NPA Weekly NewsBrief
Sep. 10, 2013

NHLer Darren McCarty: 'Hardcore Pawn, pretty hardcore!'
In case you don't know, American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit is the pawnshop where they film the show "Hardcore Pawn." It's also the place where former Red Wing Darren McCarty just took a job at, so WWJ-TV interviewed him. Walking into the shop the first thing you notice is the tremendous amount of people that are lined up ready to pawn their property.More

United Kingdom pawnbroker pays £15,000 for bunch of Titanic 'relics' … and finds they're worth £1.2million
The Mail Online
Working as a pawnbroker, Mark Manning was used to seeing weird and wonderful things coming through his U.K. shop. But even he was sceptical when one customer walked in with 101-year-old relics from the Titanic in a plastic carrier bag. More

Payday lenders move online as regulators crack down
Miami Herald
The banner ad atop the website features a wide-eyed baby cradled in an adult's hands with the words, "Did that special vacation for two end up producing a third? Castle Payday has life's unexpected expenses covered." On a growing number of sites like this one, short-term loans are just a click away for web-surfing borrowers, regardless of any history of bankruptcy, bounced checks or other credit problems. The catch is that these so-called payday loans often come with sky-high interest rates of 400 percent or more.More

New Hampshire pawnshop owners fights back against crime
Manchester, N.H., pawnshop owner Luke Nelson turned the tables on a thief as he pulled a gun on the robber. The owner didn't stop there, as Nelson then ran after the thief and called police. Nelson, 31, described a heart-stopping confrontation with a man determined to rob the pawnshop he owns. More

Oregon's Capital Pawn celebrates 2 years in business
Statesman Journal
Capital Pawn in Salem, Ore., is celebrating its two year anniversary. The shop will be featuring promotions until the celebration, to be held during business hours.More

Stolen art turns up at Santa Fe, NM, pawnshop
The New Mexican
The Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office recovered five stolen paintings with the help of an unnamed woman who saw photos of the artwork on TV news and recognized them as ones she had spotted in a New Mexico pawnshop. Investigators were planning to arrest a couple suspected in the theft, although no arrests had been made, and police did not release the suspects' names.More

UK motorists are 'pawning their possessions' as they struggle to afford rising petrol prices
The Daily Mail
Motorists are pawning their possessions as they struggle to afford rising petrol prices in the United Kingdom, it has been claimed. Some motorists have driven until they ran out of petrol, while others have dug into savings, gone into overdraft and borrowed from friends and families to pay for fuel. More

Certified polished diamond prices stabilize in August
Certified polished diamond prices stabilized in August while dealers remained cautious amid low-volume trading. Cutting center liquidity is being squeezed by the devaluation of the Indian rupee, high rough prices and cautious bank lending. More

Be prepared: The small business owner's guide to hurricane season
Small Business Trends
When most of us think of hurricane damage, we see rain-lashed palm trees, boarded-up buildings and floods. Maybe some rubble thrown in for good measure. But these camera-ready images only tell one part of the story.More

Gold, silver rise as support grows on Syria
The Associated Press via ABC News
Surging auto sales and the diminishing likelihood of an immediate U.S. strike on Syria pushed down precious metals prices. Energy prices also fell as traders anticipated no short-term disruptions to the flow of oil from the Middle East. More

Online pawn item program to help Rockdale County Sheriff's Office in Georgia search for stolen items
The Rockdale News
The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office in Georgia is looking at signing up for an online program to replace the paper ticket system, which will allow investigators to more quickly search for stolen goods that might be brought to pawnshops locally and nationwide.More

Asia's cash-short consumers clean out their closets
It's handbag heaven — in every size shape and designer label. The Hong Kong fascination with these luxury goods epitomizes the aspirations of Asia's rising middle class. But can they afford it? More

5 rules for working with family
American Express OPEN Forum
There is only one way to make a family business successful — only one trick, one signature move — and that is communication.More

Helena, Mont., man charged after firing gun in pawnshop
Richard Leslie Oase of Helena, Mont., faces felony charges for discharging a firearm at a pawnshop. Oase, 50 years old, appeared in Justice Court on felony criminal endangerment for discharging a firearm in the city. More