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Feb. 22, 2012

Survey Summit 2012: July 21-24 in San Diego
ACSM Bulletin
For the second consecutive year, the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping will join forces with Esri to host the premier event in the surveying industry, the Survey Summit. The Summit will take place July 21–24 in San Diego, sharing its final two days with the Esri International User Conference.More

ACSM Radio Hour — Feb. 27, 11 a.m. EST
Within a week of the last discussion about the LightSquared saga on the ACSM Radio Hour, a critical decision was taken by the FCC. After a year-long tug-of-war involving LightSquared, the GPS manufacturers, GPS users and the federal government, the FCC recently decided to rescind its conditional approval of LightSquared to move forward with its plan to provide broadband service. So what happens next?More

A battle was won, the fight continues
ACSM Bulletin
The FCC's recent decision to withdraw its support from LightSquared was the right thing to do, but the agency is by no means giving up on high speed satellite communication. So, what's next? More

LightSquared blew it, and here's why
LightSquared fired back at the Federal Communications Commission last week, saying the agency's decision to squash the company's planned wireless network would harm the American public. But it appears to be too little, too late for the embattled company. The start-up wireless provider was dealt a fatal blow a day earlier when the FCC suspended a key waiver that would have allowed it to build its 4G network, citing concerns over potential interference with critical GPS equipment.More

How much GIS should be taught in surveying classes?
Professional Surveyor
Application of GIS data can improve project efficiency and offer new job opportunities in a changing work environment. Composite maps can be quickly prepared using shape files and digital aerial photogrammetry to define approximate property boundaries, waterway locations, forested areas and other site features. Students can learn to use these composite maps to facilitate project planning. More

President's budget request would continue GPS modernization
Inside GNSS
Following up on the "strategic guidance" on defense spending that the White House laid out last month, President Obama has proposed a Fiscal Year 2013 budget that continues funding for GPS modernization efforts. The president's FY13 budget request released Feb. 13 proposed some significant expenditures.More

In search of the truth
Point of Beginning
PAMAP is the base map of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and primarily consists of color orthophotography and LiDAR elevation data. The seamless, consistent, high-resolution set of digital geospatial data provides vital components of the state's spatial data infrastructure for use by citizens, state and federal agencies, county and municipal government, institutions, business entities and community organizations. More

The new work
RPLS (blog)
Since spatial data's inception, surveyors have dealt with the data as sets of discrete points that represent a given region. This is still the best option in boundary surveying, but for anything else, modern technologies offer a better solution. Specifically, instead of building a dataset point by point, it is a better solution to capture the region via remote sensing like close range photogrammetry and terrestrial and aerial LiDAR. More

Could Google Earth be following Microsoft's monopolistic shoes?
If you read last week's GeoReport, you'll know that the GeoPoll question discussed a news story that Google Earth was ruled to be anti-competitive by a French court. The situation is very interesting. For starters, it doesn't appear Google will suffer from a run of litigation seeking to piggy-back on this ruling. This probably is a one-time occurrence that Google will either fight in court and win or seek some sort of settlement.More

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MMIC Insurance
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