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Aug. 6, 2014

NSPS Radio Hour — Aug. 11, 11 a.m. EDT
Host Curt Sumner continues his interviews with Lisa Isom of Assurance Risk Managers, the NSPS Insurance Program provider. More insurance issues that affect the survey profession will be discussed.

Be sure to also join Curt for the remaining shows in August. Aug. 18 will be on the topic of International Property Measurement Standards, and Aug. 25 will be an interview with the NSPS TrigStar Committee discussing the recently completed 2014 national competition, and details for participating in the program. More

Federal contractors subject to new Executive Order on labor laws
On July 31, the Obama Administration issued a new "Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order" that will lead to regulations requiring contractors competing on procurement contracts in excess of $500,000 to disclose violations of various labor laws (including the FLSA, Service Contract Act, Davis-Bacon, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, NLRA, OSHA, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and others, as well as "equivalent" state laws) occurring within the preceding three-year period, make similar representations with regard to certain subcontractors, and provide updated information on a continuing basis after award.More

Five states receive federal grant for bridge improvement projects utilizing 'cutting-edge' technologies
Louisiana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Virginia have been tapped to receive a total of $1.48 million in grant funding through the Federal Highway Administration's Innovative Bridge Research and Deployment program, to support bridge construction that utilizes innovative technologies.More

Congress passes short term highway bill extension
The House and Senate reached final agreement on a 10-month extension of the federal highway program before departing the nation's Capitol for its August recess. Approval means a longer term reauthorization will be deferred to 2015. The previously enacted two-year MAP 21 Act expires Sept. 30 of this year.More

Legislation seeks to reform federal public land survey procedures
Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) has introduced H.R. 5075, the Resurveys Entitle Adjacent Landowners to Protection Act or the "REAL Protection Act." The bill is intended to provide protections and certainty for private landowners related to resurveying certain Federal land under the administrative jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management. It stems from a 2009 case in which a Mesa County, Colorado landowner saw a taking by the BLM following a resurvey. The bill requires new notices and seeks to limit the federal government’s ability to take property following a resurvey.More

Hydrographic survey firm hired to search for Flight MH370
Australia said that it has chosen a Dutch company to carry out the next phase of the underwater search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which mysteriously disappeared five months ago this week. Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss announced at a news conference that Fugro Survey will use two vessels for the search in the southern Indian Ocean, where the Malaysian plane is believed to have gone down after it flew off course and dropped off radar.More

Survey the world, get a $50 discount
The United States is just 2 percent of the land area of the Earth, 4 percent of the world's population, and 27 percent of the global economy. So why are you only surveying in the United States? Learn about the global market for geospatial and engineering services at a special conference, Sept. 25-26 in Alexandria, Va. NSPS members get a special member rate, AND a $50 discount. Register today for the Geospatial and Engineering International Conference.More

Fall GIS courses now available at UC Davis Extension
UC Davis
If you are interested in taking a fall course in Geographic Information Systems from UC Davis Extension, visit for a full listing of courses and to learn about the Professional Concentration in Geographic Information Systems.More

DoD, partners share mapping technology for disaster relief
Directions Magazine
The Defense Department is using GeoSHAPE, a tool that will soon be available to assist countries and organizations dealing with the deadly consequences of hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters and humanitarian crises, experts from DoD said. The open-source tool is not directly related to shapefiles; the acronym stands for geospatial tool for security, humanitarian assistance and partnership engagement. More

How mapping can improve risk understanding from natural catastrophes
The Daily Telegraph
Some 130 catastrophic events caused an estimated $54 billion in economic losses and $22 billion in insured losses in the first six months of the year, according to Impact Forecasting. In each of these events, mapping has been important in understanding the timeline of the event, the damage caused and the geographical extent of human and economic losses. More

Tasking your own satellite for data collection ... there's an app for that!
GIS User
Yes indeed, recently, at the ESRIUC, Esri business partner, Airbus Defense and Space showed off their newly launched service that enables ArcGIS users to easily task a satellite (Pleiades and SPOT) for data collection over any area of interest. the service is now available through the ArcGIS Marketplace and boasts that users will receive their data within 30-60 days. More

The NGA's expanding mission: An interview with director Letitia Long
Directions Magazine
In this interview with the director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Letitia Long, editor in chief Joe Francica discusses the expanding mission of the NGA for domestic homeland security as well as to support intelligence gathering around the world. Long discussed some of the issues important to her such as providing the warfighter with mobile applications and developing a more immersive experience for the analysis of geospatial information. More