Experience Ray Rudd, DVM, Discussing Life as an Army Veterinarian at NYS-VC Fall

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On Saturday, October 7 from 11:10 a.m.-noon, Ray Rudd, DVM, MS, DACVS, will present Experiences of an Army Veterinarian in Afghanistan. In 2007, Ray joined the United States Army Reserve. He served in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2011 on a 12-month deployment. "Working for the Army as a veterinarian has been an incredible experience. The things I have been exposed to, I would have never seen in any other professional capacity," says Ray. Often working with limited resources, a local Navy and NATO human hospital contributed space and supplies when possible. At one point, Ray worked in concert with a Canadian physician to save a service dog that had sustained a bullet wound to the head.

Ray enjoys the collaborative nature of his work with the other veterinarians at the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center. Ray taught veterinary medicine at Kansas State University, has conducted research and development for Ethicon Endosurgery in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has authored and published more than 20 articles for refereed journals.

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