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Oct. 30, 2013

Things You May Not Know!
In September, NSPS Executive Director Curt Sumner was contacted by Tim Muma, a Radio Program Coordinator at Muma is the host and producer for a variety of shows on LJNRadio where he engages with industry experts and individuals throughout the country to deliver current and relevant employment-related topics for his audience of job seekers, employed individuals, managers and employers. He is also a co-host of job seeker webinars at LJ.

The result of this contact is that Curt appeared as a guest on a radio show called, "I Want to Be a ..." In this case, the show was "I Want to Be a Surveyor."

For your use, a link to the show is posted on the NSPS website,

The direct links to the two-part interview are:
(Part 1, Episode Page)
(Part 2, Episode Page) More

COFPAES Delegates Meet in DC
The Delegates representing the member organizations of the Council on Federal Procurement of Architectural & Engineering Services are meeting today, Oct. 30, at the offices of the American Institute of Architects. The meeting will follow morning visits by the Delegates to Congressional offices on Capitol Hill to discuss QBS (Qualifications Based Selection) issues. During their afternoon meeting, the Delegates will hold a discussion with Mathew Blum, Associate Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Office of Management and Budget.

Joining NSPS as member organizations of COFPAES are American Institute of Architects, American Society of Civil Engineers, Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors, and National Society of Professional Engineers. More

ALTA/ACSM Standards
When the ACSM Bulletin magazine was still in publication it included a column call "ALTA/ACSM Standards." In the column, Gary Kent, who is Chair of both the NSPS ALTA/ACSM Committee and the joint ALTA/NSPS/Lenders Council Committee, responded to questions raised about some aspect of the standards. NSPS hopes to reinstate this column in NSPS News & Views on a regular (if not weekly) basis.

Please send questions/comments you may have about the standards to NSPS Executive Director Curt Sumner via email at


We have been asked by a client to prepare a "Pro Forma" ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey. It has been my practice to tell those asking for a Pro Forma land title survey that this is not allowed under the ALTA/ACSM Standards. Can you provide any information in this regard? More

House passes Corps of Engineers water projects bill
The U.S. House of Representatives on October 23 passed H.R. 3080, the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA), establishing a new process for authorizing flood control, inland waterway navigation, flood damage reduction, shoreline protection, hydropower, dam safety, water supply, recreation, environmental restoration and protection, and disaster response and recovery and other water resources projects. During consideration, the House, on a voice vote, rejected an amendment by Rep. Don Young (R-AK) and Rep. Tom Petri (R-WI) that would have required the Corps to utilize the private sector for commercially available surveying and mapping services to the maximum extent possible. The bill passed by a 417-3 margin. The bill now goes to a House-Senate conference committee. The Senate passed its water resources bill on May 15 on an 83-14 vote.More

NSPS continues push for repeal of Davis-Bacon ruling on survey crews
Discussions are continuing with the Department of Labor over the ruling in March of this year that members of survey crews are "laborers and mechanics" for the purposes of the federal wage law. Government affairs consultant John Palatiello recently renewed NSPS's opposition to AAM-212 with Associate Deputy Secretary of Labor Laura McClintock and reaffirmed the society's request that the policy be rescinded. Davis-Bacon reform will be one of the issues NSPS members will discuss with Congress on our Capitol Hill Lobby Day, Nov. 21. More

NSPS Radio Hour — Nov. 4, 11 a.m. EDT
During the 2013 NCEES annual meeting, two surveyors were elected to the upper leadership of the organization. Gary Thompson (NC/Past President of NSPS) was elected Treasurer and David Widmer (PA) became President-elect. Both will join host Curt Sumner at 11 AM Eastern at to talk about their experiences and the NCEES agenda looking forward.

If you are unable to listen to the show when it is being broadcasted, listen to the archive of the show at Archives for each show are typically available for listening within a few days after the show airs.

