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Nov. 19, 2013

Expand your digital footprint to get bookings
Speaker Magazine
Attracting bookings like a magnet is the goal of every professional speaker. But what happens all too often is a speaking business built primarily on referrals that may have begun to slow down. Sound familiar? Referrals used to be a safe bet, but in today's over-stimulated world, your prospects are now bombarded with marketing messages and influenced by social proof, making it harder and harder to stand out from the competition.More

Who has 1 billion users and is about to overtake Facebook?
It's not Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. It's a company that most people in the West don't know. That, however, is set to change, with the explosive growth of China's Tencent and its mobile messaging app WeChat. Recently, Facebook, the current king of social networks, admitted that it's losing teen users, and that the overall growth in its monthly active users has slowed to 18 percent year-on-year. This isn't helped by the fact that it and other Western social networks are banned in China. By contrast, Tencent announced WeChat's users almost tripled from the 85 million of the year before.More

Leadership psychology: Are great leaders born or made?
Business 2 Community
Ask experts what the most asked question about leadership is, and they'll usually answer, "Are they made or born?" Perception is everything, even if perception and reality are often at odds. Some perceive leadership to be about nature, while others ascribe to the nurture theory. There are dozens of books, decades worth of debates and many well-documented studies on the subject of leadership. Nevertheless, the debate rages on.More

Report: Organizations want speakers to do more than speak
Associations Now
Organizations are expecting more from professional speakers than their time on stage. They're also willing to spend more on speakers than they were a couple of years ago, according to a new report. Organizations are expecting speakers to publish articles, do interviews and participate in different aspects of the event, said Jeff Cobb, cofounder of Tagoras, which conducted the study with Velvet Chainsaw.More

Ensure your brand story stands the test of time
It's hard enough to survive the stress of building a company. It's an even bigger challenge to make it a leading brand within your industry. Becoming known as a trusted resource takes years.More

Top 20 essential tips for becoming a better speaker
Whether it is your first time speaking in public or your 100th, it can be daunting. Feeling some nervousness before giving a speech is natural, but too much nervousness can be detrimental.More

The myths of uniqueness and being the best
Speaker Magazine
Many people complain about the external forces that keep them from their goals. But it's becoming clear that the very things holding us back are often our own fears, insecurities and concerns.More

What comes 1st: Employee engagement or great work?
O.C. Tanner
If you're managing a team you might wonder what comes first: engaged and personally invested employees or productive, great work? Is an employee doing great work because they're engaged, or will they become more engaged after doing great work? Let's start at the beginning.More

Make meetings matter with the right tools
Meetings suck because we let them. Every day, we huddle in conference rooms for team updates, strategy sessions, or old-school brainstorming. But if we don't take our meetings seriously — if we ignore what participants ask or say, fail to document the meeting's takeaways, or forget to follow up afterward — they might as well not have happened. It doesn't have to be this way. The following discusses how the right tech — and the right strategies — can make meetings matter again.More

Business travel spending up for 2013, eying increase in 2014
By Archita Datta Majumdar
The travel industry has picked up the recession slack quite well, showing healthier figures in 2013. Business travel especially has picked up quickly, which is a testament to an improving economy and better business prospects in all arenas. In fact, recent reports state that U.S. businesses are all poised to spend more on business travel with a figure that could go up to $288.8 billion in 2014. More

Make sure you always have something to say online
Business 2 Community
It's probably the most common problem faced by bloggers and social media users. What am I going to say? What can I post that is topical, interesting and valuable? The problem usually starts before you begin publishing content online. Most people feel that blogging is only about writing blog posts and social media is only about posting updates. More

4 effective ways leaders solve problems
With as many problems as we are all faced with in our work and life, it seems as if there is never enough time to solve each one without dealing with some adversity along the way. Problems keep mounting so fast that we find ourselves taking short-cuts to temporarily alleviate the tension points — so we can move onto the next problem. In the process, we fail to solve the core of each problem we are dealt; thus we continuously get caught in the trap of a never-ending cycle that makes it difficult to find any real resolutions. Sound familiar? More

Phrasing blog headlines for maximum SEO
Social Media Today
In a single blog, there are about a dozen different areas to optimize for search engine results. You can make sure you have a strong meta description, keyword-rich tags, image alt text and more. You can also ensure that your paragraphs contain real content, rather than fluffy keyword writing. But one of the best ways to make sure you end up at the top of Google's search results is to make sure that your headline fits the way people search.More