OMCA Report
Nov. 7, 2014

GroupConnect adds new functions
OMCA via GroupConnect
GroupConnect has implemented new functions to this month in anticipation of the OMCA Marketplace in Ottawa. These include: TripAdvisor member review system; multiple language profile options; new user friendly member profile area; and itinerary/trip builder option.

InfoTree, GroupConnect's management partner, has a dedicated team of engineers assigned to GroupConnect and will continue to develop new functions every couple of months.

All these new functions are being created to provide the end user with more opportunities to find your business/services which in turn provides you with opportunities to close more sales.

For more information, please contact GroupConnect at 1-866-644-1664 or More

Private bus service looking to expand across Toronto
Global News
The organization that launched a charter bus taking commuters to Union Station from Liberty Village is close to launching another route — this time, from the Beaches — a route that could directly compete with the TTC. But TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said the public transit agency isn’t taking any action — yet.More

New Hamilton GO Transit bus facility aims to achieve LEED Certification
The new facility will make it easier for GO Transit to provide timely, reliable and efficient service in the area and is strategically positioned to provide good access to the highway network on which GO Transit bus service operates. It will include indoor bus storage for up to 40 buses; indoor service bays for fuelling, bus wash, inspection, cleaning and repairs; building service support areas including equipment and storage rooms; and staff facilities and parking.More

Greyhound reduces volume of Guelph-connected bus routes
Guelph Mercury
With local ridership declining, Greyhound Canada is reducing its frequency of trips through the Guelph area — at least for the time being. But regional vice-president David Butler said that will be revisited in the spring, particularly if ridership — and accompanying revenue — shifts into high gear down the road. More

OPP to drivers: Help us prevent another chaotic winter on roads
Canada Newswire
The more than 33,000 road collisions on Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) patrolled roads last winter has the OPP asking road users to be part of the solution to reduce the number of preventable collisions over the 2014-2015 winter. Poor driving behaviour — not poor weather or road conditions — was a primary contributing factor in many of last winter's single and multi-vehicle crashes, taking an unrelenting toll on road users, the movement of traffic and the provincial social costs associated with motor vehicle collisions. More

Ajax bus-only lanes a first for Durham Region
With the official opening of bus-only lanes in Ajax, rapid transit is getting faster in Durham Region. The lanes stretch from east of Salem Road to west of Harwood Avenue, and are to be used by the Durham Region Transit Pulse service and GO Transit buses. More

RCMP reveals details of its $92 million plan to erect a 700-kilometre surveillance fence along the Canada-U.S. border
National Post
A massive intelligence-gathering network of RCMP video cameras, radar, ground sensors, thermal radiation detectors and more will be erected along the U.S.-Canada border in Ontario and Quebec by 2018, the Mounties said. The $92 million surveillance web, formally known as the Border Integrity Technology Enhancement Project, will be concentrated in more than 100 "high-risk" cross-border crime zones spanning 700 kilometres of eastern Canada, said Assistant Commissioner Joe Oliver, the RCMP's head of technical operations. More

Canada ranked as No. 1 country to visit
Canadian Tourism Commission
The international love affair with Canada shows no signs of cooling off. According to a new study from the Reputation Institute, Canada is the top country in the world to visit, live in, study and attend or organize events. A beautiful and enjoyable country, friendly and welcoming people, contributions to global culture and safe environment were key drivers in the rankings. More

Ontario, Ottawa trade barbs over infrastructure funding plan
Canadian Manufacturing
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is firing back at federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver, accusing him of playing the “blame game” on infrastructure funding. Ontario plans to spend $130 billion over 10 years on public transit, roads and bridges, but Wynne complained the federal allocation for the province under the Building Canada Plan will be only $2.7 billion over a decade. More

Who are millennial travellers and what do they want?
The Huffington Post
The term "millennial" is thrown around a lot nowadays. Roughly, it refers to the generation of people born anywhere between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. It's a big group of people, and they're just now starting to enter their prime travelling years. But what does this generation of younger travellers really want when it comes to hotels? More

Wine Tourism Summit is a first for Canada
Penicton Western News
Penticton will be celebrating Wine Tourism Day with the first-ever Canadian Wine Tourism Summit, joining in a worldwide series of events and promotions to encourage travel to the world's wine regions. Since it's still in its infancy, this first summit will be small, though not as small as organizer Allison Markin of All She Wrote expected at first. More

Windsor Jail to open its doors for public tours
CBC News
For the first time in its history, the Windsor Jail will be opened to the public. The Windsor Jail was built in 1925, after fire destroyed the Essex County Jail. The Windsor Jail is one of Ontario's oldest correctional facilities. More

WHO asks Canada to justify Ebola visa ban
CTV News
The World Health Organization has asked Canada to justify its decision to limit travel to this country from the West African countries combating Ebola. The federal government announced Friday it would not issue new travel visas for residents or citizens of countries with widespread and persistent Ebola transmission. As well, it has put a halt on the processing of permanent residency visas for people from those countries. More

Growing number of Canadians drawn to haunted hotels and eerie graveyard tours
National Post
It was not too long ago that diners and hotel guests avoided establishments rumoured to be swirling with the paranormal. But now, in an age when a haunted reputation can make the difference between profit and bankruptcy, hotels, restaurants and even entire Canadians cities are clamouring to prove that they are swarming with the lost souls of the dead.More

Could private transit be the better way?
Toronto Star
Scrappy startups are hardly going to replace an institution with a typical weekday ridership of some 1.6 million. But the experience of other big cities suggests that the private sector might yet have a role to play in improving the embattled Toronto Transit Commission. More

MTO Curriculum Development Workshops for Recognized Authorities
As previously reported in OMCA Report, MTO is conducting regional workshops for Recognized Authorities to help with training curriculum development to meet the new MTO DCP curriculum standards. READ MORE to view sessions that have been scheduled to date.More reaches 40 million customers
Digital Journal, the first city-to-city, express bus company with fares from $1, has served 40 million customers across North America since the company began in 2006. The company served five million customers in the last six months alone, helping to make city-to-city bus travel the fastest growing and most economical transportation mode. More