NPA Weekly NewsBrief
Jan. 11, 2011

9-foot python dropped off at Winston-Salem pawnshop in North Carolina
Owners of a Winston-Salem, N.C., pawnshop have been trying to figure out what to do with a large python they've had for several months. A man traded Mandy, a 9-foot-long burmese python, into the pawnshop in August because he was not allowed to move the snake into his new apartment. The owner traded Mandy in for some electronics.More

Reality TV's new wave: Trash picking, with a smile
The New York Times
No longer is clutter the enemy, but a potential gold mine. The new reality television hero is the picker, someone willing to face the accumulation the owner just can't and squeeze value out of it. There's potential liberation in them thar piles. The question is no longer how to get rid of it, but instead, what can be gotten for it? More

Everybody's broke after Christmas: Pawnshop owners hear it all from sellers, buyers
Quincy Herald Whig
Pawnshop operators don't know whether their industry is an accurate barometer of the economy, but they know business is very good. "A lot of people are just flat selling stuff," said C.G. McPike, who owns McPike's Pawn Shop in West Quincy, Mo. Lori Maddox of Rags to Riches Pawn Shop in Hannibal, Mo., said business has gradually increased during the past year and a half. "I do see a little more desperation," Maddox said.More

Pawnshops: A thriving business
Times are still tough, but could it be possible for a business to be recession-proof? They say one man's junk is another man's treasure; from jewelry to guns, and even the unexpected, pawnshops are treasure chests full of goodies. Click here for the news video.More

Florida lawmakers seeking database of pawned goods
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Photos of every item pawned and the person who pawned it would be kept in a computer system searchable only by law enforcement. … Florida State Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton, and State Rep. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg, are filing legislation to create the new rules. Drafts of their bills, "Kathleen's Cause," may be ready in a few days.More

Should Port Chester, NY, allow pawnshops?
Patch (Port Chester)
While most businesses suffer during the recession, pawnshops are thriving. Gold and Silver, the pawnshop made famous by the History Channel show, isn't exactly representative of the typical pawnshop with its Las Vegas location and steady stream of high-ticket items and historic relics. But pawnshops have been springing up in low-income neighborhoods in Westchester, N.Y.More

New Hampshire man arrested after child porn found on
pawned computer

The Associated Press via The Boston Globe
Police in New Hampshire say a 36-year-old convicted sex offender from Manchester is facing up to 35 years in prison after investigators found graphic images of child sex abuse on a computer taken to a pawnshop. Police say Jonathan Perfetto was arrested after the pawnshop owner alerted police to the images he found on the computer Dec. 24.More

Small business owners can avoid tax season panic
The Associated Press via Yahoo! News
Here are some comforting words for small business owners: It's not inevitable that you'll have a tax season panic attack. Planning now will make the process of completing and filing your tax return less of an ordeal. If you're the kind who's always rushing at the end to get your tax forms filled out, the first thing you need to do is figure out, right now, what the problems are. And figure out how to fix them, even if it means hiring someone to organize your receipts and/or hiring an accountant to complete your return.More

TruTV gets more 'Pawn'
TruTV has greenlit a third season of "Hardcore Pawn." The reality skein has been a hit for the Turner cabler since launching in August. For season three, the net has ordered an additional 13 episodes that will begin airing in mid-February.More

Pawnbroker H&T reports record year
The Press Association via Google News
British pawnbroker H&T Group said it expected full-year adjusted pretax profit to be above the top end of current market estimates as more people swapped valuables for money in the period. The company, whose services also include check cashing, payday advances and unsecured loans, said it expected gross profit to grow across all its segments on store performance and the addition of 13 stores in 2010.More