OMCA Report
Aug. 1, 2014

OMCA Golf Tournament: Registration closes August 13
We're less than three weeks away from our annual golf tournament! This year marks our 44th tournament and we want you to be there on August 19, 2014! Registration closes on August 13, so click here to register now and to access schedule and accommodations info. More

P.R.I.D.E. Program Master Trainers Available To Help Improve Your Driver Training Program
Do you require expert evaluation, guidance and/or assistance with your in-house safety and training programs? If so, perhaps think about contracting the Professional Instructor in Driver Education (P.R.I.D.E.) Program master trainers. "Sometimes our own internal systems, policies and styles can become complacent so it is helpful to get external feedback and perspective about things we are doing well and things we could consider doing differently", said P.R.I.D.E. Master Trainer Graham Walker.

P.R.I.D.E. Program Master Trainers are available for a variety of undertakings including observation/feedback of internal trainer skills and training sessions and customized sessions at safety workshops or driver start-up meetings (excludes creating or revising a Recognized Authority's driver training program curriculum under the MTO DCP - Driver Certification Program). "We have had several P.R.I.D.E. Program master trainers come on-site to our organization and provide invaluable, interactive workshops that received rave reviews and requests for repeat appearances from drivers and staff alike," said Mark Begg, General Manager, Delaney Bus Lines.

For more information including fees and services, please contact Michele O'Bright at or 416-695-9965 Ext. 6. More

Editorial: Seatbelts should be obligatory in new tour buses
Montreal Gazette
It almost seems hard to believe that all inter-city or tour buses don't have seatbelts, when they are used on nearly every other form of transportation. They have been mandatory in cars and airplanes for decades, so they wouldn't be out of place on buses. Perhaps because bus accidents are so rare, the issue only comes to the forefront every few years when a fatal crash makes headlines. More

Distracted-driving blitz starts in Toronto and York
Toronto Star
Drivers who are tempted to talk, text or even check their cell phones while driving are being reminded that these actions are against the law, and police in Toronto and York Region are making extra efforts to ensure motorists follow the rules. The CAA South Central Ontario in partnership with members of the Traffic Safety Coalition has recently launched a six-week long distracted-driving initiative. More

OPP: Steady rise in charges for drivers who don't 'Move Over'
After 10 years of education efforts, which includes more than 11,000 charges on record since the law came into effect, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is dismayed to see a slow but steady increase in the number of "Move Over" charges it has laid against drivers since 2010. The OPP will be looking to Ontario drivers to help them reinforce the importance of Ontario's Move Over law by setting a good example and observing this important law over the Civic Day Long Weekend. More

New highway interchange improving access to London
Government of Ontario
Ontario is building a new interchange at Highway 401 and Wonderland Road that will make it easier and faster for families and businesses to get in and out of London while supporting 180 construction jobs. The project includes four new ramps and two new bridges, as well as local road improvements. Construction is underway and is targeted for completion by fall 2015. More

Building of new U.S.-Canadian bridge moving forward with new authority
Trucking Info
The building of a new bridge connecting the U.S. and Canada took another step forward recently with the appointments of members to an authority that will oversee construction of the new public owned span between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, MI. The project, known as the Detroit River International Crossing in Canada and the New International Trade Crossing in Michigan, consists of four major infrastructure components; the six-lane bridge, the Canadian port of entry, the U.S. port of entry and an interchange connection to Interstate 75 in Michigan. More

Are mall parking lots too dangerous?
The Huffington Post
Mall parking lots should be places of relative peace, considering cars and trucks and minivans just sit there while drivers and passengers do what they have to do in the nearby stores or office buildings. But anyone who's driven in a large commercial lot lately knows they can often be places of chaos, confusion and, occasionally, tragedy.More

Airbnb presents a growing threat to hotel industry
By Archita Datta Majumdar
The hotel industry can no longer ignore the Airbnb phenomenon and write it off as a wannabe competitor. One simple reason is that Airbnb has not disappeared from the scene as yet another new fad that bites the dust. Another more important one is that Airbnb's popularity and sales both seem to be rising too fast for comfort. In a recent faceoff, New York hotels and New York's attorney general called listings on the site as "illegal" hotels, while Airbnb called the officials' efforts a "government-sponsored fishing expedition." More

How Toronto mayoral candidates' transit plans stack up
City News
Toronto's public transit is emerging as a key issue in the mayoral race which is less than three months away. And each of the five leading candidates have made it a central election platform. Here is how each one stacks up against the other.More

Company disputes Toronto's private parking ticket ban
Toronto Star
It's been 10 years since the city banned private parking tickets, but the yellow slips that closely resemble Toronto city tickets keep showing up under windshield wipers across town. More

Kitchener tour company has come a long way
The Record
When Larry Hundt was a student at the University of Waterloo in 1969, he hired buses to carry students back to their homes in the Greater Toronto Area on Friday evenings and return with them on Sunday nights. "It was a crazy market at the university at the time," he says. More

Highway 407 operator fights to sue drivers for years-old fees
The Globe and Mail
The company that operates Ontario's Highway 407 is fighting to keep its ability to sue users of the toll road over outstanding fees more than a decade old. The Ontario Superior Court will decide in August whether the statute of limitations on taking legal action to collect overdue fees is capped at 15 years or two.More

Hilton hotels launch mobile check-in services
One of the largest hotel chains in the world, Hilton Worldwide, has announced a major digitization of its client services that will allow guests to check in and choose their exact room on their portable devices, not unlike the modern airport check-in process — a move that could further reduce the importance of the front desk. The new strategy is designed to give guests more control over their stay, says the chain. More

Old London double-decker added to Victoria's tourist bus fleet
Times Colonist
Gray Line Sightseeing Victoria is leaning heavily on the past to ensure a healthy bottom line for the future. The company, a division of Wilson's Transportation, has added what is believed to be the oldest bus in the country to its fleet of double-decker tour buses. More

Sport tourism boom continues in Ontario, thanks to TORONTO 2015 Games
Canada Newswire
The TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games are now just 11 months away and preparations are reaching new heights with top athletes preparing for nine sport test events coming to Ontario in August — the most of any month leading up to the Games. More