OMCA Report
May. 31, 2013

OMCA's 2nd quarter Driver Licence Status Check detects hundreds of downgraded and invalid licences
OMCA recently conducted the second licence status check of the year. The licence status for 47,203 drivers (including over 28,000 bus drivers) was checked against the MTO driver database and a report was sent by e-mail to each subscriber identifying drivers with a licence discrepancy. Subscribers could then contact drivers whose licences have been downgraded or suspended to preempt any possibility of a driver getting involved in an accident or incident while holding an improper or suspended licence. As with past status checks (this was our 18th quarterly check) many subscribers were surprised by their results, thankful that our system caught these problems before anything happened. "Finding out about a suspended or downgraded licence is the best $1.30 you can spend," said one subscriber. "Without your service, it might have been months before we discovered these licence problems." There are still some OMCA and OSBA members who have not yet subscribed to this service so we always welcome new subscribers. Our service now allows us to check drivers with any class of licence, including Class G. For this reason, many operators have included their service truck drivers, mechanics and office staff, anyone who drives a company vehicle. For further information, go to or contact 416-229-6622 (230) The next Quarterly Status Check will be in August.More

Mark Your Calendars!
Registration for the OMCA Golf Tournament on August 20 is currently underway! Fees will remain the same this year (see pricing below). Sponsorship opportunities are still available. If you wish to purchase a sponsorship, please make sure you register for the sponsorship online. For more information please visit our golf website at Members can help support the OMCA Development Fund by donating a gift item to the Golf Tournament raffle. All proceeds from the raffle go directly to the Fund, which in turn provides tuition awards for deserving students in a travel and tourism program. Please email if you wish to donate a gift. Gifts can be sent to the OMCA office or members can bring it the day of the tournament.

Early Bird Price (before July 19th) $900
Regular Price $980

Early Bird Price $225
Regular Price $245

Bombardier branches out into electric bus business
The Globe and Mail
An unusual item dominated Bombardier's display stand at one of the world's biggest transportation exhibitions. It wasn't a shiny new plane or train. It was a bus. The orange-and-white bus looked perfectly ordinary on the outside, but it was the showpiece for Bombardier's push into a fast-growing new market — electric buses — that the Montreal-based company thinks has the potential to go global.More

Survey says travel is great for your romantic life
Toronto Star
A new national survey the company conducted found that 63 per cent of Canadians confess that travel increases the likelihood of sex. A full 94 per cent of folks said that focusing on enjoying their partner’s company is the best part of travelling together, while 33 per cent said their inhibitions are lowered during vacation. The travel magazines are always touting Vancouver as the top city in Canada, and for some legitimate reasons (including geographical beauty, of course). But a study by MasterCard called the Global Destination Cities Index says Toronto should squeak ahead this year in terms of arrival numbers.More

Toronto has the most to gain by supporting the Metrolinx plan
The Globe and Mail
A long-awaited report from the Metrolinx transit agency proposes raising $2 billion a year by imposing a commercial parking tax, a 5-cent-a-litre gas tax and a one percentage point increase in the sales tax. But will it happen? Is the Metrolinx report really a turning point, or is it destined to join a stack of stillborn transit plans for the Toronto region? A lot depends on the people of Greater Toronto and the men and women who lead them. Now that Metrolinx has reported, the issue has entered the political realm. More

Wheels on the bus to take you back in time
Shoreline Beacon
When searching for a location to make a home what makes one place better than another? The Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre hopes to answer that question as it relates to the settlement of the town of Paisley during its Forgotten Lives Bus Tour: Forging a Home in the Wilderness on June 10. More

London sports marketer offering big rides for big games
Metro News
Londoner Greg Matthison has launched a service aimed at solving transportation and parking issues at sporting events. The local sports marketer is offering sports trips for less than $100. More

How can Canada attract more international tourists?
The Huffington Post
In the face of relentless competition and staggering budget cuts, the Canadian Tourism Commission has deployed a strategy that involves provincial and municipal tourism boards and agencies focusing on traditional markets like the United States. More

Tourisme Montréal invests over $10 million in promotion to stimulate tourism growth
Canada Newswire
With the summer tourist season just around the corner, Tourisme Montréal revealed its promotional strategies to draw even more visitors to the city in 2013. In total, funding of over $10 million will be allocated to promotion, public relations and sales initiatives in order to drive an ambitious tourist volume growth target of 2 per cent. For the most part, these efforts will target the North-Eastern United States, Ontario and Québec markets. More

Motor Coach sells four buses to Canadian military
Winnipeg Free Press
Winnipeg's Motor Coach Industries has inked a new deal to make buses for the Canadian military. The Canadian Armed Forces will get four new highway cruiser buses for transportation of personnel under the terms of the $2.2 million contract recently announced. An option for six more buses is part of the deal. More

Milton council rejects Metrolinx's proposed revenue plan
Milton town council is frustrated with The Big Move. That was evident at a recent meeting, where councillors unanimously rejected all of the revenue tools being proposed to fund the Metrolinx transit project that strategizes how to tackle gridlock and improve transportation access, integration and efficiency in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) over the next 25 years. Ward 2 Councillor Greg Nelson summed up his thoughts on the matter in two words — it sucks.More

U.S. lawmakers torn over proposed border-crossing fee
CTV News
By Michael Hill's estimation, 90 per cent of the people pumping gas at his station just south of the U.S.-Canada border in Washington state are Canadians. Gas north of the 49th parallel, he said, is about $1.30 per gallon more expensive than in the United States. But that's not the only product that Canadians seek in visits to Washington state: Beer, wine and milk are significantly cheaper (beer and wine alone are roughly half the price in the U.S.). More

Bud Gardens needs to expand: Tourism London
CTV News
Tourism London says Budweiser Gardens needs to grow and warned city councillors a multi-million dollar expansion plan will be coming later this year. It says the arena's "back of house" area must be expanded if Bud Gardens is to retain its position as a world-class facility. Increasingly complex concerts and sporting events require much larger back stage areas. More

Hudak's appreciation of Highway 69 is encouraging
Sudbury Star
It is refreshing to see Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak show he appreciates the need to complete the four-laning of Highway 69 to Sudbury from Parry Sound, but there are obstacles that may yet delay the planned 2017 date for completion of the project. Hudak has now acknowledged highways 69 and 11 as "essential arteries that are going to pump new jobs, more investment and more tourists into Northern Ontario." More

Greyhound offers a free weekend outing to any Six Flags park
The Dallas Morning News
Greyhound announced that it will give someone a weekend getaway worth $4,000 to any Six Flags theme park. The package that will be awarded to an individual and three guests includes admission to the Six Flags park of their choice, free round-trip tickets on Greyhound, a two-night hotel stay, food, beverages and more. More

Monitor people and equipment
Today's Trucking
There's a new telematics offering on the market that was originally created and used for search-and-rescue missions by the Israeli military, according to Cellutrak Canada. Adapted for fleet use, it now comprises a line of products that include "Control" and "iTrailer." The company, newly part of an 18-year-old international enterprise, uses both GPS & GSM networks to gather, transmit, and store vehicle information, and location data. More