OMCA Report
Jul. 11, 2014

Early-bird rate for Marketplace ends July 31!
Don't forget to register now for the 2014 Marketplace to get the special early-bird rate! Click here to register now and don't forget to book your hotel accommodations early! For alternate hotels in the OMCA block, please see our Accommodations page. If you need any assistance, please contact us at the office at or 416-229-6622. More

Get movin' and join the OMCA Fun Walk/Run at Marketplace!
We invite you to discover Ottawa on foot during the OMCA Fun Run/Walk on Sunday, November 9 during the Annual Marketplace! Sign up when you register for Marketplace or send an email to For more information visit our site at

August 4th Manchester United vs. Real Madrid soccer match expected to create extra bus traffic at Windsor-Detroit border crossings
100,000 soccer fans are expected to attend the Guinness International Champions Cup soccer game between Manchester United and Real Madrid at Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI on August 2, 2014. Game time is 4 pm. Coach and Tour Operators should anticipate a higher than normal number of coaches using the Ambassador Bridge and Detroit Windsor Tunnel prior to and after the game. US CBP will adjust border officer staffing to meet expected traffic volumes and they have contacted OMCA asking for information on any large multi-coach bus trips planned for this event. Coach and Tour Operators planning to send buses to the event are asked to contact Dave Carroll at

Garden tourism growing in Canada
Toronto Star
What's your idea of a perfect summer vacation? Call me a yahoo, but I no longer want to line up with hordes of other hot, grumpy tourists outside museums in Paris. To heck with Van Gogh and his overhyped sunflowers and irises. I'd much rather stroll around a lovely, uncrowded garden, looking at real flowers.More

Road rage rises over summer in Canada, experts say
CBC News
An alleged baseball bat assault. A can of pepper spray unloaded into a toddler's face. A vicious beating over an offensively flicked cigarette. Bad things can happen if you cross the wrong motorist on the mean streets of courteous Canada, and the rising summer temperatures will probably inflame that aggressive behaviour, psychologists and traffic safety experts warn. Ontario police charged a 27-year-old truck driver this week after he allegedly tailgated a family's car, pulled up next to the other motorist to exchange words, then threw a steel block at their window, showering broken glass into the backseat and hurting a baby and a five-year-old child.More

Why Ontario drivers pay the highest car insurance rates in the country
The Globe and Mail
Ontario has the highest auto insurance rates in Canada, with the average annual premium at $1,544.86 in 2012 — 45 per cent more than in Alberta, the second-most costly. For young men like Dasko in the 16-to-24 age group, the hit is the worst — classified by the industry as high risk, they are charged stratospheric rates.More

Stop complaining, Canada: Your traffic is bad, but far from worst
Global News
The next time you're pounding on your horn while stuck on Autoroute 15 into Montreal or grinding your teeth sitting still on Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway, relish in some commuter schadenfreude. It could be much worse. Four Canadian cities known for their gridlock woes made a new list of North American and European metropolitan areas with the worst traffic. But, Canada's bumper-to-bumper commutes pale in comparison to cities south of the border or across the pond.More

Greyhound travels with heavy metal band in new 'tour' campaign
Media Post
Greyhound is showing how easy it is to travel via their buses. Even famous rock bands do it. Created by BSSP, Greyhound's new "Tour In Style" ad campaign tells a story about what happens when heavy metal rock band “MuttonGut” (actually part of an improv comedy group) finds its tour bus has been replaced with a new Greyhound bus complete with passengers.More expands reserved seating serving 30 cities in North America
Nassau News Live has announced it will be expanding its reserved-seating program on select routes to/from 30 cities in North America. The new service option allows customers to choose from 10 popular seats for a nominal fee. Tickets for specific reserved seats can be purchased at today, with service beginning September 10.More

Tourism Industry Welcomes Transportation Review as Important Step to Improving Canada's Competitiveness as a Global Destination
David Goldstein, President and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) welcomes today's announcement by Transportation Minister Lisa Raitt to review the competitiveness of Canada's aviation cost structure as part of the Government's review of the Canada Transportation Act (CTA).More

This bus driver uses songs and stories to help tell tourists about Washington
The Washington Post
The 23-year-old from Southeast Washington started driving one of Old Town Trolley's distinctive orange-and-green buses after three months of training. During the day, he does the looping routes through the city. He does impersonations of actual Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton and of fictitious anchorman Ron Burgundy.More

Greyhound driver assaulted at Kitchener bus terminal
CBC News
A 35-year-old Kitchener man has been charged with assault after a Greyhound bus driver was hit in the face at the Charles Street transit terminal.More

10th Annual Ontario Tourism Summit
We are excited to announce that Jennifer Shah, SVP & Partner, Digital & Marketing Communications at Fleishman-Hillard, will be presenting back-to-back social media sessions at the Ontario Tourism Summit. More

FAM-fare for Canada: international media blow Canada's trumpet.
Journalists are always on the hunt for the latest angle or the latest trend. Canada’s tourism experiences are full of great stories, authentic tales that can encourage consumers to book their next vacation. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) organizes FAM (familiarization) trips for leading media and bloggers in each of its key international markets to help deliver those stories. As part of our new quarterly series, we highlight some of the trips taken this past spring and the leading titles they were featured in:More

Ditch the beach and plan a thrill-seeking getaway
By Dave G. Houser
Emboldened by the likes of ESPN's X-Games, NBC's World of Adventure Sports series or the nonstop menu of adrenaline-inspired feats seen on the Extreme Sports Channel, a growing number of Americans are forsaking traditional beach and theme park outings for hardcore action and adventure getaways. In the mood for a real adrenaline rush? Why not pay $200,000 to fly to space on Virgin Galactic? There are, of course, more down to earth and affordable options for adventure.More