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Jul. 22, 2015

Solving noise, vibration problems in HVAC systems
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
In the HVAC industry, most sound or noise is generated via rotating equipment and air and fluid movement through ducts and pipes. This movement creates vibration, sound or noise. The best way to reduce sound is to limit the vibration produced by mechanical equipment. Examples are rotating shafts or gears, thermal processes such as combustion or fluid dynamic means such as airflow through a duct or fan interactions with air.More

Copper industry launches app for plumbers, HVAC techs and contractors
Plumbers, HVAC technicians and contractors working out in the field now have a new app that makes it easier and quicker to obtain information about copper tube, piping and fitting as well as different joining methods and applications. The Copper Development Association has converted its popular Copper Tube Handbook into an app that can be downloaded directly onto an iPad or smartphone and carried onto the jobsite.More

Shaffer honored at fuel oil technicians dinner
Carroll County Times
Brian Shaffer, Winters Mill High School, was recognized by the Carroll Fuel Oil Dealers Association and Oil Energy Service Professionals at their annual Spring Technicians Dinner. Shaffer joined professionals gathered for industry updates and training from Beckett and Riello burner representatives. Mike Hodges, who serves on the board for both CCFODA and OESP, presented Brian with a tool box loaded with many of the items he will need as he begins his career.More

Long Island Chapter has a nice day on the water
Being a member of a chapter provides members with other opportunities — such as a day of fishing, golf, crab dinners, Christmas parties and, most of all, educational opportunities.

Last week, Blackman Supply sponsored the L.I. Oilheating & Cooling's annual fishing trip. Looking at the faces of these kids, it looks like they had a great time.

To see what other chapters are doing, visit Most of our chapters have websites that list their activities as well. You can find those chapters sites on our website, too.More

Dreaming of a trip to Europe
We host an annual trip to Europe. The destination is either to ISH, in Frankfurt, Germany, or the Mostra Convegno, in Milan. In 2016, we're heading to Milan for the Monstra on an eight-night trip. We only have a few seats remaining for our trip, which begins in Barcelona. Follow the "Read More" link for the schedule.More

There's still time to register for the new NORA Advanced Air Flow class
Ralph Adams, from Parker Fuel Company and the vice president of our organization, will teach the new NORA Gold Advanced class — Warm Air/Air Flow — beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 5. Cost is $59 per member or $79 for nonmembers.More

How to measure commercial system efficiency
Contracting Business
Some contractors have a distinct advantage in the marketplace over their competitors; they ruthlessly and knowingly measure the live operating efficiency of HVAC systems. With the knowledge they gain, they diagnose and prescribe solutions to system defects that others don't even know exist. Let's take a look at why the gap between everyday HVAC contractors and performance-based contractors is widening.More

Indoor air quality in hospitals
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Hospitals and health care facilities must comply with ASHRAE and other regulatory standards with respect to air change rates, humidity requirements and pressurization. ASHRAE Standard 62.1 is the most commonly referenced standard to meet appropriate HVAC system design. Other factors to consider include the use of UV light to reduce hospital-acquired infections, unique air requirements and outdoor air systems.More

US distillates at 3-year high
The Wall Street Journal
U.S. crude stockpiles fell more than expected in the week ended July 10, according to data released July 15 by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Crude-oil stockpiles fell 4.3 million barrels to 461.4 million barrels, the EIA said, the lowest level since March 13. Distillate stocks, which include heating oil and diesel fuel, rose 3.8 million barrels to 141.3 million barrels, the EIA said. It was the highest level for distillate stocks since Feb. 17, 2012.More

The HVAC industry is nothing short of amazing
Contracting Business
There are a variety of roles for people within the HVACR industry and equally as many for women; anywhere from service to sales to management, from entrepreneurship to manufacturing to corporate roles. As with the myriad of career opportunities, recruitment should be just as broad.More

Vermont state renewable energy plan in the works
The Associated Press via Penn Energy
Vermont's Public Service Department is preparing an update of the state's comprehensive energy plan, and among the areas getting attention are the solar boom and changes in the transportation sector. Department Commissioner Chris Recchia says Vermont's move toward using more distributed energy sources — wind, solar and other renewable sources — will be addressed in the draft plan out later this summer.More

E Source: One-third of North American businesses have some solar
Energy Manager Today
A surprisingly large portion of midsize and large businesses across the U.S. and Canada have installed solar panels, according to the E Source market research report "How Photovoltaics and Distributed Generation Will Disrupt the Utility Industry: 2015 Quantitative Research Results on Business Customer Acquisition of Systems."More

European manufacturers get all worked up over energy labels
By Andrew Gaved
The cooling and heating industries in Europe have come together in a rare alliance with their compadres in the lighting sector to voice their concerns over the European Commission's latest initiative. The EC's new proposal will "recalibrate" its decade-old energy-labeling scheme. But rather than improving consumer-driven energy efficiency, which is the intention, the EC could actually be fostering confusion with its policy, these groups suggest.More