OMCA Report
Jun. 12, 2015

MTO resources available on 'Driving Through Roundabouts'
Roundabouts are becoming more popular across Ontario and drivers can expect to encounter them more in the future. The idea behind them is to allow traffic to keep moving where two or more roads intersect, instead of having stop signs or signal lights. Large commercial vehicles may need to use more than one lane when entering and exiting the roundabout. Within the roundabout, large vehicles may also need to use more than one lane and/or the "apron" (an area between the circular roadway and the centre island) over which the rear wheels of these vehicles can safely track.

To educate new drivers on how to drive through roundabouts, MTO has included information in the Official Driver's Handbook. "Driving Through Roundabouts" can be found at: and "Dealing with Particular Situations at a Roundabout" can be found at

MTO has also developed pamphlets and training material on roundabouts which is available on the ministry's website at: More

World Meeting of Families — Philadelphia 2015 announces the opening of its official bus operator registration website by GO GROUND
OMCA via GO GROUND / World Meeting of Families — Philadelphia 2015
Coach and tour operators planning on traveling to or through Philadelphia this fall, please note the following information re: the upcoming World Meeting of Families event, as sent in by GO GROUND:

World Meeting of Families — Philadelphia 2015 recently announced the opening of its Official Registration Site ( for all commercial charter buses and privately-owned buses going to the World Meeting of Families — Philadelphia and the historic visit by Pope Francis in September.

The organizers have asked for the assistance of our operators to complete a short survey to help them estimate and plan for the significant number of attendees anticipated. To participate, visit

One of their goals "is to make sure there are no surprises for operators and attendees when they arrive in Philadelphia as it relates to parking and travel. Because the Department of Homeland Security has designated the WMOF as a National Special Security Event, traffic patterns will be altered, some highways will closed, and parking will be limited and restricted. Those who wait until the last minute or plan to find a spot on their own will likely be disappointed to find they cannot get anywhere near the venue. Registration by July 31 is the only way operators (private or commercial) can be assured of parking within the event perimeter."More

Not business as usual
Travel Industry Today
Last November TravelBrands threw a party for industry partners at which CEO Frank DeMarinis boasted that the company they had bought from Thomas Cook just 18 months earlier had returned to profitability. So what happened? Barely six months later, Travel Brands owes its creditors $115.9 million and is under credit protection while it restructures. More

Honda Indy Toronto closes downtown roads
Global News
What often seems like a marathon of road closures begins this weekend. The Honda Indy Toronto is this weekend, but the road closures started Wednesday at noon. The southbound lanes of Strachan Ave. will be closed from Fleet St. to Lake Shore Blvd. W. More

Ontario's public high school teachers preparing for possible fall strike
The Globe and Mail
Ontario's public high school teachers are on their way to mounting a province-wide strike in September after asking earlier this week for a conciliator. At the same time, 10,000 francophone elementary and high school teachers with the Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens (AEFO) this week gave their union leadership a 93-per-cent strike mandate vote. More

Temporary HOV lanes: How to get around during the Pan Am Games
CTV News
As the 2015 Pan Am Games approach, Toronto-area police are preparing for the expected increase in traffic with a series of specialty lanes. Earlier this year, Pan Am officials asked Ontario commuters to "do their part" to reduce congestion during the games by choosing transit and carpooling to keep delays at a minimum. Officials estimated that the only way to prevent further traffic delays during the Games is to cut commuter traffic by 20 per cent. More

How user-generated content inspires travel bookings
Travellers expect to see real experiences from your guests. In fact, they depend on it. According to a 2014 Google report, 83 per cent of people reference social networking, video, or photos sites for travel inspiration. That means high resolution photos, high definition video, and authentic testimonials that make travelers feel as if they've undergone a guest experience before they ever make a reservation.More

How many people actually drive on the East Gardiner expressway?
Toronto Star
Toronto city council has spent much time debating the future of the aging east Gardiner Expressway. Two main options were on the table: replace the highway with a modified "hybrid" version or knock it down in favour of an at-grade, eight-lane boulevard. How many drivers use that stretch of the Gardiner? More

Apple Maps transit directions work across much of Southern Ontario
Apple recently announced that Toronto will be one of 10 major cities in North America that will support Apple Maps transit directions on iOS 9 in the fall, but after early testing we can confirm that the new routing option for bus, subway, light rail, train and ferry directions will actually extend well beyond the city limits and TTC to cover much of the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. More

Editorial: Pan Am gridlock is worth enduring
Toronto Star
Even on a good day, travel in Toronto and the surrounding region is fraught with uncertainty. Infuriating delays can result from factors as varied as a stalled car on a highway to a shut subway system. Within a few weeks expect a fresh hurdle: highway lane restrictions to accommodate the Pan Am Games. Traffic slowdowns seem unavoidable. But rather than ranting and raging and castigating local planners, commuters would do well to take delays in stride. More

From data to action: The future of hospitality marketing
Big data is driving opportunities to create loyalty and conversions for the hospitality industry, but it's also posing challenges. Databases are often dispersed across disparate sectors of hotel brands' infrastructures. The key to leveraging the power of customer information is to bring these datasets together. More

Pan Am transportation plans unveiled
Toronto Sun
With the 2015 Pan Am Games beginning soon, organizers are ramping up their transportation plan, which includes details on transit enhancements, information tools for transit users and drivers in the GTA and other locations where the games are being held, and temporary traffic changes in those regions. More