OMCA Report
Jan. 17, 2014 wins American Bus Association's Green Operator Award for 2014
Travel Daily News has won the American Bus Association's (ABA) 2014 Green Operator Award. was selected by motorcoach industry peers after an extensive review of operations, including's commitment to environmentally friendly ways to drive, the use of anti-idling techniques when the bus is not in use, the safest and greenest ways to recycle oil and other engine fluids and overall business practices that promote environmental protection and awareness.More

Lessons learned in bus tours
By Jack Webber
I have learned a few things during my many years as a motorcoach driver, and I would like to pass some of them on in the hope that others will learn from my mistakes. Putting all of these tips together on one trip could turn it into one of your most successful trips of the year. Here are six pieces of advice for bus tours, starting with one that is so important in this day and age: never rely on technology.More

New U.S. ruling could make crossing the border easier
Global News
A new ruling by the by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeal says Canadians are exempt from having to produce extensive proof of their reason for travel, as long as they're going for legitimate business or tourism purposes. This is the first time since the expedited removal laws were passed in 1996 that any U.S. court, administrative tribunal or other body has recognized the existence of such an exemption, according to the BC Chamber of Commerce. More

Tour firm to hike price of package vacations as loonie slides
The Gazette
Canadian consumers are being warned the cost of their trips down south will increase in the new year as harsh winter weather spurs demand and tour operators look to recoup the declines in the Canadian dollar. More

An open letter from millennials to hotels
On average, millennials check at least 10 different sites before booking online. So, hotels, we need you to help us help you. First, a robust mobile site is absolutely critical. If your website isn't optimized for mobile devices, we're going to bounce. Responsive design is what you need to ensure your site performs flawlessly on all our devices.More

Cross-country skiing is the way to go in Ontario's winter weather
Hamilton Spectator
Ontario is blessed by scores of Nordic ski centres, some very commercial, others basic, and most within a three-hour drive. You can go high-end like the Horseshoe Resort north of Barrie, staying in handsome rooms just a few paces from access to 55 kilometres of trail, use a comfy near-150-year home like the Minden House B&B in Minden as a base of operations or join an outfit like the Halton Outdoor Club (HOC) and let someone else do the driving. More

Travel resolutions for the new year
Is 'Travel More' on your New Years resolutions list? Why not make this the year you become the ultimate traveller. With just a little advanced planning on your part, you can be travel-ready at a moment's notice. Check out some of these easy ideas and travelling tips to help make your New Year's resolution a reality. More

Tourism industry turns to social media to woo travellers
Global News
The days of wining and dining those in the travel industry aren't over yet, but tourism marketers have found a cheaper and more effective way to connect with travellers — social media. Hot on the heels of a glowing review from British newspaper The Guardian, which included Alberta on its list of top places to visit in 2014, Travel Alberta is trying to capitalize on the shout out. More

Best Places to Travel in Canada: 2014
The Huffington Post
The list is in its third year and has emerged as a great forecaster and influencer of Canadian travel. For 2013, Fortress Louisbourg in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, was the No. 1 destination and it saw a 37 per cent increase in visitation from its 2012 levels.More

An open letter to tour company suppliers
By Shebby Lee
I am a writer. Not surprisingly, I like to have my work read. Mostly I write tour descriptions, ad copy, newsletters or blogs encouraging prospective customers to book tours. But there are other uses for my golden prose, and it always surprises me that more travel professionals don't take advantage of these opportunities to get to know their current and prospective clients better. More

What the sharing economy means to the future of travel
Collaborative consumption, once an idealist niche for hitchhikers and backpackers, has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry thanks to the economic, social and technological changes of the past decade. The travel industry is the sector most affected by the meteoric growth of sharing and collaborative consumption. How can incumbent companies learn from this fast-growing segment of the travel industry? More