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Jul. 30, 2014

Integrating performance-based services into your residential HVAC contracting company
Contracting Business
Home performance is the science and art of measuring and getting accurate comfort and energy efficiency in residential homes. It's time to make integrating performance-based contracting into your residnetial HVAC contracting firm a priority. Here are some tips that can help you "eat the elephant" one bite at a time.More

NEBB building systems technical commissioning procedural standard updated
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
National Environmental Balancing Bureau has released the 2014 edition of Procedural Standard for Whole Building Systems Technical Commissioning for New Construction. This fourth edition includes the updated requirements for HVAC, building envelope, electrical, special electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems.More

For HVAC service technicians: 3-phase voltage measurement principles
Contracting Business
This article takes a look at the steps required to measure three-phase voltage. If you have not been trained in electrical safety, do not attempt this testing until you have been properly trained and are aware of the safety requirements. Three-phase voltage readings are typically taken at the incoming line side (typically the top) of the disconnect switch or at the line terminal that feeds power to the unit's distribution block, contactor, relay or motor starter. This is usually the safest test location to test voltage.More

Visit Think OESP
Our site continually is being updated. When something occurs in the industry we post it in our Latest News column. Our latest post has to do with AEC (American Energy Coalition) and their new marketing campaign. There will be two webinars, 12:30 p.m. Aug 5 and 9:30 a.m. Aug. 7, to further explain the 2014 marketing plan. To get the code, visit our website.More

Other useful tools
While on the site, you will see that we have an online training center. You will need your password to download any of the classes. We do plan to add new ones early October. You can also view our Online Buyers Guide. This is a great reference for those that are searching for something they need.More

Remember these classes in August
Honeywell Gas Combustion & Connected Solution Thermostat Classes will be presented Aug. 5, at the Grappone Conference Center, in Concord, New Hampshire, and Aug. 6 and 7 at the Holiday Inn, in Mansfield, Massachusetts. The trainer is Rick Pothier from EDOS.

Our next PROSMA (Professional Service Manager’s Academy) core workshop, “Human Resources,” will be presented Aug. 14 at the ICPA School, in Cromwell, Connecticut.

Let’s face it, the industry has changed. In order to create a sustainable business model, companies must adapt their business philosophies and look at their service departments as a profit center. Improving profitability and implementing change is a must. All parties need to be part of a winning team. This session will address how to build and maintain that winning team and thru a panel discussion, attendees will learn with others have done to achieve their goals. This is a great opportunity to learn from others.

To register for any of these classes, visit our website.

The Aug. 1 deadline is approaching! Register today for the upcoming Roadshows. All that have registered by Aug. 1 are in the running for a complimentary two-night stay at the Wyndham hotel.More

Getting the most from systems commissioning of new facilities
Systems commissioning has proven its value to many owners in facility construction and renovation projects. When properly executed systems commissioning leads to fewer contractor call-backs and problematic functional issues. While some level of commissioning makes sense for every project, the value of commissioning tends to increase in proportion to the size and complexity of the project.More

Who says that warranty is for 1 year?
Contractor Magazine
In our experience, warranties are one of the most misunderstood concepts in the construction industry. Many owners, designers and contractors think they have put a one-year warranty in their contracts, when in fact they are 100 percent wrong. Many times, they don't even understand what a warranty is. Most of the time, they don't understand what it covers and how long the contractor or vendor is on the hook.More

The principals of single-phase voltage measurement in HVAC systems
Contracting Business
Correctly measuring and interpreting voltage is essential to every HVAC professional in the field. Installers, maintenance technicians and service technicians measure voltage daily to gain insight into the electrical functions essential for proper mechanical system equipment operation. Let's take a look at the procedures for measuring single-phase voltage.More

Tall and super-tall buildings: HVAC
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
High-rise buildings aren't just big — for engineers, they present big challenges. HVAC systems and indoor air quality must meet exacting standards.More

New effort to get more Central New Yorkers to use solar energy
There is a renewed effort for more people to use solar energy in central New York. There's a new initiative called "Solarize Syracuse," which offers bulk discounts to those who would be interested in the alternative energy source. This initiative is for both homeowners. Qualified property owners will receive a free site assessment to determine the suitability of their property. If their sites are suitable, they will be able to purchase a solar installation at substantial cost savings.More

Digging deep for power savings with geothermal
Long Island Business News
Although solar and wind power attract the most attention, geothermal is becoming the third leg on the alternative energy stool. The amount of geothermal capacity in the United States increased from 3,187 megawatts in 2012 to 3,386 megawatts in 2013, according to the Geothermal Energy Association. Geothermal may finally be coming of age as a better alternative with new equipment that helps companies and residents say goodbye to large heating and cooling bills.More

Commentary: Rhode Island sets example for feds on biodesel
Providence Juornal
Beginning this month, Rhode Island officially launched a new policy for heating oil in the state to contain at least 2 percent biodiesel. As stated by Sen. Susan Sosnowski, D-South Kingstown, the state's requirement is a recognition of the national security, environmental and economic benefits that come from expanding the use of a domestically produced, cleaner-burning, renewable energy source.More

How to make a discount code worth more than just a discount
Offering discount codes to customers both new and old is a great way of encouraging them to engage with your business. But the aim of a discount code shouldn't be to simply make a single sale; it should be to help develop a relationship with your customer that leads to them coming back to you time and time again. If that sounds like a tall order for the humble discount code, you might not be using them correctly.More