Jun. 19, 2014

NYSSCA and NYSUT stand united together for school counselors
NYSUT's new leadership team has taken a strong supportive stand on the need for school counseling program standards and reasonable ratios in all New York State schools. A letter stating such was delivered to Commissioner King and the Board of Regents on June 5, 2014. You can read the letter in its entirely on the NYSSCA website: here.

The call for NYSUT's support was demonstrated with two resolutions calling for such a letter passed during NYSUT's Representative Assembly in April 2013. Most states have already adopted comprehensive school counseling program standards as described in the American School Counselor Association Model Program revised in 2012. Research repeatedly demonstrates how comprehensive programs lead to positive student outcomes such as improved academic success, graduation rates, lowered suspension rates and increases in college acceptances. Reasonable ratios with a maximum of 250:1 for comprehensive school counseling program delivery have also demonstrated similar positive student outcomes.

NYSSCA applauds NYSUT and looks forward to our continued work with its leadership team!

Gloria Jean
President-Elect, NYSED PPS Liaison
New York State School Counselor Association
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NYSSCA Awards Program
NYSSCA is once again accepting nominees for awards to be presented at our annual conference to be held on Oct. 31-Nov. 1. This year's conference theme is "School Counselors: Informed, Accountable, Impactful" and complete Conference Information is available online at www.nyssca.org. NYSSCA presents awards in the following areas:

This year, all award nominations will be submitted online here. For School Counselor of the Year nominees, click on "Apply Now." For the Leadership Grant, Career Achievement and Outstanding Program Awards, click on "Other Awards" and then follow the instructions to make an online nomination. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ron Smith.

Nominations are due Oct. 1. More

NYSSCA 2014 Conference news registration now open!
Registration forms, exhibitor information and hotel registrations. NYSSCA Conference 2014. Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 2014. Hilton Albany. "School Counselors: Informed, Accountable, Impactful" call for programs form is available on the conference page of our website at www.nyssca.org.

Conference registration is now open. Online registration available here. "Paper" registration form is here.

Hotel reservations are to be made directly through the Albany Hilton and that info follows here: Make room reservations directly with the Albany Hilton 1-800-HILTONS (445-8667) or www.hiltonalbany.com. Use conference code 1NYSSC for the conference room rate.More

Weaker teachers leaving schools under New York City's tenure changes
Education Week
After New York City encouraged principals to be more deliberative in awarding tenure, ineffective teachers were more likely to leave schools or the profession voluntarily — to the benefit of students, according to a recently released working paper. Even though the overall percentage of teachers actually denied tenure did not change much, the more-rigorous process appears to have reshaped the workforce — suggesting that changes in practice rather than underlying tenure laws, may bear fruit, said Susanna Loeb, a Stanford University professor and one of the study's authors.More

Government report: Schools were getting much safer until 2010
The Huffington Post
American public and private schools are generally much safer than they were 10 years ago, but school crime began a slight climb in 2010, according to a government report. The rate of non-fatal incidents in which students felt victimized at school decreased to 35 per 1,000 students in 2010, from 181 per 1,000 students in 1992, according to the 2013 School Crime and Safety Report. The rate rose to 52 per 1,000 students in 2012, the report found. Any type of school crime, the report noted, increases the likelihood of dropouts, teacher turnover and student transfers.More

Study: Teen bullies, victims armed more than other kids
HealthDay News
Teenage bullies and their victims are more likely to carry weapons than kids not involved in these abusive relationships, according to a new research review. With school shootings a concern across the United States, the findings — culled from 45 previously published studies — put a spotlight on the potential link between bullying and subsequent violence, experts said.More

A summer reading list from college admissions counselors
The Washington Post
Here is a rather unusual summer reading list. It was assembled by Brennan Barnard, director of college counseling at The Derryfield School in Manchester, New Hampshire, who asked college admissions deans and high school counselors to send him recommendations of books that are great summer reads for parents, students and everybody else. The list includes books about college, other non-fiction and great fiction.More

Children can tell when an educator commits 'sins of omission'
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Children learn a great deal about the world from their own exploration, but they also rely on what adults tell them. Studies have shown that children can figure out when someone is lying to them, but cognitive scientists from MIT recently tackled a subtler question: Can children tell when adults are telling them the truth, but not the whole truth?More

Getting kids ready for college, beyond the classroom
City Limits
Four young women, heads bobbing up and down, are leaning over their desks in Jeff Newman's 11th grade social studies class at Fashion Industries High School in Manhattan in late March. But instead of peering at historical documents, trying to figure out what were the precipitating causes of the Civil War, they are perusing statistics on three colleges and comparing them according to a list of criteria ranging from total enrollment to percentage of applicants admitted, diversity, tuition, top majors and percentage of students who graduate in six years.More

When students simulate violence in their art
Education Week
Is it OK for young students to portray violence in their art? Elementary art teacher and PhD candidate at the University of Arizona, Shana Cinquemani, addresses that provocative question in a recent piece in Art Education, the journal of the National Art Education Association. She describes doing a portrait photography unit with K-5 students, for which she gave them digital cameras. Many of the photos they produced showed them engaging in "perceived violence and rough-and-tumble play" — pretending to hit, kick, push, and choke each other. One student positioned a rock above another's head.More

What's a culture of data, and how can schools get one?
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Schools are overflowing with data — attendance records, achievement data, even logs from mobile devices — and the question remains, how can education systems create a culture that uses data to make decisions? Central to the creation of a culture of data are three key structures: technology, process and leadership. All are essential to support the shift to a data-centric culture in education.More