OMCA Report
Nov. 22, 2013

NHTSA announces final rule requiring seat belts on motor coaches
Last Wednesday, the U.S. DOT's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued its final rule requiring three-point seat belts for each passenger and driver seat on new motor coaches and other large buses. NHTSA says this new rule will enhance the safety of these vehicles by significantly reducing the risk of fatalities and serious injuries in frontal crashes and the risk of occupant ejection in rollovers. The final rule which is 202 pages can be viewed here.More

Photos from Conference & Marketplace now online
Check us out on Facebook to view photos from our Annual Conference & Marketplace! Access them online by clicking here. More

Speaker presentations from Conference now available online
If you missed out on our speakers this year, or if you attended and wanted a copy of a presentation, we've got them posted on our website under the link for Conference > Program Info:

Lisa Sanguedolce – PR 101: An Introduction to Public Relations for Your Business
Randy Dean – Mobile Productivity: Using Today's Technology to Always Be Connected
Randy Dean – Finding an Extra Hour Every Day: Time & Email Management Tips
Jeff Gayduk – The Shifting Effect: Repositioning Your Business to Reach Today's Group Travelers
COMING SOON: Ed Radonic – Standing Out in the Newly Connected World Through Content Marketing & Social Media More

Silent Auction items up for grabs!
We have three gifts from the 16th Annual Silent Auction that are up for grabs and available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of the gifts below, send a direct email to specifying the item(s) of interest. The item(s) will go to the person(s) whose email is first received.

The items are:
• Boston Harbor Cruises Double Family Pack
• Blue Man Group: Las Vegas
• 50 Tickets to Swift Creek Mill Theatre in Colonial Heights, VA

For more details, including pricing and shipping, please click the READ MORE button.More

Total cost of 2015 Pan Am Games pegged at more than $2.5 billion
The Globe and Mail
The total cost of the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto will be more than $2.5 billion, roughly a billion more than the budget for the event's organizing committee. The higher price tag is largely due to a series of projects — including a new waterfront district and Canadian Football League stadium — that the Ontario government is building as part of the Games. More

'Learn to Camp' at Ontario Parks wins Provincial Tourism Innovator of the Year Award
Canada Newswire
The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario is pleased to announce the winner for Tourism Innovator of the Year is Ontario Parks for their 'Learn to Camp' program. Presented at the 2013 Ontario Tourism Summit in Toronto, Ontario, this award recognizes a person or business that has created a new, innovative product that promotes and enhances tourism in Ontario, or demonstrated an innovative approach to surviving the challenges of the tourism industry.More

Tour for Humanity begins journey in Oakville
The Tour for Humanity's journey to educate and inspire others has begun, after launching in Oakville earlier this month. Created by the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, the Tour for Humanity is a fully-equipped and accessible mobile education centre that addresses issues of human rights and social justice. More

Stratford Festival stages a comeback
The Globe and Mail
After a 60th-anniversary season where attendance fell to dangerous lows and deficits hit a record high, the Stratford Festival began to turn itself around under renewed leadership in 2013. The Southern Ontario theatre company's artistic director Antoni Cimolino and executive director Anita Gaffney will announce that, at the end of their first full season in their respective jobs, attendance is up 11 per cent year-over-year and the festival will end the year with a surplus. More

Tourism magazine wins best-in-class at Toronto tourism summit
Bullet News Niagara
A travel magazine produced in St. Catharines has won "best-in-class" status with an Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation 2013 Marketing Award of Excellence for its inaugural 2012 issue. Tourism Partnership Niagara's Niagara Canada Travel shines a spotlight on the best of Niagara with engaging content and breathtaking photography, and, according to the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership, it does so better than any other print piece in the industry. More

Events to get in the holiday spirit in Toronto
There is nothing like the holiday season in Canada's largest city — Toronto. The streets bustle with winter festivities with outdoor skating rinks, a one-of-a-kind Christmas market, theatrical and musical performances and special restaurant menus. Toronto's famous diversity adds to the holiday spirit with many themed displays, a variety of annual events and neighbourhood celebrations. More

Why seniors shouldn't get discounts
Today's Boomer-generation seniors are thus the richest, most comfortable and longest-living folks this country has ever produced. Not every senior is wealthy, of course, but even the poorest ones are better off than in previous generations and, in many cases, better off than their younger peers. So, taken as a whole, do Canada's elderly really need — or deserve — free banking, cheap bus tickets, drug discounts and $1.50 off national-park admission fees? More

Choose a motor coach tour for your next getaway
Hamilton Spectator
There are many reasons to choose a motor coach tour for your next getaway. Travelling by motor coach is a very comfortable and relaxing experience. Compared to a standard bus, motor coaches have more spacious seating, a smoother ride, and onboard amenities like movies and washrooms. More

Silent Auction items up for grabs!
We have four gifts from the 16th Annual Silent Auction that are up for grabs and available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of the gifts below, send a direct email to specifying the item(s) of interest. More

Pinterest unveils 'Place Pins,' launches with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Canada Newswire
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is among the first companies to receive early launch access to Pinterest's 'Place Pins,' a new Pinterest feature that encourages exploration by adding details like the address of the place, and phone number to Pins associated with locations. Pinterest's new Place Pins better assist in trip planning and uncovering local content. Pinners can Pin locations to create virtual maps, perfect for planning those next getaways. More

Sports tourism makes impact
Sports tournaments can translate into major dollars for the communities that host them. And communities that fail to host or embrace those events are losing out on a major chunk of revenue. That was the message at a one-day sports tourism workshop, held at Rotary Place. More

Internet marketing: Don't waste your time on the Internet
By Jeffrey Dobkin
Small business advice: you don't need a "great" website. What Internet marketing expert told you that you did? Is the Web a viable way to earn a living? Sure, if you have the time, the money and the talent. And the staff. Then, add more time, money and staff because everything changes rapidly. Every time Google draws a line, you'll need to jump — and don't worry, they'll tell you how high. Here's what you're doing wrong and what to do about it. More