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May. 14, 2014

Know your HVACR KPIs
Contracting Business
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are industry measurements that have been compiled from the best companies in a given industry. They’re designed to be guidelines that a company strives to achieve over time. The HVAC industry has KPIs for all aspects of the contractors' and dealers' businesses.More

Reduce HVAC energy consumption with FHP and VFD operations
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Air-cooled chillers can take up a lot of room while expending massive amounts of energy. Integrating FHP and VFD operations is one way to cap energy consumption.More

Fuel dealers in the US industry market research report from IBISWorld has been updated
PRWeb vis Intercooler Online
The price of crude oil is expected to continue to decrease, hurting industry operators; however, an improving overall economy will boost revenue and lead to modest industry growth. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld has updated a report on the fuel dealers industry in its growing industry report collection.More

US EIA: New England heating oil stocks lowest since 2003 despite production bump
Stocks of traditional heating oil in New England dropped to their lowest level in over a decade in the week ended May 2, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration data. The stock decline came despite a production bump in the region that brought the weekly average to 69,000 b/d, up 58,000 b/d from the week ended April 25. This marks the highest production since March 14's 91,000 b/d.More

US strategic gasoline reserve: Solution or Band-Aid?
Energy Trends Insider
The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced the establishment of a strategic gasoline stockpile to serve the Northeast. Responsive to calls for such a reserve in the aftermath of the fuel distribution problems caused by superstorm Sandy in 2012, it was also framed as part of a broader effort to beef up U.S. energy infrastructure. But is it a real solution?More

HVAC contractors optimistic about growth
Appliance Magazine
HVAC contractors in the U.S. are increasingly optimistic about short-term growth, according to the April 2014 Contractor Comfort Index (CCI) from industry association ACCA. The April CCI was at 81, making it the highest index reading since tracking began in February 2010. The index was up 10 points from a reading of 71 in April 2013. A CCI of 50 or above reflects anticipated growth.More

A systems approach to HVAC contractor security
In the wake of the Target Corporation breach that occurred last November, there has been increased awareness of the need to provide enhanced cybersecurity of Building Automation Systems. This article will address cybersecurity considerations for HVAC contractor oversight when they are onsite accessing the building automation system to perform work.More

Has US oil consumption decreased because of peak oil?
By Stefanie Heerwig
Since 2008, U.S. oil consumption has declined by more than 20 percent, giving peak-oil theorists their confirmation — world crude oil production is decreasing. And no matter how much U.S. production increases, everyone will feel the squeeze in the face of rising international oil prices. It is really hard to argue against this. So is this truly the end of oil? More

Troops To Trades helps U.S. returning veterans gain skills, employment
Contractor Magazine
Keith Mercurio, sales trainer for Nexstar, had an idea that would help returning servicemen and servicewomen, the plumbing and HVAC industries and the U.S. as a whole. When Mercurio sat down for lunch, about a year ago, with Jack Tester, CEO of Nexstar, he spoke with Tester about his idea. The Troops To Trades program was created by The Nexstar Legacy Foundation to help U.S. veterans obtain the necessary skill sets to work in the trade industries.More

HVAC contractor in Manhattan caters to smartphone users with launch of new mobile site
For smartphone users in New York City, the process of finding a quality HVAC contractor to carry out air conditioning installation, furnace repair and other HVAC services is about to get a whole lot easier. Manhattan-based Air Cooling Energy Corp is partnering with the online marketing company Prospect Genius to launch a new mobile version of its website. By making it more convenient for smartphone users to access its site, Air Cooling Energy Corp hopes to better meet HVAC needs for local homes and businesses.More

Small Business Week takes time to celebrate vital piece of the economy
The Herald Business Journal
National Small Business Week, which is being celebrated May 12-16, provides a roadmap for how the government and the public can support the difference-makers in our economy. Partnering with companies like Twitter and Microsoft, the SBA is hosting exciting events in communities across the country and online.More

7 ways to easily track advertising and PR
By Jeffrey Dobkin
Tracking advertising and measuring the effectiveness of publicity is tough. I'm sure you have correctly guessed this from the difficulty you are having. If you're wondering whether others are having the same problem, they are. Here are seven easy ways to measure just how effective your campaigns are.More