OMCA Report
Oct. 24, 2014

Ontario's Minister of Transportation announces the 'Making Ontario's Roads Safer Act' to amend the 'Highway Traffic Act'
Last Tuesday Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca announced he will be introducing the Making Ontario Roads Safer Act in the legislature. This Act to amend the Highway Traffic Act has many of the same HTA amendments that comprised the previous Keeping Ontario Roads Safe Act introduced by the previous Minister last March, but died when the writ was dropped.More

OMCA/MLH 2nd Annual Hockey Tournament coming to Ottawa!
On Saturday, Nov. 8, Tourism Toronto will by vying to defend its Cup on the ice against returning powerhouse Niagara Falls Tourism and hometown favourites, Ottawa Tourism!

Last year's inaugural tournament took place in Toronto and attracted many local players from the area. This year, many players will be coming from Montreal to join the event! We are still looking to attract more from the Ottawa area for this event and are also planning to run a return shuttle to our nation's capital from the GTA – stay tuned!

It's not too late to sign up! Join the several players that have already registered. If you and any of your friends are interested, please contact John Temple at for more information.

Draft day will take place on Nov. 3. All skill levels are welcome and teams will be balanced.

Participate in this fun event that raises funds to support two worthy causes and our travel industry. Join now! More

Coach Operator Program at OMCA Fall Conference promises great value for money!
The OMCA Conference & Marketplace in Ottawa is just two weeks away — Nov. 8-12, 2014. Get the latest information on key industry topics that affect your operations today and discover new tools to help elevate your business. Reconnect with old friends and colleagues in the industry and expand your professional network. For just $450, the Coach Operator program provides two days of valuable educational sessions and networking opportunities.More

DCP benchmark compliance audits due Oct. 30
Recognized Authorities (RAs) under the MTO's Driver Certification Program (DCP) are reminded that the benchmark compliance audit reports are due at MTO by Oct. 30. RAs would have received the benchmark compliance audit information package and audit report template on June 23, 2014. The benchmark audit will not result in any sanction activity by the Ministry in cases where an RA's program falls short of the program standards and policies. RAs can obtain the benchmark audit information package by contacting Dave Carroll at More

OPP, Toronto and York police conduct impaired, distracted driving blitz
680 News
Ontario provincial police have teamed up with police forces in Toronto and York Region to crack down on impaired and distracted driving in Markham. The four-day campaign will focus on the "Big 4" — aggressive, distracted and impaired driving and not wearing a seatbelt. More

Long-shot mayoral candidate Ari Goldkind releases video of massive transit platform
Metro News
It's Transit City, the Big Move and a few more bells and whistles all rolled into one audacious –—not to mention massive — transit platform. Its brazen author, Ari Goldkind, a 40-year-old lawyer and fourth-placed mayoral candidate, deliberately courts controversy by proposing to extend the St. Clair streetcar right-of way and implement a whole new range of taxes to pay for transit. More

Commuter survey still available online
Inside Ottawa Valley
A disappointing response to a commuter survey aimed at gauging interest in a bus service from Smiths Falls to Ottawa has resulted in a shift to online in hopes of receiving the potential riders needed to start the service. Anyone interested in using a bus service like this is urged to email Classic Alliance Motorcoach at: and let them know you would be willing to take part in such a service. More

Ministry of Labour orders bike racks removed on certain TTC buses
Toronto Star
If you're a cyclist who relies on an articulated TTC bus as part of your commute, you'll have to get by without the bike rack until the transit agency figures out a solution to a recently discovered safety issue. Bicycles plunked on the racks of certain buses can impair a driver's view of the road, and the Ministry of Labour has ordered the racks not be used.More

Canadian border guards screening for Ebola virus at land crossings
You may have noticed coming back from a shopping trip over the line a few new questions from Canada Border Services Agency border guards. Along with getting asked the usual where you went and what you have to declare, border guards at Canadian land crossings like Peace Arch and Pac-Highway are also asking you if you're coming back from West Africa or if you've had any contact with anyone from that part of the world.More

Coach Canada to discontinue bus service from Hamilton to Niagara
Hamilton Spectator
Coach Canada will soon end its bus service from Hamilton to Niagara region, citing unfair competition with GO Transit to the area. It will also reduce service to Kitchener and will monitor ridership due to concerns about a similar drop in demand there. More

You can't Google this: Why travel agents beat booking on the Web
By Pat B. Josten
Without a doubt, travel agents and our highly valued travel partners do a much better job collectively booking our clients' travel then they could ever do online. We savvy travel agents know so much more than Mr. Google knows. In short, if travelers don't employ our services, they are simply not traveling conveniently, safely, smartly — and certainly not glamorously. Let's begin with five things we know for sure, so as not to get too full of ourselves.More

Best Western Thompson 1 of 6 Canadian hotels to win 2 company awards
Thompson Citizen
Best Western Thompson was one only 44 hotels out of Best Western International's 2,100 properties in the U.S. and Canada to receive both the M.K. Guertin Award and the Champion Customer Care Award at Best Western International's 2014 convention in Toronto. More

Ontario serves up toughest penalties in Canada with distracted driving bill
Mero News
Distracted drivers in Ontario will face the toughest penalties in Canada for talking or texting on hand-held smart phones under legislation revived by the Liberal government.More

Ontario won't work with Canada Border Services Agency on road blitzes
Ontario will no longer allow the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to join the province's road safety blitzes, which federal agents have used to make arrests on immigration violations, the government announced recently. More

Intercity bus company slashes service across Quebec
Montreal Gazette
The Quebec Transport Commission has approved deep cuts to intercity bus service to small towns across Quebec. Orléans Express, the bus company that provides the only form of public transportation to many regions of the province, has been complaining for years that it can no longer maintain unprofitable routes. More

Are border checks going too far?
Truck News
For a large number of Canadian drivers, crossing the U.S. border is part of the regular driving routine. Recently I was pulled in for a secondary inspection. Do you have any weapons? Do you have any cash over $10,000? Do you have alcohol or tobacco on-board? Do you have any fruits and vegetables? As all of us who cross the border on a regular basis know, you must declare all of these things. This is standard procedure on both sides of the border. But in this instance I was also asked what electronic devices I had and was asked to provide passwords to access them. More