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Aug. 30, 2012

Professional competence: Confusing inputs and outputs
ACSM Bulletin
As we struggle with trying to express what we mean by "professional competence in surveying," we must also define "surveying," or at least have a model. In the U.S. there are two very different models of "surveying." Resolving these differences is a critical starting point for defining exactly what we expect a competent professional to be.More

GIS, land surveying and LIS
ACSM Bulletin
From John Veatch: I found the article on LIS and GIS ("LIS: GIS' Poor Cousin?", ACSM Bulletin 256, pp. 42-45) so interesting I felt compelled to write. My involvement in GIS had its beginning while on a trip to one of my strategic partners' mapping facility in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. It was there that I first saw orthorectified aerial imagery. I knew in that instant that mapping and surveying were going to experience unimaginable changes due to this new technology.More

The Survey Summit
The American Surveyor
The Esri/ACSM Survey Summit was excellent as always. Attendance was down, but attendees came away with more ways to improve their work processes. Brent Jones made opening remarks and listed the challenges facing the mapping industry: less mapping, faster delivery, specialized geospatial apps, and managing vast amounts of data. As in years past, cloud computing was a big item on the agenda. Says Jones, "Cloud computing is changing everything, both with data and processing." More

The BIM movement
Point of Beginning
As engineers and architects experiment with new transportation and building methods, taller and more innovative structures require more documentation. Monitoring a project in real time addresses the whole and the sum of its parts. Engineers and architects are now applying analysis-friendly technology to building design. The most sophisticated of these tools deliver immediate and continuous feedback on a far greater range of characteristics than traditional design tools. More

2012 is the year of GIS
Sensors & Systems
Want a reason to enroll in an online geographic information systems degree program? Consider this: When technology historians look back on 2012, they might look at this as the GIS year. "2012 is the year of GIS," says Dr. Stephen McElroy, GIS program chair at American Sentinel University. More

7 facts about geolocation privacy
Information Week
Consumers currently enjoy little privacy protection from the GPS location information broadcast by their smartphones or automatically added by latest-generation cameras to their digital photographs. But many legislators, consumer rights groups, as well as the Federal Trade Commission, are seeking clear guidelines about how police, application developers, online marketers, and other third parties can collect and share consumers' GPS data. More

Visit Baltimore launches 3-D map app for city tourists
Baltimore Business Journal
Baltimore's tourism agency will soon offer a comprehensive app that allows users to navigate a 3-D spread of city streets side-by-side with information about tourist destinations across town. The program, known as Baltimore InSite, is tailored to include information about all of Visit Baltimore's member hotels, restaurants and attractions. More

Arlington, Mass., unveils interactive map service
The Arlington Advocate
Wearing a parachute, about to jump out of an airplane tens of thousands of feet above the ground, Adam Kurowski was asked, "Aren't you scared?" "Nope," said Kurowski, who works as the town of Arlington, Mass.'s Geographic Information System (GIS) coordinator. "This is the way I see the Earth every day." More

Trimble Dimensions 2012

Nov. 5-7, 2012
The Mirage
Las Vegas

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