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Jun. 13, 2014

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For Sale: 2008 MCI J4500 - RARE FIND
56 passenger Detroit Diesel S-60 with jakes, B-500 Allison, approx. 675,000 KM, luxury touring coach with original owner, LCD monitors, DVD, REI Sound system, 110 V receptacles, lavatory with holding tank, enclosed parcel racks, Alcoa Dura bright rims etc. Asking $289,000.00 CDN plus HST. Email or call 519-747-1230. More

How to build better transit infrastructure
National Post
Letter-writer Steen Petersen argues that, "Governments should direct all gas tax revenues to transportation and infrastructure — as initially intended." I submit that if all the taxes paid on fuel were used for their intended purpose — instead of going into general revenue — there would not be a pothole in Canada. Canadians from coast to coast would drive on roads that would be the envy of other around the world.More

Ontario election: NDP bus offers a strange ride for reporters
Global News
It's a cross between a 1950's diner, and a basement rec room — except it's on wheels. Welcome aboard "Easy Rider," the NDP campaign bus. The first thing you notice are the seats. They are red and black leather (or is that pleather?) and placed in an odd configuration of communal tables and couches. More

Toronto's summer of gridlock
Toronto Star
The road construction season of 2014 is the worst in recent memory, say drivers. Lane closures are plugging the Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Blvd. West, even on weekends. The TTC and city have Queen St. East blocked and Queens Quay is also an obstacle course of construction. More

High-occupancy lanes don't really solve anything
HOV lanes are a congestion win while being a psychological loss. If you're not in that lane, you hate the people who are. On a crowded highway, try to make your way over to that lane. Try to get out of it to get to your exit. There are drivers who are better at blocking than whoever won the last Super Bowl. Those clearly marked entry and exit points make good sense on paper, but I think you should be able to exit commuter lanes when it's safest to do so, not when the paint says you can. More

Transat posts loss as weaker loonie hits bottom line
The Globe and Mail
Package tour operator Transat A.T. posted a loss in the second quarter as the impact of the lower Canadian dollar hit hard but the results were better than expected. Montreal-based Transat said the second-quarter net loss was $7.9 million or 20 cents per share, compared with a net loss of $22.8 million in the year-earlier period. More

OPP: More than 10,000 Ontario drivers involved in collisions with animals every year, some fatal
Canada Newswire
Ontario boasts some of the most scenic driving for those who live in and visit the province's vast rural communities, but it comes with a cost with more than 10,000 drivers a year being involved in wildlife collisions. Over the past five years (2009 to 2013), close to 60,000 wildlife collisions were reported to the OPP. Nineteen of the people involved in these collisions died and more than 2,200 of them sustained injuries. More

Celebrating 100 years, Greyhound turns 2 buses into mobile museums
Los Angeles Times
This year, some Greyhound buses will take you into the past. Two mobile museums are criss-crossing the country, including California, to tell the company's story of how it has been transporting Americans for the past 100 years. The mobile museums' tour started in Boston on May 29. This month buses will visit Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Cleveland, among other locations.More

VDO electronic log
Today's Trucking
Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket now offers the VDO RoadLog, an electronic log device (ELD) that's compatible with mechanical-ignition vehicles and those that pre-date diagnostic ports, as well as trucks with the newer 9- or 6-pin diagnostic ports. The ability to customize the wiring configuration allows this ELD to be used on both old and new trucks. More

How unsafe is the commercial bus industry?
The recent shut down of bus companies like Fung Wah, part of the federal government's widespread crackdown on the commercial bus industry, prompts the question: are you actually less safe traveling by bus than other transit modes? More

Coach operator charged for no 'Chartered' sign
On the long weekend, an OMCA coach operator had one of their coaches inspected by an OPP officer in Wasaga, ON. The operator was issued a ticket for no "Chartered" sign on the front of the coach. More

Police crackdown: No booze on party buses
Maple Ridge News
The party bus industry received a stern reminder from police and the province recently to keep alcohol off their rolling discos as graduation season approaches. After six years of tirelessly lobbying the province to regulate the burgeoning industry.More

Viva fleet gets outfitted with bike racks
Yonge Street
Just under four years ago, York Region Transit (YRT) added front-end bike racks to its fleet of over 300 "conventional" buses. Just recently, the same bike racks were added to each bus on the Viva system, York Region's bus rapid transit service. More

Data collected on smartphones improving how we move through the city
CTV News
New data collection strategies are changing your city's landscape, one bit at a time. Information being gathered via smartphone is allowing planners glimpses into how we use infrastructure in cities. That helps them make better decisions about what needs to be improved and where new projects should go. More

The independent contractor as a corporation: Taking advantage of the law
By Laurence D. Gore
Numerous travel agencies make use of a host agency and, in so doing, become effectively the host's independent contractor. There are many good reasons to also consider use of the corporate structure by the individual agent. In fact, it often makes more sense from a liability standpoint of the independent contractor to exist as a corporation rather than as an individual. In the regretful possibility of a lawsuit against the individual, it is quite possible to expose one's entire assets to a judgment. These scenarios are not that far-fetched. More

To love or to hate Chinese tourists
By Linchi Kwok
What would it look like if thousands of Chinese tourists showed up in your neighborhood at one time? No way? Actually, it's a "Chinese" way, and it just happened in Southern California recently. Los Angeles and San Diego just hosted a record number of nearly 7,000 Chinese tourists in one group. They only stayed for one week within Southern California, but they took 86 flights, occupied 26 hotels and spent $10,000 per person. Add that up and the area collected about $70 million in just one week. More