
USA Today
Scientists monitored the impact as a 13-story building crashed to the ground Saturday in the hopes they could learn more about earthquakes. Researchers used the demolition of the largest building on the Cal State-East Bay campus in Hayward, Calif., as a natural experiment. The collapse created a small shock wave that they could measure across the region. More

Equipping a construction helmet with a sensor can detect the onset of carbon monoxide poisoning
Virginia Tech via ScienceDaily
Researchers have urged the use of a wearable computing system installed in a helmet to protect construction workers from carbon monoxide poisoning, a serious lethal threat in this industry. More

Your company's Obamacare game plan
If you are still struggling to understand the Affordable Care Act, relax. You have some extra time to figure out how to comply with it, thanks to the one-year reprieve the White House announced July 2. But that doesn't mean you should wait until next summer to start planning for the changes coming under the ACA, otherwise known as Obamacare.More

More than 370 Flint, Mich., homes set to be razed in $20 million project
Flint Journal
There are at least 370 houses targeted for demolition as part of the $20.1 million in federal funds awarded to the Genesee County Land Bank in Flint, Mich.More

Construction notices: Everything you need to know
By Scott Wolfe
Construction notices are frequently misunderstood, but should be a critical administrative step for every subcontractor or material supplier. They go by a thousand names, and that is the primary source of confusion about these documents in the industry. This article will help you better understand how construction notices work across the country and why they are important to your business.More

Hurricane Sandy task force urges better construction
USA Today
A special task force created after Hurricane Sandy recommends that new construction be built to withstand the force of increasingly dangerous storms, a deadly consequence of climate change. The Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force also urged hardening of existing infrastructure to ward off power failures and fuel shortages, and to maintain cellular service during future disasters.More

Green buildings could be half of US construction by 2016
Green building is growing fast in the U.S. and may represent more than half of all commercial and institutional construction as soon as 2016. A new report from the US Green Building Council, "LEED in Motion: People and Progress," details green building's exponential growth and outlines both the value of the industry and its reach into American lives.More

The future of the risk universe
By Dr. David Hillson
Where is the physical universe heading? While there is no doubt that the universe is currently expanding, scientists disagree about what might happen next. Will our universe continue to expand indefinitely, or will it reach a maximum and then collapse, or will it cycle between expansion and collapse? The universe of risk management has the same three possibilities.More

New approach assembles big structures from small interlocking pieces
MIT via ScienceDaily
MIT researchers have developed a lightweight structure whose tiny blocks can be snapped together much like the bricks of a child's construction toy. The new material, the researchers say, could revolutionize the assembly of airplanes, spacecraft and even larger structures, such as dikes and levees.More