NPA Weekly NewsBrief
Aug. 15, 2013

National Pawn scores with 2 international ad awards
24-7PressRelease via Digital Journal
The "End of the World" ad created by Bob Moulton, CEO and company president of National Pawn, won a silver in the 2013 Communicator Awards and a bronze in the Summit Creative Awards. Don Pausback of Pausback Advertising wrote and designed the ad on behalf of National Pawn's agency of record, AdForce, Inc.More

Ohio pawnshop burns for hours
Mansfield News Journal
Firefighters aren't sure whether a large fire that swept through a downtown Mansfield, Ohio, pawnshop is related to an earlier major gas leak. "We’re definitely not ruling that out, but we have not determined a cause yet," said Mansfield Assistant Fire Chief Mark Sieving. More

Cash America acquires Top Dollar Pawn
San Antonio Business Journal (blog)
Fort Worth, Texas-based Cash America International Inc. has acquired Top Dollar Pawn, a chain of pawn lending locations in Texas, for approximately $103 million. The acquisition is for 41 locations including five stores in San Antonio. Top Dollar Pawn was owned by TDP Superstores Corp. More

Pawn Star: Economy getting better (pawn biz too!)
The U.S. economy is showing signs of improvement, but uncertainty keeps consumers wary of making some purchases, said Rick Harrison, whose Las Vegas pawnshop is the setting of the hit reality television show "Pawn Stars." "Most people I talk to are unsure, just due to the fact, with Obamacare, all the regulations and tapering and everything like that, nobody knows what's going to happen and so people are still holding back a little bit," Harrison said on CNBC's "Closing Bell."More

California pawnshop owner helps bust ID theft ring
An Atwater, Calif., pawnshop owner is being credited with helping to disrupt an identity theft ring. Police in Merced, Calif., say the shop owner called police upon seeing the suspect, identified as James Rumley. More

Handbag-backed loans tide over Hong Kong's wealthy
The Wall Street Journal
When 30-year-old homemaker Maggie Wong is tight on cash, all she needs to do is reach for her designer purse — and then hand it over to a loan officer. Say hello to the handbag-backed loan. While typical lenders often ask for cars and homes as collateral, Hong Kong's Yes Lady Finance Co. deals in borrowers' beloved handbags. More

Duct tape, parts and pawnshops
High Point Enterprise
The Andrews High Marching Machine in High Point, N.C., is in need of a little more than some tender loving care. It's in need of one of the most crucial components to it's livelihood — musical instruments. … Band Director Jane VanMiddlesworth said that they have been getting by with donations, getting instruments through pawnshops and trying to repair the instruments. More

Yorkville, Ill., passes pawnbroker license ordinance
The Beacon-News
Touting it as a reasonable compromise, aldermen in Yorkville, Ill., passed an ordinance regulating pawnbrokers and resale shops in the city. The original proposal brought complaints from some business owners and residents, but aldermen tweaked it and brought back what even the ordinance's most ardent opponent called "a nicer version." More

US budget cuts hitting long-term unemployed hard
Phyllis Kennedy is facing a bleak future. U.S. government budget tightening has slashed her weekly unemployment check by more than a fifth, and her prospects of finding a job are grim after over a year of unemployment. More

Damage of declining gold prices felt globally
Gold's swift fall has ravaged hopes and livelihoods around the world – from the 1 million miners in Ghana who scour in the dirt, to thousands of executives and geologists at mining exploration firms that are running out of cash in Vancouver.More

Hardcore Pawn star wins NPA Pawnbroker of the Year Award
DBusiness Magazine
The National Pawnbrokers Association, the leading trade association representing the pawn industry, announced the nomination and unanimous selection of Seth Gold, star of the Tru TV's hit series Hardcore Pawn, as NPA's "Pawnbroker of the Year" for 2013. More

Motorola's Moto X expects to rival iPhone 5, Galaxy S4
Small Business Trends
If you’re planning to buy new smartphones for your business this summer, better hang on. Motorola is expected to introduce four new phones soon including its new "flagship," the Motorola Moto X, and three Droid phones specifically for Verizon Wireless. All four phones represent a significant milestone. More

5 business lessons you can learn from MMA stars
American Express' OPEN Forum
Mixed martial arts is more than just jump-kicks and obscure kung fu pressure points. Here are 5 valuable lessons you can learn from these athletes. More

Shopping for a business bank account with fewer fees
Bloomberg Businessweek
Question: Is it better to keep more money in my business bank account, or less? I don’t want to pay the stupid minimum monthly balance fee to the bank. The minimum is $15,000, which I can barely do. Is it worth the $17 fee per month, or do I have any alternatives?More

Livonia, Mich., board strikes down new pawnshop
As residents in one Livonia, Mich., neighborhood take a sigh of relief, one business man is upset his proposal to run a pawnshop was turned down. The Livonia Planning Commission decided against Mark Aubrey's proposal to build a Motor City Pawn Brokers at a vacant, free-standing gym. More