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May. 7, 2015

High school multi-sport athletes dominate NFL Draft
Yahoo Sports
Of the 256 players selected in the recent NFL draft, 224 played multiple sports in high school, according to TrackingFootball.com. That's 88 percent, including No. 1 overall pick Jameis Winston and 27 other first-round picks. Only four first-round picks didn't play more than one sport. More than a third — 94 of the 256 — played three sports in high school.More

NHSCA Sports Hour looks ahead to National Duals, award announcements
Tune in to tonight's NHSCA Sports Hour with Jeff Fisher as he counts down to the 16th annual NHSCA National Duals in Virginia Beach, Virginia and the upcoming announcement of the National High School Coaches Association's National Coaches of the Year and National Senior Athletes of the Year. Listen at artistfirst.com/nhsca.htm.More

Rival Chicago basketball players unite against gun violence
Chicago Tribune
For a few hours on a recent Thursday, basketball players from about 16 Chicago high schools set aside their on-court rivalries and for the first time just mingled. Some bumped fists and laughed, others exchanged stories of friends and teammates who were victims of gun violence. Nearly 100 players and their head coaches gathered at the gymnasium of East Garfield's Breakthrough FamilyPlex to strategize a game plan for fighting gun violence, which usually peaks in the summer.More

Most football concussions happen at practice
High school and college football players suffer more concussions during practices than during games, according to a new study. This is simply because there are more practices than games, said lead author Thomas P. Dompier of the Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention in Indianapolis, Indiana. When the number of concussions is divided by the number of field appearances, the concussion rate is actually higher during games, he said.More

How yoga therapy benefits athletes
By Dr. Shahla Khan
Although the benefits of yoga have been and continue to be explored in terms of promoting all-around positive health, yoga therapy is emerging as a discipline in itself that could potentially have many benefits for athletes. Yoga therapy blends gentle yoga, breath work, mental and physical relaxation exercises and guided meditation techniques. These are combined in such a way that it would benefit those athletes facing health challenges or injuries at any level, helping them manage their injuries, reduce symptoms and promote relaxation.More

LA school coaches work for less than minimum wage, panel hears
Los Angeles Times
After hearing an overview of the state of athletic programs in the Los Angeles Unified School District, audience members at a presentation to a Board of Education panel didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Among the details provided by Trent Cornelius, the district's coordinator of athletics, at the presentation was this: the average coaching stipend is $2,175.58, and it hasn't changed since 1999. At 18 hours per week for 14 weeks, that translates to $8.63 an hour — making coaching pay in LAUSD less than the current minimum wage of $9 an hour, according to Cornelius. More

Maine principals to vote on whether to allow high school co-op teams
The Maine Principals Association will vote on several changes for high school sports, including a plan that would allow multiple schools to join together to create co-op teams in all sports. Currently, the co-op teams are allowed only in hockey and football. With student enrollments dropping, many smaller Maine schools are having a harder time finding enough students to field teams in certain sports.More

Legendary Florida coach dies suddenly at state meet
Naples Herald
Estero High School's Jeff Sommer was a Coach with a capital C. Jeff Sommer, one of the greatest coaches in Southwest Florida sports history, died in Jacksonville, collapsing after the Estero girls 4X 800-relay team won the state title. Coach was only 58 but had been coaching in Lee County for 38 years.More

Wristbands replace coaches' signals
Northwest Herald
Wristbands and numbers started finding their way into the college game about 10 years ago. Own the Zone Sports, one of the most popular companies selling the computer software to create signs, has clients at more than 500 college baseball and softball teams, including 12 NCAA national champions. Huntley coach Andy Jakubowski is considered the first coach to bring the system to McHenry County, Illinois, hearing about it at a coaching convention.More

Domestic violence video targets teen athletes
The Dallas Morning News
Political consultant Bill Miller, the father of two college-age daughters, has set out on a mission to work with the state's coaches to develop an awareness video aimed at educating teens — both males and females — about boundaries and respect. Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams announced the video, called ProtectHer Project, as a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country that will be made available to all high schools next school year. The Texas High School Coaches Association is leading the efforts to raise $250,000 to produce the video and have it done by the group's July conference.More

New way to judge hitters? It's rocket science, sort of
The New York Times
Something is sweeping through Major League Baseball this season that makes the batting-practice cage, the stands and the suites of team executives feel more like the halls of NASA. Everywhere you go at the ballpark, it seems, people are talking about exit velocity. Many of the sport's aficionados have decided that exit velocity — the speed of the ball as it leaves the bat — says a lot about a hitter.More

How futbol influenced Mariota's football success
The Oregonian
Rick Chong, a former youth soccer coach of first-round NFL draftee Marcus Mariota with the Honolulu Bulls club, watched Mariota play football last fall and saw a memory of practices at Waialae Iki Park near Oahu's eastern shore where a tall, skinny elementary-aged boy learned to hone the nimble footwork that has transformed him into a national star in another sport. Eventually, futbol gave way to football. Compared with his credentials earned on the gridiron, highlighted by being the first Oregon Duck and Hawaiian-born player to win the Heisman Trophy, soccer remains a footnote that is mostly unknown off the islands. More

Alabama's high school football arms race includes facilities that are newer, better and expensive
Just as high-school football coaching salaries in Alabama have skyrocketed recently, so has the demand for newer, better — and more expensive — sports facilities throughout the state. A large, well-equipped weight room? That's now a given. Turf field? Once a luxury considered too expensive, it's now commonplace.More