During the show, listen for the "key question" and be the first to email the correct answer to to win a $50 gift certificate from our sponsor, Parker Davis Quik Stakes. No purchase is required to receive the gift certificate. Winners limited to once every three months.More

Interesting Links

  • Google mapping Arlington Cemetery
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    Exporting Conference Postponed
    Due to the extended government shutdown, the Geospatial & Engineering International Conference, scheduled for Nov. 13-14, has been postponed until 2014. Even with the government opening this week, the shutdown has had an adverse affect on the conference organizers’ ability to properly plan and prepare for the conference, as well as impose significant constraints on speakers and attendees. NSPS, a participating organization, and the other conference hosts, are working to reschedule the conference in 2014More

    Second Webinar Helps NSPS Members Prepare for Capitol Hill Day
    To prepare members for visiting Congress, NSPS Government Affairs consultant John M. Palatiello & Associates, Inc. (JMP&A) conducted a webinar, "Steps to Successfully Secure a Congressional Appointment" on Tuesday, Oct. 15. That webinar has been recorded and is available to all NSPS members, click here (audio begins at 1:45). For the preliminary schedule for the NSPS Fall Business Meeting and Hill Day, click here.

    There will be another webinar on Monday, Nov. 18 at 1:00 PM (EST). It will provide guidance on the logistics of Capitol Hill Day and a briefing on the issues to be discussed with Congress. To register for the webinar and Capitol Hill Day, click here. This training will also be presented on the evening before Capitol Hill Day, Wednesday, Nov. 20, at 5:30 PM (EST) at the Sheraton Four Points – BWI, site of the NSPS Fall Business Meeting. To view summaries of the four issues NSPS members will discuss with their Congressmen and Senators, click here. More

    Applications Requested for 2014 FIG Foundation Young Surveyors
    The online application form is now available to apply for the 2014 FIG Foundation Young Surveyors Fellowships for the XXV FIG International Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to be held 16-21 June, 2014.

    A total of 8 fellowships will be awarded: one each to 6 regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America). An additional two fellowships will be awarded to young surveyors in developing countries. If you are a young surveyor 35 years old or younger you should apply!

    Here is the link.

    For more information.More

    NSPS Apparel through Lands End
    Click here to order directly from the NSPS Lands End eStore.


    Looking for a Job?
    NSPS website links to job opportunities.

    Employers interested in posting job opportunities on the NSPS website should contact John D. Hohol at

    Upcoming Seminars/Conferences
    Florida Surveying and Mapping Society
    Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers
    New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors
    Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
    Texas Society of Professional Surveyors - Arlington, TX - October 30 - November 2, 2013
    Connecticut Association of Land Surveyors - 46th Annual Meeting, November 1, 2013, Saint Clements Castle, Portland, CT - Keynote Speaker – Wendy Lathrop For more information contact Kathy Kurland More

    How has the move to cloud-hosted geospatial services changed the geospatial landscape?
    Sensors & Systems
    With so many geospatial cloud-hosted platforms and services, and many more on the way, it seems a good time to consider some of the implications. While cloud-hosted platforms and services have cut the barrier to entry for broader use of mapping, they also create many changes in the marketplace. Where in the past the desktop and server environment forced you to purchase data, the cloud platform comes provisioned with data. More

    Segmenting the location intelligence market
    Directions Magazine
    By Joe Francica: I find it somewhat interesting how terminology evolves when marketing is at play. Words such as analytics and data blending euphemistically enter the lexicon to accommodate the latest marketing campaign. I actually like the term analytics but find it somewhat amusing when someone puts a new spin on more common terms like data integration and now called "blending." More

    NOAA goes off the (paper) charts
    Point of Beginning
    It's the end of an era: NOAA announced this week it will no longer make traditional paper nautical charts. Effective April 13, 2014, the government will only provide other forms of nautical charts, including print-on-demand charts and versions for electronic charting systems. Capt. Shep Smith, chief of the Marine Chart Division for NOAA's Office of Coast Survey, said that the print-on-demand charts, which already are in wide use, provide benefits over the traditional maps.More

    How to improve critical infrastructure security with geospatial analytics
    Government Security News
    America's critical infrastructure includes communications, electric power, information technology, commercial and government facilities criss-crossing the country. With thousands of sites scattered across federal, state and local jurisdictions, there are inherent and challenging security risks, such as theft, sabotage and terrorism. Given the geographic dispersion of the facilities, these risks are difficult to mitigate and even more difficult to predict accurately. More